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Republic of the Philippines


Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay


The BSED (English, Filipino, & Math) and BEED students wish to
express their profound and heartfelt gratitude to all who, in one
way or another, have been supportive and contributive in the

success of the 1st BSED & BEED Research Colloquium.


April 5, 2017 @ 8:00 AM
Sultan Hall, MSU-Buug

This serves as an invitation

PROGRAM 4:30 Closing Remarks
Sultan Hall, MSU-Buug 4:40
April 5, 2017 @ 8:00 AM

8:00 Invocation Multimedia

8:05 Philippine National Multimedia
8:10 Anthem Time BEED Presenters
10:30 10:50 Alve Jean Pellerin & Leizyl Salvador
8:10 MSU Hymn Multimedia
Involvement to Extracurricular Activities and the Academic
Performance of the Intermediate Grade pupils of Buug Pilot
8:15 Opening Remarks Dr. Aldin Paul S. Genovia, Ed. D., Central School
8:25 LLB. 10:50 11:10 Pearly Jane T. Abera & Clyde Anthony F. Importante
Dean, College of Education Factors Affecting the Study habits and the Academic
8:25 Message Prof. Carmelita H. Balbosa Performance of the Grade VI pupils of Buug Pilot Central
9830 Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs School
8:30 Reading of Criterial MS. Charmaine Manun-og 11:10 11:30 Elgen C. Tormis
8:40 Intrinsic Motivation and the Academic Performance of the
9:40 Introduction of the Jemaima M. Solitario Grade VI pupils of Buug Pilot Central School
9:50 Resource Speaker 1:00 1:20 Lyzamae Opada & Rhovee Jane Caspe
Use and Non-use of Mother Tongue-Based Approach to the
8:50 Message Mr. Bryan L. Bitantos
Mathematics Performance of the Grade IV Pupils of Buug Pilot
Central School
9:20 Giving of Plaque to Dr. Aldin Paul S. Genovia, Ed. D.,
9:30 the Resource LLB. 1:20 1:40 Elona Jane L. Capangpangan
Speaker Dean, College of Education The Correlation Between the Academic Performance in
9:30 RESEARCH BSED English and Filipino (Sultan Mother Tongue and in English of the Grade II pupils of Del
3:40 PRESENTATION Hall) Monte Elementary School.
(simultaneous) BSED Math and BEEd (Grad School 1:40 2:00 Jovelyn B. Cordero & Merjure Obianda
Bldg.) Academic Indicators, course Preferences and Academic
3:40 Distribution of Dr. Aldin Paul S. Genovia, Ed. D., Performance of the First Year Students of Mindanao State
4:30 Certificates LLB. University- Buug Zamboanga Sibugay.
Moderator Ms. Nor-aina Salipada
Dean, College of Education
Panel Chair Dr. Aldin Paul S. Genovia
Panel Members Mrs. Carol Jane C. Siose & Mr. Shem A. Cedeo The Unkabogable Beki: Mga Imahe ng mga Bakla.
Research Mrs. Evelyn F. Importante 1:00 1:20 Jona D. Bayona & Manuel P. Botawan, Jr.
Expert Ang Paggamit ng Code Switching sa Pakikipagkomunikasyon
Time Keeper Ms. Nor-aina Salipada ng Ikasiyam Baitang na Mag-aaral ng Buug National High
1:20 1:40 Antonette Belonio & Roselle A. Ruflo
Ang mga Estilong Pampagkatuto at Pampagtuturo sa Filipino
10 ng Buug National High School: Kaugnayan sa Akademikong
1:40 2:00 Gabriel Angelo J. Ledesma
Limang Piling Tula ni Ruth Elynia S. Mabanglo: Isang
Time BSED English Presenters 2:00 2:20 Jael Bless M. Anlap
9:30 9:50 Chester Dale B. Abina & Joed M. Gatera Ang Multimedia at and Akademikong Pagganap ng Mga Mag-
Effect of Teaching Grammar via Form-Focused Instruction on aaral sa Filipino 10 sa Ikasampung Baitang ng Diplahan
Grammar Proficiency of the Grade VII Gold Students of National High School
Mindanao State University Buug Campus. 2:20-2:40 Angelica Demaclid
9:50 10:10 Donna Pearl I. Dela Luna & Nikki O. Fernandez Kabisera: Isang Pelikula.
Students Vocabulary Performance: Its Relationship to their
Writing Skills.
10:10 10:30 Jemaima M. Solitario
Corpus Analysis of Facebook Hate Language
10:30 10:50 Justine Joy N. Fallera & Danica Jane B. Sotilleza
Vocabulary Competence via Interactive Reading Strategy
10:50 11:10 Keren G. Colonia & Randy C. Padua Jr.
The Use of Context Clues and the Reading Comprehension of
the Grade IX Students of Mindanao State University Buug
Moderator Celine Cabilao
Panel Chair Ivy O. Fernandez
Panel Members Jade Bong M. Natuil
Research Arsub M. Varquez
Time Keeper Celine Cabilao

Time BSED Filipino Presenters

11:10 11:30 Farhan D. Dacula & Raifa M. Lampay
2:40 3:00 Faye Ann S. Jomuad
k-12 Kurikulum: Pananaw ng Ikasampung Baitang ng mga
Mag-aaral ng MSU Buug Laboratory High School.
3:00 3:20 Irene Joy P. Lagunday
Ang Kakayahan sa Pagbasang may Pang-unawang Literal sa
Filipino sa Ikapitong Baitang ng Mindanao Satate University
Laboratory High School.
3:20-3:40 Eden Lopez
Ang Kakayahan sa Pagbasang may Pang-unawang Literal sa
Filipino sa Ikapitong Baitang ng Buug National High School.
Moderator Ms. Zey B. Colita
Panel Chair Prof. Ruth D. Mirafuentes
Panel Members Mrs. Sylvia G. Tarranza
Research Mrs. Fatima T. Evangelista
Time Keeper Ms. Zey B. Colita

Time BSED Math Presenters

9:30 9:50 Jhyrhyx T. Yap, Jenyrose T. Uba, Marlou J. Casuyac &
Juliana Y. Lahami
OF MSU-BUUG LABORATORY HIGHSCHOOL SY 2016-2017 the Grade IX Students of Mindanao State University Buug
9:50 10:10 Reymund E. Saavedra, Ainee Grace A. Dollete, Leizl P. Campus- Laboratory High School
Tantan & Princess Zhura U. Ibrahim Moderator Cherry Ann P. Genovia
The Effect of Cooperative Learning Approach on the Panel Chair Prof. Gina D. Torred
Mathematical Performance among the Grade 7 Gold of MSU- Panel Members Prof. Jospehine Merquillol &
LHS Research Mr. Ely Maghanoy
10:10 10:30 Sheila C. Muillo, Jube Kathleen C. Obido & Paulyn B. Expert
Torres Time Keeper Cherry Ann P. Genovia
Active Learning: Its Effect to the Mathematics Performance of