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Intern: Date: 4/24/17

Shannon LeRoy Time:1:50-2:30

School: Class
Seven Oaks Elementary School Grade:Pre- Size: 21
Mentor: Subject:science
Christina Lanahan

Towson University
Classroom Observation

Planning Observed Observe N
In d
Progres A
Lesson is aligned with appropriate content standard and indicator. X
Lesson is aligned with appropriate InTASC principle. X
Lesson objective identifies intended learning. X
Lesson objective is worded in student terms. X
Formative assessment is directly aligned with the objective. X
Instructional materials are attractive and readily available. X
Good use of manipulatives.

Context for Learning

Students demonstrate adequate prior knowledge to be successful learners. X
Grouping techniques are appropriate for intended learning. X
Comments: Grouping was student chosen learning activities.

Motivation for Learning

Connections are made between students experiences and the new learning. X
Strategies are used to promote excitement and stimulate thinking. X
Positive reinforcement is used when appropriate. X
Comments: Great use of asking why. Nice job activating students thinking by connecting new learning to what we do in class.

Implementing the Lesson

An appropriate review/drill/warm-up/motivation is conducted. X
Objective is posted, shared with students, discussed and clarified as needed.
Instructional activities are meaningful and relate to the objective. X
Instructional activities are appropriately sequenced. X
Instructional activities are varied to address different learning styles. X
There is a balance between teacher-directed and student-centered learning X
Students are actively engaged during instruction. X
Teacher/student modeling sequence is appropriate to intended learning. X
Expectations/standards for student work are clearly communicated. x
Class begins and ends on time. X
Pacing is appropriate and adjusted based on student feedback. X
Transitions between activities are efficient and effective. X
Levels of questions are varied and support the objective. X
Content is accurate. X
Instruction makes cross-curricular connections (as appropriate) X
Instruction integrates the use of technology (as appropriate). x
Homework assignment is appropriate. x
Comments:Good use of guided and independent practice with student choice included. Watch your pacing, as the guided went a
little long. Also, think about what students know about recycling and reuse, and give real world examples of things made from
recycled materials to make the idea more relevant for them. I liked the use of the video in the beginning. It was engaging and
informative. The poem could have used visuals, and may have been better as a closure activity. Great use of asking why and it
is good that you wrote the words above the pictures of the headings when sorting.

Observed In Observed N
Assessing Student Learning/Differentiation Progress A
Student data (as available) is used to inform instructional decisions. X
Informal assessment strategies are utilized throughout the lesson. X
Instruction is adjusted based on informal assessments of student understanding. X
Instructional modifications (interventions/enrichment) are provided and based on X
needs of students.
Students practice new learning independently. X
Formative assessment is completed during the class period. X
Future instructional planning is based on formative data (Post observation X
Comments:Make sure you have data sheets available. Think about the data and how you will use it. How can you help students
that need extra help and how can you create enrichment for students that really get it. One student finished really quickly, and
had nothing to do afterwards except draw or color. Good use of hands-on materials and student choice.

Summarizing the Lesson

Summary provides connections to past and/or future lessons. X
Students demonstrate, reflect and evaluate attainment of the objective. X
Comments: Think about ways you can connect to prior learning. Good way to tie up the lesson at the end.

Classroom Management
Student behavior is managed effectively. X
A positive and supportive atmosphere is maintained. X
Classroom routines and procedures are evident. X
Appropriate feedback and reinforcement are used consistently. X
Instructional space, equipment, and materials are organized. X
Comments:You have great rapport with the students and are very patient. Dont be afraid to get out your teacher voice when
you need to do so!

The intern uses correct English. X
The intern demonstrates knowledge of instructional strategies. X
The intern appears sensitive to individual needs and differences. X
The intern uses AV materials and technology appropriately. x
All written materials are clear and legible. X
The intern uses a clear voice, which is appropriately adjusted in volume and X
The intern uses non-verbal communication effectively. X
Comments: Plan ahead when you use technology. Also, think about what you might use for back-up if it doesnt work.