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L9: N463


comfort ventilation
X (T6)

March 2011

leading edge MVHR systems for

Passivhaus and low energy buildings

innovations for sustainable building

MVHR design service

n P
 assivhaus and low energy buildings specialists

n C
 omprehensive design service from initial plans

Smooth-running and hassle-free MVHR

to commissioning
n H
 igh performance PAUL MVHR units
systems, designed by the experts in Passivhaus
n H
 igh quality Lindab Safe ducting system

and low energy construction.

Passivhaus projects in the Specialist knowledge Green Building Stores MVHR design service ensures
UK that we have worked with: of Passivhaus and low mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems work
n E
 bbw Vale Passivhaus energy construction at their optimum for low energy buildings. Good MVHR
(bere: architects) design optimises the efficiency of the heat recovery,

n R
 etrofit for the Future project, Advice on the right prevents noise, mechanical vibration and internal
Balham (Prewett Bizley Ltd) MVHR system turbulence problems and maximises the energy efficiency
n G
 entoo Racecourse project for your specific needs of the system.
(Devereux architects) and budget
n C
 entre for Disability Studies

(Simmonds Mills architects) Careful positioning For mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR),
n C
 amden Passivhaus of ducting while one can find a host of suppliers of kit nowadays,
(bere: architects) Modelling for pressure there are very few designers willing to work on one off
n M
 ayville Community Centre loss and sound attenuation projects. I should note a debt of gratitude to Green
(bere: architects) Building Store who are supplying the components for
n D
 enby Dale Passivhaus Air flow calculations our project and to their MVHR Technical Sales Manager
(Green Building Store) provided for building control Andrew Farr in particular who has engineered our system.
It might sound rather obvious to say it but for systems
Noise minimisation like this to work effectively it is important that they are
Through careful design of designed and installed by competent persons. Andrew is
cross-talk attenuators one of few such people in the UK and we consider his
input an absolute essential rather than an optional extra.
2D and 3D plans Rob Prewett
with labelled products parts architect at Prewett Bizley Ltd
list for ease of installation Retrofit for the Future project, Balham

Technical support
including telephone
support to installers Design service
Optional on-site
commissioning service To design an MVHR and ducting
Technical team are system, using specialist
available to fully CAD-based software standard
commission and balance charges are 350* for a
the MVHR system for standard house of up to 150m2
optimum performance and 1.50* per m2 over 150m2.
* Prices exclude VAT
Novus 300
suitable for
MVHR unit
Dr. Wolfgang Feist
94.4/93% heat
exchange efficiency
*PHI figures
[145 m3/h/200 m3/h]

Novus 300 offers the highest Passivhaus- Summary

certified MVHR heat recovery rates currently n Passivhaus
 Institut certified
available in the world, offering designers greater n SAP
 Appendix Q listed
flexibility when designing Passivhaus buildings n Ultra
 efficient heat recovery

in PHPP. The units flexiblity in installation and n Wide

 range of functions including summer bypass
n Flexible positioning options
wide range of features also makes it suitable for 

a range of project types.

Ideal for:
n Passivhaus newbuild & retrofit
Pasivhaus certified
n CSH levels 5 & 6
94.4/93% effective heat
recovery rate*

SAP Appendix Q listed

up to 90% heat exchange

Ideal for medium &

large projects Intelligent 7-day
between 100-300 m & 2
timed programmer
80-300 m3/h@200 Pa Allows pre-setting of:
of ventilation operating times, fan
power levels, summer
bypass valve, intake/
Space requirement exhaust balance;
Dimensions: 978mm high filter monitor; frost
x 792mm wide protection etc.
x 601mm deep

Flexible mounting
Humidity recovery option positions
Membrane moisture heat Vertical & horizontal
exchanger option to (left & right)
reclaim greater humidity
from extract air
Summer bypass

Patented heat exchanger

Highly efficient counter Optional humidity
cross flow heat exchanger and/or CO2 monitoring
to regulate
ventilation levels
Novus 300 MVHR unit
Technical data

*Heat recovery rate Material Fans

94.4% [145 m3/h]/93% [200 m3/h] Housing: Galvanised steel, powder- EC radial fans with integrated
Passivhaus Insitut figures coated & thermal bridge free electronics. Volume constant control
SAP Appendix Q listed: up to 90% heat insulation
heat exchange efficiency Heat exchanger: Plastic (counter Temperature suitability
cross flow channel type) or Cellulose Can be used between -20C to 40C
Electrical efficiency (humidity recovery)
0.24 Wh/m3 [145 m3/h] & Summer operation
0.23 Wh/m3 [200 m3/h] Programmer options Temperature controlled summer bypass
Passivhaus Insitut figures Touch-screen: 7 day programmer with
ability to control frost protection, Frost protection
Dimensions 978mm high x post-heat supply, ground-pipe and Frost protection control or
792mm wide X 601mm deep brine loop induction Defroster heater (optional) or
LED button: basic application Ground heat exchanger (by customer)
Weight 50kg BUS: whole house management system
Supply air heating

Installation Filters Intake air: G4 or F8 (pollen filter) Hot water duct heater or Electric duct
Mounting base: vertical or horizontal; Extract air: G4 heater (each as external unit)
Wall mounting: vertical or horizontal
Electrical connection 230 V. 50 Hz Technical data sheets, Passivhaus
Location for installation Institut & SAP Appendix Q testing
Frost protected, preferably >10C Protection IP 40 results available at:
Duct connections 4 air ducts @ 160mm Cable lengths
Mains cable (230 VAC): 2m
Condensate Male thread 1 CAT-5 cable: 1.5m flow externally power
rate available input
(m3/h) pressure (Pa) (W)

publisher : Green Bui lding Store 2011 de sign: Chri s J Bailey 2011
Externally available pressure [Pa]

100 51 17

97 105 25

199 101 45
for flow
207 148 58
297 100 86

Flow rate [m3/h] 282 201 117

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