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Israeli troops get orders to protect civilian welfare
by Harriet Sherwood (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 5:54:48 PM

Move among measures outlined in official Israeli report submitted to the UN following Gaza assault The Israeli military is to assign a “humanitarian affairs officer” to each combat unit to advise on the need to protect civilians and their property during conflicts. The move is one measure outlined in an official Israeli report submitted this week to the United Nations following Israel’s three-week assault on Gaza in 2008-9. The report says the military aims to reduce civilian casualties in conflicts, and restrict use of white phosphorus, an incendiary weapon which causes extensive burns. It also says that in the past six months the military began an additional 11 investigations into possible criminal acts by soldiers during the conflict, bringing the total number of investigations to 47. According to the report, the humanitarian officers will be responsible for advising their combat unit’s commander, and educating

soldiers on the protection of civilians, property and infrastructure; planning of humanitarian assistance; and coordination of humanitarian movement. “The IDF [Israeli Defence Forces] has adopted important new procedures designed to enhance the protection of civilians in urban warfare, for instance by further emphasising that the protection of civilians is an integral part of an IDF commander’s mission.” The report said use of white phosphorus remained legal, though the IDF is “in the process of establishing permanent restrictions on the use of munitions containing white phosphorus in urban areas”. Protection for civilians should include safe havens, evacuation routes, medical treatment, effective communication between military and population, and access in curfews and closures. On property, the military must undertake “advance research into and the precise identification and marking of existing infrastructure, including water, food and power supplies, sewage, health services, educational institutions, religious sites, economic sites, factories, stores, communications and media, and other sensitive sites as well as cultural

institutions”. About 1,400 Palestinians, many civilians, were killed in the war on Gaza; thousands more were injured. Thirteen Israelis died. Thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged, and much of Gaza’s infrastructure was bombed. The Israeli military repeatedly denied using white phosphorus at the time, though it later acknowledged its use, claiming that it was limited to unpopulated areas. The Goldstone inquiry investigated the conflict on behalf of the UN, and concluded Israel was “systematically reckless in determining its use in built-up areas”. Numerous cases of white phosphorus burns among civilians were documented by journalists and human rights organisations in the aftermath of the war. The Goldstone report found Israel and Hamas both committed war crimes during the conflict. • Israel • Middle East • Gaza • Palestinian territories Harriet Sherwood guardian.co.uk© Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this

content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Chris Patten urges bolder EU approach over Middle East conflict EU commissioner Chris Patten calls Gaza blockade an immoral failure and says bloc must be more independent-mindedThe European Union must shake off US dominance and take a bolder approach in pressing f... • Israel blames poor planning and intelligence mistakes for flotilla disaster Flawed preparation played key role in tragic outcome of Israel's assault on Gaza-bound flotilla, says inquirySerious mistakes in intelligence and planning led to Israel's disastrous assault on a floti... • Gaza flotilla report: Israeli military braces for criticism Sections from 150-page report of Israeli investigation into deadly raid on aid convoy six weeks ago to be made public todayThe military investigation into Israel's lethal interception of a flotilla of... Original post source

Why bother to negotiate?
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 8:08:00 PM

Why bother to negotiate?‘Moderate’ ‘ Palestinian’ President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen laid out his latest almost final demands for direct talks to start. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday criticized US President Barack Obama for failing to provide him with clear answers to a number of questions regarding the future of peace talks with Israel. Abbas also confirmed that Obama has been exerting pressure on him to enter direct negotiations with Israel. Abbas was speaking during a closed meeting of members of the Fatah Revolutionary Council in Ramallah. Abbas was quoted by some Fatah operatives as saying that Egypt and Jordan supported the PA’s refusal to move to direct talks unless progress is

first achieved on the issues of security and the future borders of a Palestinian state. “We can’t go to direct negotiations like blind people,” Abbas was quoted as saying. “We can’t enter direct negotiations without clarity.” Abbas complained that Obama recently sent him an oral message urging him to launch direct negotiations with Israel unconditionally. According to the PA president, Obama’s message was “unclear and ambiguous.” Abbas was quoted as saying: “With all due respect to the American president, his message was not clear. We want to clear answers to questions we presented to the Americans, especially regarding security, borders and the status of Jerusalem. We continue to insist that any negotiations with Israel be based on recognition of 1967 as the future borders of the Palestinian state.”

In other words, why bother to negotiate when the ‘Palestinians’ have pre-determined the outcome they want anyway and will not tolerate any changes to it. What could go wrong?

posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 6:08 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Case involving military documents roils Israel – latimes.com Case involving military documents roils Israel Anat Kam is accused of secretly copying 2,000 military documents during her service as a soldier and of passing s... ... • France: ban on face veils will apply to tourists as well France: ban on face veils will apply to tourists as well ... • JPI Sukkot 2009 Sukkot at JPI 2009 Find Rebecca Here: Flickr www.flickr.com Find Sheldon Low Here: Official Website www.sheldonlow.com Facebook www.facebook.com MySpace www.myspace.com... Original post source


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A Fourth Approach to the Muslim World
by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 8:47:00 PM

American policy toward the Middle East has been traditionally split between the Stabilizers and the Radicals. The Stabilizers were old foreign policy hands in the State Department, the Pentagon or the CIA, sometimes tied in with the oil industry. They advocated maintaining stability in the Middle East by putting American support behind “our friends”, the dictators. The US would supply them with weapons and military backing in case they were ever invaded or overthrown, and in exchange we would have reliable access to oil. From the Eisenhower interventions to the Gulf War, the United States protected Arab Muslim tyrannies in order to maintain stability in the region. The Radicals were often academics, part time journalists or old line leftists. They insisted that everything wrong in the Middle East was caused by Western colonialism and imperialism, and the healing could only begin when the United States stopped backing the tyrants and began backing Marxist and Islamist terrorists in taking over their respective countries. The Radicals believed that if the United States would only abandon the dictators and throw their support behind the Marxists and the Islamists, a wonderful new age would dawn in the Middle East. Until the Carter Administration, the Stabilizers held sway over foreign policy. With Carter though, the Radicals had their first taste of power. Following the doctrine of the Radicals, the Carter Administration helped bring Islamists to power in Iran, and began providing aid to the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan. Its Green Belt strategy was focused on creating an alliance of Islamists to ally with the US against the Soviet Union. The real result was the same one you get when you try to breed poisonous snakes in order to get a bear off your land. You might succeed in getting rid of the bear, but now you’ll have a whole other problem on your hands. That’s exactly what happened with the US and the Islamists. Neither the Stabilizers nor the Radicals were utilizing new ideas in their approach to the Middle East. The Stabilizers were echoing the British Empire’s attempts to maintain control of the region through puppet sheikdoms and princedoms. The problem was that it hadn’t worked too well for the British, who found themselves entangled in internal Arab and Muslim conflicts and coups. Like the British had before them, United States diplomats and oil company

executives would cultivate a tyrant or two, only to discover that they were also completely untrustworthy. The House of Saud wound up seizing the same oil companies, and reversing the power relationship by doling out the oil on their terms, and using the money to begin the Islamization of the United States and Europe, while bribing half the foreign policy establishment to do it. The Radicals meanwhile were fueled by left-wing anti-Americanism, which translated into a foreign policy of “America is Always Wrong” and “Radical Terrorists are Always Right”. Their claims that backing Marxist and Islamist terrorists would lead to freedom and candyland proved to be wrong every time, yet did nothing to prevent them from enabling the horrors of the Mullahs in Iran or the PLO in Israel. True to the same ideological heritage that had turned Russia red with blood, yet insisted that things were going swimmingly– they were never capable of acknowledging a mistake. With the Carter Administration, the Radicals increasingly began winning the argument, and the Stabilizers moved to accommodate them. Portions of the Radical agenda were incorporated into that of the Stabilizers. This was easily enough done, since the Stabilizers had never cared too much about who was in power, so long as there was no chaos or unrest. That was why the Eisenhower Administration had backed Nasser over its former allies in England and France. It was why Bush Sr could casually dismiss massacres by the Kuwaitis in the aftermath of the invasion. These were just means of imposing stability. But the Radicals made very little headway after the Mullahs took over Iran. They could do little to shift US foreign policy away from the old line Arab regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia– who had strong backing from the Stabilizers. Occasional nods toward democracy would come from

the White House or Capitol Hill, and were immediately ignored. But they did find one weak spot. Israel. The Stabilizers had inherited the old British antipathy toward Israel. They viewed as a country that should never have existed, but had now become a necessary evil. The Stabilizers had commitments to the House of Saud, and to the Kuwaiti Royals, but they had none toward Israel. They had been forced to support Israel as leverage against Soviet backed Arab regimes in Egypt and Syria. But the Camp David Accords had drawn Egypt onto the American side of the board, and the end of the Cold War made many of the old red and white maps seem irrelevant. Which meant that in their eyes, and that of their Muslim overlords, Israel was becoming a nuisance. To the Radicals, Israel was something much worse. It was Western. It was a colony. It was an alien entity in what should have been a pure Arab-Muslim region. And if their obsession with Israel seemed downright Nazi-like at times, it was because they shared an obsession with making a part of the world Judenrein, not for practical reasons, but for ideological ones. If the Stabilizers had imbibed the Saudi contempt for Jews, the Radicals drank of a deeper and uglier well. If the Nazis had viewed Jews as genetically tainted, the Communists and the Left viewed Jews as politically tainted, contaminated by religion and seperatism. The Nazis had wanted to solve a genetic problem by wiping out the carriers of those genes. The Left wanted to solve a political problem by wiping out Jewish identity. Israel was the intersection of the left’s hatred for the reactionary Western Civilization and the even more reactionary notion of a Jewish identity. Much like Archie Bunker asked Sammy Davis Jr, why if he was already black, did he also want to

become Jewish– the idea of a Jewish state modeled on modern Western states triggered two obsessive streams of hatred from the Left. On the one hand there was H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw screeching that Jews had better give up being Jews, or go rot in Palestine, and on the other hand there was every leftist critic of Western imperialism crying out against US foreign policy in the Middle East. The results were and are almost unfathomably ugly– as people’s deepest prejudices merging with self-righteous political fanaticism tend to be. The Stabilizers were more than willing to give Israel to the Radicals, so long as the House of Saud and the Mubarak clan and every tinpot tyrant was allowed to do whatever they wanted. And so there was finally a point of agreement between the Stabilizers and the Radicals. But into this pastoral scene, came a third party with another proposal. The NeoConservatives. The Neo-Conservatives represented a break with both the Stabilizers and the Radicals. They were opposed to the status quo in the existing Muslim regimes, like the Radicals. But they were also opposed to the pet terrorists that the Radicals wanted to replace them with. What they wanted to do was to dredge the swamp, reform and democratize the region. The NeoConservatives were naive about the realities of the Middle East and the resources such plans required– but for the first time a group with significant influence on foreign policy had managed to articulate something resembling a moral policy for the Middle East. The Stabilizers and the Radicals both reacted about the way you would expect when after 9/11, NeoConservative ideas about America’s relationship to the Middle East gained a great deal of influence. The Stabilizers reflected the panic of their FOURTH page 3

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continued from page 2

Saudi masters at the prospect of bringing democracy to the region. The Radicals rejected the idea that the Muslim world needed to become civilized, instead they just wanted the Islamists to take over. The one thing both the Stabilizers and the Radicals agreed on was that the NeoConservatives were the devil. Which of course they were. After all unlike them the Neo-Conservatives had a proposal that didn’t involve America groveling to one bunch of thugs or another. Of course no foreign policy that was even loosely pro-American could survive for very long. The Bush Administration was undermined from the inside. The reconstruction of Iraq was painstakingly sabotaged within the military, the State Department and the intelligence community, until it dissolved into a proxy war between Baathists and Sadrists, with Al Queda bomb throwers adding spice to the sauce. The old hands like Rumsfeld, Bolton and Cheney were sent packing. Condoleeza Rice took control of foreign policy and turned it back into exactly what it had been under George Bush Sr. Appeasement. Any worries by Arab tyrants were put to rest. Roasting Israel became the top priority. The Stabilizers were back in charge. But not for long. Obama’s ascension marked the return of the Radicals to power. Outreach to the Muslim world was now the top priority. Covert contacts with Hamas and the Taliban were quietly opened. Israel was now truly enemy number one. But so was America. Iran’s post-election riots were met with the same shrug that the left had used on pro-Democracy protesters in the USSR. The Arab dictators began growing nervous, as the Obama Administration took a hands off approach to Iran. And Obama’s outreach had failed to win any new allies, but only alienated existing allies. Which was inevitable as Radicals are never very good at alliances, especially those that required them to think along the lines of national interest.

Where do we stand today? We’ve seen the three basic approaches, that of the Stabilizers, the Radicals and the Neo-Conservatives– and all are fundamentally flawed. The Stabilizers support tyrants who covertly make war on the United States. The Radicals support terrorists who openly make war on the United States. What is even more absurd is that there is really not that much distance between the tyrants and the terrorists, since the tyrants fund the terrorists to increase their own power and popularity, and the terrorists aspire to become tyrants in the name of Islam. And both sides are laughing at the Stabilizers and the Radicals for selling out their country. The Neo-Conservatives however dramatically underestimated the amount of effort and energy needed to reform entire cultures. Their excessive optimism led to introducing democracy in countries where the only real opposition parties that had managed to survive, were Islamists. The Bush Administration in particular treated democracy as a totem that could do anything, because it had adopted a simplistic model in which the Muslim world was not bad, only its leaders were. And once the people had a chance to vote for peace and prosperity, better leaders would emerge. Where these leaders would come from, and did people in the Muslim world really want peace and prosperity, in the American sense, were questions that went unasked. The Radicals and the Stabilizers both understood this quite well, and knew that with a few pushes in the right places, their whole project would come crashing down. Those are the three. Which means what we now need is a fourth approach that avoids the flaws of these three. What is the primary flaw of all three? They all sought to determine who would rule in the Muslim world. The Stabilizers thought that the best way was to keep the Muslim world as it is. The Radicals and the Neo-Conservatives wanted to remake it. And all three of

these approaches tangled them in the political chaos and instability of the Muslim world. But there is a fourth way. The Fourth Way is Accountability and it is simple enough. Stop arguing over who will rule in which Muslim country. That is a decision that only the inhabitants of that country can make. And they won’t make it through elections, so much as through dealmaking among their oligarchy, tribal leaders and occasional outbursts of armed force. It would take a massive project of decades to have any hope of changing that. But we don’t need to. What we need to do is make very clear the consequences of attacking us to whoever is in charge. Rather than trying to shape their behavior by shaping their political leadership, we can use a much more blunt instrument to unselectively shape all their leaders. A blunt instrument does not mean reconstruction. It doesn’t mean Marines ferrying electrical generators. It doesn’t mean nation building. It means that we will inflict massive devastation on any country that aids terrorists who attack us. If they insist on using medieval beliefs to murder us, we will bomb government buildings, roads, factories and power plants to reduce them back to a medieval state. We will not impose sanctions on them, we will simply take control of their natural resources and remove the native population from the area, as compensation for the expenses of the war. Accountability means no more aid to tyrants or terrorists, and no grand democracy projects either. It means that we stop trying to pick a side, and just make it clear what happens when our side gets hurt. We gain energy independence and never look back. And when we’ve done that, the Muslim world will no longer be able to play America against Russia, against Asia and Europe. Instead it will suddenly find itself stuck with a predatory Russia looking for an energy monopoly, a booming China

expanding into their part of the world, and no Pax Americana to protect them from either one. America has provided the stability that kept many Muslim countries from imploding. It has protected others directly and indirectly from being conquered more times than anyone realizes. All the treachery and terrorism that has been carried out, has been done under an American umbrella. Now is the time to furl up the umbrella, and let the rain fall where it may. It will be a cold day indeed, when Russia and China realize that they can do what they like in the Muslim world, without the US to stop them. And a colder day still, when European countries realize that there is nothing standing the way of deporting their insurgent Muslim populations, because the US will not lift a finger to protect them, as it did in Yugoslavia. That is accountability. And in both its active and passive forms it will exact a high price from the enemy, and none from us. To employ it, we must be prepared to use massive force casually without considering any collateral damage. We must achieve energy independence at any cost. And we must be prepared to realize that everything else we have tried has failed. Only by disengaging from the Muslim world, can we ever be free of it. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • South Park Caves to Jihadi Intimidation typical http://xrl.us/ FOXNEWS and Saudi invested http:// xrl.us/NEWSCORP says not to criticize Islam. RUPERT IS PATHETIC!Check Boston Globe for a report, "'South Park' vs. Revolution Muslim." And Ann ... Original post source

Overnight music video
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 5:52:00 PM

Overnight music video Wedding season is back on with a vengeance for the next three weeks. As of now, I have eight weddings and two Bar Mitzvas in that period – bli ayin hara (warding off evil eyes). Tonight was the first wedding. It was the son of an old friend who used to hang around our house a lot on the Sabbath. The parents had to move back to the States (temporarily) a few

years ago, and we had not seen them in a year or so (most of the kids remain in Israel). When the band played this song, the groom’s father asked if I thought anyone in the room other than he and I knew what it was. I told him I doubted it – although maybe our wives and one other person knew. Let’s go to the videotape. Yes, the band really did play that song at an ultra-Orthodox wedding in Jerusalem. Go and figure. And for something slightly more appropriate for an ultra-Orthodox Jewish wedding in Jerusalem, here’s

Yaakov Shwekey singing Aishes Chayil (Woman of Valor). Let’s go to the videotape. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:52 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Sound the Shofar!: A Story for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur ISBN13: 9780060275013Condition: NEWNotes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product DescriptionIt's Rosh Hashanah, and the loving family of Hanukkah Lights, Hanukkah Nights and Hooray! I...

• Weapons on the Francop, intercepted by the IDF #3 Image taken on 2009-12-15 12:57:53 by paffairs_sanfrancisco.... • T-sweater Original Tefillin Sweater with Zippers on Both Sleeves to Accommodate Tefillin Size Xtra Large Color: charcoal grayStyle: VNeckZippers: durable zippers on both left and right sleevesMaterial: 100% knitted acrylic, 9 gauge Product DescriptionWhat is a T-SweaterTM? A Teffilin Sweater is a spe... Original post source


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U.S.: Convert to Islam had "hit list" of people to attack
by Marisol (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 3:54:20 PM

U.S.: Convert to Islam had “hit list” of people to attack And guess who else is in the picture again? Anwar alAwlaki. “US couple had terror hit list: court documents,” from Agence France-Presse, July 21: WASHINGTON — A US man has been charged after he compiled a hit list of 15 people he believed had harmed Muslim civilians and deserved to die, court documents showed Wednesday. Paul Rockwood and his wife Nadia were charged with lying to federal investigators about the compilation and content of the list, which Nadia Rockwood delivered to an unnamed individual in April at her husband’s request. The Alaska couple were expected to plead guilty to the charges later Wednesday. According to plea agreement documents obtained by AFP Wednesday, Paul Rockwood converted to Islam around late 2001 and soon “became a strict adherent to the violent jihad-promoting ideology of cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.” Awlaki, a US-Yemeni cleric, has been accused of inspiring a string of terror attacks, including the 2009 shooting attack at Fort Hood military

base, and last year’s failed Christmas Day attack on a US airliner. “This included a personal conviction that it was his religious responsibility to exact revenge by death on anyone who desecrated Islam,” the document said. Rockwood began researching explosive devices, and by late 2009 was discussing “committing acts of domestic terrorism, including… the use of mail bombs and the possibility of killing targets by gunshot to the head.” By early 2010, Rockwood “formalized” a list of some 15 specific targets, which may have included US soldiers. The list has not been released. Nadia Rockwood was aware of her husband’s radicalization, the documents said. Both husband and wife subsequently lied to investigators about the content of the list, which was obtained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. For all that, there isn’t much of a prison sentence: Paul Rockwood was expected to plead guilty later Wednesday to charges of “making material false statements involving domestic terrorism,” in exchange for an eightyear sentence followed by three years of supervised release. His wife was expected to plead guilty to a less serious charge of lying

to investigators in exchange for five years of probation, which she was expected to serve in Britain, her country of origin. Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said US government officials notified the individuals on the list “and took appropriate steps to ensure their safety.” Posted by Marisol on July 21, 2010 3:54 PM | 7 Comments Print this entry | Email this entry | Digg this | del.icio.us | Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Get Ready for Class: FAQ’s on Kabbalah Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions & answers as well as additional free resources to satisfy your hunger of knowing about Kabbalah: What Does The Word ‘Kabbalah’ Mean?... • San Antonio: Trinity University to keep “Year of Our Lord” on diplomas San Antonio: Trinity University to keep "Year of Our Lord" on diplomas ... • 100215-N-0696M-390 Image taken on 2010-02-15 14:59:14 by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.... Original post source

‘I don’t give a s**t about Islamic charities’
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 7:57:00 PM

‘I don’t give a s**t about Islamic charities’ I guess this is why he’s a politician and I’m not. Joel Pollak spent the night of Tisha b’Av trying to confront J Street in downtown Chicago. Today is Tisha B’Av, when Jews traditionally commemorate the destruction of Jerusalem and mourn other tragedies in our history. Last night, as the holiday began, the new left-wing lobby known as J Street threw a cocktail party in downtown Chicago. The featured guest was J Street president Jeremy Ben-Ami. Since J Street has refused any previous request to debate the issues with me, I went down to speak to Ben -Ami myself. One of my opponent’s senior staffers was there, as were about a dozen J Street staff and supporters. Ben-Ami was cordial, but seemed indifferent to the significance of the day. I asked DON’T page 5

Questions surround U.S. jihad blogger InshallahShaheed’s rise as al-Qaeda propagandist
by Marisol (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 4:26:43 PM

Questions surround U.S. jihad blogger InshallahShaheed’s rise as alQaeda propagandist Samir Kahn has seemingly encountered no resistance as he went from a twerp with a computer sponging off of his parents to a high-profile al-Qaeda propagandist, now living in Yemen, nearer the operations of al-Qaeda’s franchise in the Arabian Peninsula. There is a very valid question regarding whether investigators made a tactical decision (as many would argue, at least he’s not here anymore), or failed to detect or act on information regarding Kahn’s intentions. An update on this story. “N.C. Rep.: U.S. missed terror connection,” from UPI, July 21: CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 21 (UPI)

— A U.S. politician says the intelligence community missed a connection between a terrorist group and a U.S. blogger now believed to be with al-Qaida in Yemen. Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., said the connections should have been made when Samir Kahn, now thought to be the top editor of an al-Qaida recruiting Web site, was in North Carolina, The Charlotte Observer reported Wednesday. “It becomes clear to me that he had contacts with al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula while he was in the U.S.,” she said. “And if that’s the case, the intelligence community should have been able to discover that. And if they knew it and didn’t do something, that raises more red flags.” Khan, in his 20s, is a Saudi-born U.S. citizen whose family moved to New York when he was 7 and to North Carolina in 2004, the Observer said. In 2005 Khan started a blog called

“Inshallahshaheed,” or “a martyr soon if God wills,” from the suburban home in Charlotte he shared with his parents. Khan, believed to be in Yemen, is suspected of editing “Inspire,” an online magazine designed as a recruiting tool for al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, intelligence sources said. An investigator in Florida who tracks jihadist Web sites said he tried to get authorities to investigate Khan when he was still in the United States. “It’s unbelievable,” Bill Warner, a private detective in Sarasota, said. “Now it’s going to be a bigger problem. He’s going to have a worldwide audience now. … They had more than one opportunity to shut him down.” Posted by Marisol on July 21, 2010 4:26 PM | 1 Comment Print this entry | Email this entry

| Digg this | del.icio.us | Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Kosovo: Danish army attacked for favoring Albanians Kosovo: Danish army attacked for favoring AlbaniansA Danish army office in the Serbian part of Kosovo was attacked, and a window smashed. There were no injures. The house is used by the Danish army... • Biblioteca Espanola-PortuguezaJudaica (1890) (Spanish Edition) Reviews Biblioteca EspanolaPortugueza-Judaica (1890) (Spanish Edition) This Book Is In Spanish. Rating: (out of reviews) List Price: $ 22.95 Price: $ 16.85 ... • Yad Vashem: esterno Image taken on 2008-05-29 10:45:54 by Gaspa.... Original post source

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy.
by Jewish Thought of the Day (Hija del Zion para Israel Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 4:05:33 PM

From a secular viewpoint there is no real inherent value to any person. Man is but a tiny speck of matter in a gigantic universe which extends for billions of light years. From this perspective man is not worthwhile or worthless, he just is. From this point of view a person need not feel inferior to anyone else as a person. One must have some set of criteria to measure people and any method is completely arbitrary. Even if some philosophers set up some rules and everyone on earth accepted it, you would still not have to measure yourself by those standards. One need not consider oneself a failure, for this would not exist in reality, but only as someones subjective value judgement which you need not accept. From a secular point of view a person has a choice about how he will judge himself. He can choose to refrain from accepting any value judgement and exist without evaluating himself. He can also

choose to accept an arbitrary value of his worth set up by other people of his society. In some areas of the world having a lot of green paper with certain words and pictures printed on it is a measure of a person’s value. In other areas of the world excelling at hunting or fishing is the criteria for success in life. In some areas, the ability to impersonate other people on stage or screen is considered a criteria for greatness. A group of people can make up some new and unique value system of human worth. For example, to skillfully throw a cube through a hole in a board might make a person a great hero. This is no more ridiculous than a person feeling superior because he excels at games called baseball, football, or chess. It is unnecessary to have a low self-image when you can easily invent some criteria by which you are a success. What makes anyone else’s criteria more valid than your own? From the Torah point of view, there is inherent value in every person. Man was created in the image of the Almighty (Genesis 1:27 and 5:1) and is the pinnacle of creation. By accepting and internalizing this

attitude a person appreciates he has value just because he exists. excerpt from “ Gateway To Happiness” pg. 120 Related Audio: The Secret To Happiness Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Basics I met somebody today for the first time. She can’t walk. In fact, she couldn’t even hold her head up. The doctors have her on a liquid diet. They said it might be five or six months befor... • Reflections There’s something wrong with my mirror. I knew it as soon as I got it. I’ll tell you how it happened. Last Sunday the family down the block had a garage sale. My dad went by a... • A Nation Of Opposites Following (in italics) is an excerpt from a Jewish prayer that we say on special Holidays: You have chosen us from among all the nations (What about those two hundred and ten years of slavery in Egy... Original post source

Very open thread
by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 9:06:00 PM

Real world stuff is intruding on my blogging life. I might not be able to blog for a while. Until I manage to get back on-line, here’s an open thread. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Girl with Gragger during Purim Judaica Jewish Theme –

WATCHBUDDY® DELUXE TWOTONE THEME WATCH – Arabic Numbers – Black Leather Strap-SizeL a r g e P r o d u c t DescriptionWatchBuddy Deluxe Watches are the World's Most Lovable Theme Watches, they combine beauty, style and grace with functionality. The watch has a precision quartz crystal movement ... • Mubarak trying to replace Mitchell? Mubarak trying to replace Mitchell? Both Prime Minister Netanyahu and met with

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Sunday in what may be a bid t... • Selichot Selihote-penitential service prior to Rosh Hashanah jewu 123 Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg ONLINE CONVERSION PROGRAM www.jewu.info Selihote-penitential service prior to Rosh Hashanah jewu 123 Why? When? What? www.jonathanginsburg.net www.esynagogue.org www.je... Original post source

him why J Street’s new ad attacks Joe Lieberman, who is well respected in the Jewish community. He described Lieberman–who supports direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians towards a two-state solution–as an “obstacle” to peace. “If you showed the same enthusiasm in opposing Iran and Hamas as you do in fighting Alan Dershowitz, Elie Wiesel, and Joe Lieberman,” I said, “perhaps J Street would be more popular.” I also asked Ben-Ami about his organization’s attempt to use the federal government to target Jewish charities that may provide services to Israelis living across the 1949 armistice line. Why not investigate Islamic charities that fund anti-Israel views? “I don’t give a shit about Islamic charities,” was Ben-Ami’s exact quote. That’s exactly the problem: J Street’s leaders don’t really care about peace. They don’t want to help bring both sides to the table. They blame Israel first–no matter what happens. And if you don’t share the same views, J Street casts you as part of the “Chorus of No.” They are trying to divide Americans by dividing us on Israel. They make no apology for it. The bigger problem with J Street is that it’s not pro-Israel, it’s proObama. It’s using Israel to promote Obama’s foreign policy agenda. By the way, the image of Ben Ami throwing a cocktail party on Tisha b’Av night is pretty fitting, isn’t it? posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 5:57 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • An open letter to Helen Thomas An open letter to Helen Thomas In response to her suggestions that Jews 'get the hell out of Palestine' and 'return to Germany and Poland,' Yoram... • This Day, April 18, In Jewish History April 18 In Jewish History1025: The Coronation of Boles?aw Chrobry at Gniezno as King of Poland marks the beginning of Poland as an independent country. Boleslaw’s first contact with Jews may have com... • Oren: ‘Israel cannot co-exist with a nuclear Iran’ Oren: 'Israel cannot coexist with a nuclear Iran' Here's an interview by CBN (Christian Broadcast Network) with Israel's ambassador to the Unite... Original post source


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Veiled threats
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 9:50:00 PM

Veiled threats Vowing that no one will force him to leave the government, Defense Minister Ehud Barak issues a veiled threat to leave the government. “I’ll do whatever it takes for the good of the country, without threatening anyone,” Barak said. “No one has ever forced me into anything, and no one will force me to do anything now.” “It’s natural that ministers don’t want to be seen as trying to hold on to their seats. They’re only expressing their opinion,” he explained to Israel Radio. Barak also said that Israel is at a “critical point,” adding that “we must completely change our relationship with the United States, and the prime minister has started doing so in his important last meeting in Washington. Israel has to be truly ready to discuss all of the important matters in an agreement with the Palestinians, and maybe the Syrians.” Despite saying that he does not plan

to leave the government, Barak emphasized that he may do so in the future, if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government can not reach an agreement with the Palestinians. “If this government can do that, that’s good, but if we can’t make progress with this government, we should consider widening the coalition,” Barak said, hinting at the possibility of adding Kadima. “If we can’t widen the coalition, then the Labor Party will have to think about leaving.” Barak added that his party is not afraid to leave the coalition if necessary: “I don’t need to be pushed

by any minister to go. I went further than any other living person in Israel to try to reach an agreement. I was willing to take the risks and pay the price. I’m not blinking and I won’t flinch, and I’m making efforts now so that this government will move. I don’t need to be persuaded by authors or former politicians.” Never a dull moment on the political front here. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 7:50 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Part 2: Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah, item 170, lesson 68 Lecturer: Rav Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-02-16Video: ENG 59.8MB Audio: ENG 10.66MB ... • Star Menorah Antique Silver Star Menorah Antique Silver... • Despite Raid, Mostly Business as Usual for Israel and Turkey By DINA KRAFT TEL AVIV — Since the deadly Israeli raid on the Gaza flotilla, Turkey has recalled its ambassador from Jerusalem and banned Israeli military pla... ... Original post source

Candle Holders / Sticks Brass Lucite 2. Shabbat and Jewish Holiday – judaica
by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 11:05:04 PM

Candle Holders / Sticks Brass Lucite 2. Shabbat and Jewish Holiday • • • • • Candle Holders – SET Brass Lucite 2 Shabbat Jewish Holiday Judaica Gift

Six Netanya bombers ordered to pay $18 million?
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 6:06:00 PM

Brass Lucite Candlesticks 2 for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Rating:(out of reviews) List Price: Price: $ 16.33 Blue Flower Washing Cup • Blue Flower Hand Washing Cup Blue Flower Hand Washing Cup Rating:(out of reviews) List Price: Price: $ 22.49 Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Candle Holders for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday. Gold and Silver Plated – judaica Candle Holders for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday. Gold and Silver Plated Candle HoldersSabbat and Jewish HolidayGold and Silver PlatedJudaica Gift Gold and Silver Plated Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Ca... • Candle Holders Ceramic Jerusalem. Can be used for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday – judaica Candle Holders Ceramic Jerusalem. Can be used for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Candle HoldersSabbat and Jewish HolidayCeramic JerusalemGreat Gift Ceramic Jerusalem Candle Holders. One set. For Shabb... • Candle Holders 7.5 Clear Glass. Can be used for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Candle HoldersClear Glass7.5" TallShabbat and Jewish Holiday Product DescriptionClear Glass Stacked Squares candle Holders 7.5". Can be used for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday.... More >> ...

Six Netanya bombers ordered to pay $18 million? Six ‘Palestinians’ who have been found responsible for the Seder Night Massacre in Netanya in 2002 have been ordered to pay $18 million for damages to the Park Hotel at which the bombing took place. Thirty Jews were murdered in the bombing. Six Palestinians involved in the Netanya bombing of 2002 have been ordered by an Israeli military court to pay $18 million dollars in compensation to the Park Hotel, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said Tuesday. Tulkarem branch director Halima Rmelat said Abbas As-Sayyed, Muhannad Shrem, Mu’amar Shahroor, Naser Az-Zetawy, Ahmad Al-Jayousy, and Fathi Al-Khatib have been ordered to pay $3 million each for their role in Park Hotel Passover

attack, which killed 30 Israeli nationals. Rmelat said the compensation was for damage caused to the building during the explosion. The Hamas-affiliated group, known as the Holy Revenge, were detained in 2002 shortly after the attack and sentenced to 35 life terms each, in addition to 150 years in prison. The Islamist movement claimed responsibility for the attack, which took place on 27 March during the Jewish religious festival of Passover. A Palestinian militant entered the Park Hotel and detonated an

explosive vest, killing himself and 30 Israeli nationals. Unfortunately, I’d say that the odds of collecting from these individuals are not good. Perhaps Hamas could be forced to pay on their behalf. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 4:06 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Israel As An Apartheid State John Mearsheimer used to be a respected scholar at the University of Chicago, but now he has become a vile polemicist for the Palestinian cause against Israel. His latest, diatribe against Israel came... • Calling the Ground Zero imam’s bluff Calling the Ground Zero imam's b l u f f . . . • Rabbi Image taken on 2006-07-24 03:49:04 by Adib Roy.... Original post source

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J Street defends Sestak
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 4:47:00 PM

J Street defends Sestak J Street has put out an ad defending Senate candidate Joe Sestak (D-Penn). Let’s go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Politico). Jennifer Rubin comments on the ad: It features such mind-numbingly silly quotes, like this from the Washington Post: “President Obama’s new Middle East course has promise.” Umm. It didn’t quite work out, did it? Moreover, the ad ties Sestak to Obama — complete with a shot of Obama speaking at the UN. What? Did the ECI footage get mixed

in? Guys, Obama’s Israel problem is the problem with Jewish voters. Now, J Street is busy transferring that antipathy, if not down right hostility, to Sestak. Oh, in Politics 101 they teach not to be on the defensive (”The far right is attacking Joe Sestak over Israel”). Anyway, it’s good to know this really is a major issue in the race. Look at all Sestak has done today — an MSNBC appearance, a letter to the UN Human Rights Council, and a J Street ad. You don’t think the Toomey camp is behind all this, do you? Heh. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 2:47 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support

Israel • CFHhdFull.mov How to create a customized family haggadah... • The Nanny State strikes again: Massachusetts to ban circumcision? The Nanny State strikes again: Massachusetts to ban circumcision? Whenever the radical left wants to attack Jewish ritual, they attack one of two... • TV Program "Kabbalah Lemathil" Adam Rishon Lecturer: Rav Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-06-23Video: ENG 73.2MB Audio: ENG 13.05MB ... Original post source

Chakra and Tefillin: The Secret of Divine Illumination
by LazerBeams (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 5:18:45 PM

Israel News
by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 11:15:08 PM

by Moshik Gulst Arab High Court Judge: What’s Wrong with Arab Illegal Houses? Follow Israel news on and . Judge Salim Joubran, an Arab member of the Israeli Supreme Court, appeared to support illegal construction by Arabs Monday in the course of a hearing regarding unlawfully-built mansions. Read more on Israel National News Abbas spells out conditions for talks with Israel RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he’ll resume direct peace talks if Israel accepts its 1967 frontier as a baseline for the borders of a Palestinian state and agrees to the deployment of an international force

to guard them. Read more on New Haven Register Olympia Food Co-op boycotts Israel , pulls products OLYMPIA – Olympia Food Co-op members will get another chance next month to discuss a controversial board decision to boycott Israeli

products at its two stores. Read more on The Olympian Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Israel News by Adib Roy Quick Takes: News You May Have Missed Further, the officials said talks are at such an advanced stage that the U.S. has floated the idea of Israel leasing land in the Jordan Valley afte... • Israel News by merdi Obituary: Israel Theo Hicks / Director who was 'a great interpreter of the August Wilson canon' Israel Theo Hicks, the stage director thought to be the first to direct all 10 of August Wil... • Israel News by Cosmopolita. Ahmet Davutoglu on Israel, Iran, and the West What is Turkey up to? A stalwart member of NATO, many believe it is now tilting east. In May, it sealed a nuclear-exchange deal with Ir...

Chakra and Tefillin: The Secret of Divine Illumination This 6-minute film clip explains the secret behind the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s project of encouraging every Jewish man in the world to put on tefillin, beginning in May of 1967. This literally paved the spiritual way for Israel’s miraculous victory in June of 1967, when the threat of our hostile neighbors seemed insurmountable. Tefillin is closely related to Chakra and Aura, a fact that has been scientifically proven. We also learn here the secret of Divine illumination. This is a must-see: Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Arabs pledge little, donate less to ‘Palestinians’ Arabs pledge little, donate less to 'Palestinians' The Financial Times of London reports that with all the supposed concern that the Arab countri... • I Love Pesach Wooden Keychain Product DescriptionThe wood is 2" x 1" and the chain is about 1" long - the hook has a diameter of 1 inch... More >> I Love Pesach Wooden Keychain... • Jamal Dajani: Israel: Hasbara, Lies, and Videotape Israel: Hasbara, Lies, and Videotape As thousands of outraged demonstrators poured into the streets of Ankara and several capitals across the globe in the after... ... Original post source

by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 10:10:00 PM

Heh…. If you don’t ask the question, you’ll never find out the answer (Hat Tip: Jennifer Rubin). With Barack Obama’s polling numbers hitting the worst levels of his Presidency recently there have been a lot of calls, mostly from conservatives, for us to poll Hillary against Obama for the 2012 nomination. We’re not going to do that but even if we did I wouldn’t expect it to be very interesting. Can we try once just to see? Please….

posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:10 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Denmark: Fewer immigrants voting in municipal elections Denmark: Fewer immigrants voting in

municipal electionsImmigrants and their descendants in Denmark are increasingly leaving democracy. From 1997 to 2009 the share of foreigners who voted in municip... • ‘You Lied to Me, Jew Producer’: Comedy Central Shocker'You Lied to

Me, Jew Producer': Comedy Central Shocker An offensive online game plays on an association of Israel as a child killer. See HonestReporting's latest communique: "You Lied to Me, Jew ... • France: Algerian appointed to head anti-discrimination body France: Algerian appointed to head antidiscrimination bodySee also: France: Algerian 'wrong type' to head antidiscrimination bodyA woman member of President Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP of Algerian origin ... Original post source


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Arab Man Convicted of Bibi Negotiates (1998) Rape for Posing as Jewish in Israel – The Dai…
by Yaakov Kirschen (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 8:00:00 PM

Yesterday’s cartoon made reference to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s being sucker-punched on Jonathan Pollard back in 1998 by then-President Clinton. A “loyal reader” asked to see what I did on the topic at the time.-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973 Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Occupied Territories (1977 2009) Click on the cartoon below to open a larger, more readable version of this full page Dry Bones Special:Click on

cartoon for larger version I've received many requests for a reposting of this cartoon. ... • TV at Grandpa’s House This is my second grandfatherly cartoon this week. In this one I stuck a grandchild into Mr. Shuldig's chair. It's the same old-style, over-stuffed, flower-print chair I've been drawing since 1973, bu... • Dribble The initial dangerous clash between Israel and the Obama administration has become ongoing posturing by both Bibi Netanyahu and Washington. It has taken on the quality of a game . . . with us as the g... Original post source

by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 8:23:00 PM

Uriel Sinai / Getty Images If the conviction of an Arab—who had consensual sex with a woman who thought he was Jewish—is allowed to stand, it will be eviden… Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Travel Ancient Egypt & Israel On An Unforgettable Adventure | about israel travel www.pillaicenter.com Please Subscribe: youtube.com Join an unforgettable Egypt & Israel Trip: Walk in the Footsteps of Gods, Kings & Christ in the Holy Land of Egypt & Israe... • J Call: Baseless ‘morality’ J Call: Baseless 'morality' While this article was not written by J Call - in fact it seems to have been

written by an Arab - if it is correct r... • Pakistan: Jihadis murder 22 at school, market Pakistan: Jihadis murder 22 at school, market ... Original post source

At the Christians United for Israel conference in DC
by Kumah (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 4:35:46 PM

Fascinating! Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • UPDATE: Israeli Aid to Haiti As news of the earthquake in Haiti started to emerge, the Israeli government immediately began to make plans to send a delegation to aid in the relief efforts. “Our decision to immediately disp... • Devastating video: McCain rips

Obama on Iran and on being a superpower Devastating video: McCain rips Obama on Iran and on being a superpower Senator (and former Presidential candidate) John McCain rips President Oba... • Liberals who love Israel a very sad attempt to save Islam. The leaders are no different then those they rule over. This is a mere class warfare claim that should be ignored. Sadly the Bush administration listened to people... Original post source

Sephardic Chocolate Cake
by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)
Submitted at 7/21/2010 7:20:04 PM

Check out these sephardic photos: Sephardic Chocolate Cake Image by EverJean Sephardic Chocolate Cake Image by EverJean Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Sephardic Chocolate Cake Image taken on 2009-04-05 09:31:01 by

EverJean.... • Chocolate Chiffon Cake & Strawberries Image taken on 2009-04 -12 17:50:28 by Daniel Greene.... • Osem Chocolate Chip Cake, 8.8Ounce Packages OUP Certification Kosher for PassoverOutstanding taste and quality Product DescriptionThe Osem Group is a fine example of how to observe the laws of kashrut according to Halacha (Jewish religious l...

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