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NAME: Kathryn Putnam DATE: 4/7/17 TIME: 9:10-9:50

SCHOOL: Mary Walsh Elementary LESSON#: 3 FACILITIES: Gymnasium CLASS SIZE:
15 GRADE: 3 UNIT/THEME: Nitroball GENERIC LEVEL: control
EQUIPMENT: 1. One net 2. 6 nitroballs 3. 15 assessments
4. 30 hotspots 5. 4 cones
FOCUS OF LESSON: open hand hit and the serve
STUDENT PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES (SPO); MA CF + National Standard(s)/Grade Level
Outcomes; Task #s where content is taught; Task # where objective is assessed:
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

P) Demonstrates a proper serve and open hand hit in nitroball by hitting it to their partner while
demonstrating 3 out of the 4 of the skill cues.(S1.E22.3, MA CF 2.3) (1,2,3) assessment

(C) Recognizes the skill cues of the open hand hit and the serve in activities during discussions.
(S2.E4.3; MA CF 2.5) (1,2,3 activities)

(A) Students participate in all activities safely following instructions while showing effort.
(S4.E5.3, MA CF 2.6) (during all)

Check each objective: Is it specific? Is it achievable? Is it developmentally appropriate?

TEACHER PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES - During the lesson the teacher will:

1. Provide positive specific feedback
2. Provide motivational objectives for the students
3. Allow students to get many OTRs during activities
4. Go over safety and concerns 100%
5. Demonstrate for the students including a pinpoint
SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS - What are the safety concerns? What is unique about the students
in this class?
- Class is split into two different sides, be careful to not interfere with other group
- Be careful not to hit the ball at other student and only at the ground or targets
- Few behavioral students to keep an eye on during lesson
- Deal with Jessie, Destiny, and others so they do not disrupt class
- Avoid hitting the nitroball up very high or across gymnasium
- Be aware of other side of gymnasium

Nitroball Instructional Video. (2013, April 30). Retrieved March 31, 2017, from
Graham, G., Holt/Hale, S., & Parker, M. (2013). Children moving: A reflective approach to
teaching physical education (9th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill.


0-5 **talk to destiny and her friends, talk to jessie SSSSSSS
Good morning class! This is Mr.C and Im Mrs. P. We SSSSSSSS
are going to be your teachers one last time today. We T
are looking forward to continuing nitroball. We will be
using the hit today, practice the serve, and if the class
is good we will get to a game towards the end . Listen
up for some key rules for today:

This is going to be our meeting place for today

and Friday.
While in our meeting place we will have to
listen carefully and look at me while Im
Safety: Looking around the gymnasium we can
see there are tables, crates, and doors around
us. We need to be careful because of those. We
want to be careful if the ball or we are running
near the walls. Also not forgetting about the
stage. Our boundaries are the four cones,
obviously we want to stay on our group side
and respect Mr.C Lastly, and we need to
respect our equipment. Today while using the
nitro balls we want to look around and make
sure no one gets hit by the nitro balls.
Signals today:
Go: Ready Go!
Stop: 3,2,1 Freeze (and hold the nitro ball)
What are my signals today?
Lesson Purpose
Today we are going continue practicing the
open hand hit in nitro ball, and then start the
serve . Both of these skills are important for a
game because it allows you to score points.
Watch me we will demonstrate the serve.

Skill Cues:

- Open hand
- Bring Arm Back (by side)
- Hit bottom of the ball (striking ball upward)
- ** By giving bottom of the ball a highfive!!
Not a volleyball serve
- Follow through (following the ball)

It is important to follow through because your

arm points where the ball will go and hits the ball
Ball should go no higher than the tables
If I see the ball going across the gym or higher
than the tables I will give you a warning for
safety reasons.
3 warnings and that student will not be able to
play in the game.

-Teacher Demo students watch

-Student Demo students watch

Transition: Students will be assigned a group and go

to the activity area with their group.

Activity 1: Command: Teacher will lead this activity S S S T
by standing in middle by net and directing servers.
arm back, tap up other partner will catch and wait S S S
for next serve. Each student will be with a partner.
Students will practice their serve hitting the nitro ball
to their partners. The
Server will:
- Follow skill cues for serve
- High five bottom of the ball (tapping it up)
- Hit the ball no higher than the tables
Non-Server will:
10-13 - Catch the serve from their partner and serve
then themselves

If students are not catching the nitroball after the

serve they will be unable to move on.

Extension up: Students may add in the overhand hit

when they are comfortable catching the serve
Extension up: Use other hand to serve or hit the
Extension down: catch the nitroball when hit
Extension down: change ball size

Transition: Students come to middle by net and listen

for next activity instruction. Students get sent into

Groups each have a square

Activity 2 (Practice): Students will be in groups of

13-20 three or four, one nitroball per group. Students will
practice their open hit and serve with each other in
their group area. Hitting the ball with only one open
hand, allowing the ball to only bounce twice. The goal
is to keep the ball going like the game spike ball. If the
ball gets passed someone or out of control and rolls
away or bounces more than twice a serve must be
Have students try this : Serve Hit Catch (all
successful) = 1 point
Every time a group completes this three step cycle,
every time someone catches it say ONE, and count
how many times your group can successfully perform
this cycle.

Extension Up: Only allow the ball to bounce once

Extension up: students get at least 10 hits before
having to serve again
Extension down: Students may get closer together to
decrease distance and power.

Transition: Students freeze and turn to middle for

further instruction for activity 3.
Checking for understanding Who can tell me one
thing we need to remember for the serve?
23-28 Activity 3(Practice): Students will combine the serve S S
and the open hand hit to a mini game. One group will
combine with another and it will be 3 vs. 3. Students
will use a jump rope as a net and practice hitting the
ball over and serving it over. In this game after the S S
28-35 serve each team has one hit to get it over. Rotating S S
servers. Teacher will guide students into rotations. ** S S

Use Serve hit catch in mini game 3vs 3

Extension up: Students may begin to rally and stop

using the three step cycle.
Extension up: one hand behind the back
Extension down: Students may catch the ball and then
serve it themselves.

Transition: Nitroballs on the rack, students please

return to cart area.

Equipment clean up

35-40 - Can a student demonstrate the serve? SSSSSSSSS
- What are the skill cues for this? SSSSSSSSS
- open hand, arm back, follow through T
- Light tap up? Or punch? Light tap up!
- What was our three step cycle or approach
today and what did we think about it?
- Thank you for being a great class I really
enjoyed working with you all and hope you
enjoy the rest of the year with Ms. Fournier!
- Exit Slip: Psychomotor



Exit Slip


Direction: Please circle or color in the direction of the ball for each hit.