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MKT 222 // Summer 2017

Basics for Developing a Marketing Plan


Instructor Information
Name Rebecca Royen
Office Location Virtual Office Hours
Office Hours By appointment via virtual conference methods This is the best way to reach me.
UA email
Responses to messages will be provided within 48 hours during weekdays.
Blackboard Discussion Forums may be used for general course or assignment
specific questions.

Course Description
This course is an introduction to the field of marketing and will guide learners through the basics for
developing a marketing plan. This content is intended to assist those new to the field of marketing as well
as entrepreneurs interested in marketing their own company, product, or service.

No prerequisites or none listed.

Required Texts

Course Goals and Learner Outcomes:

The student will develop cognitive competencies and/or skills as indicated by these goals and their related
outcome measures:
gain an understanding of the various types of marketing and their corresponding components
learn to analyze a product or service in preparation for promoting it
understand the potential user of your product or service and how to reach them

Module 1 // Marketing Terms & Definitions
Module 2 // Identifying Your Target Audience
Module 3 // Creating a Situation (SWOT) Analysis

Once you have completed these three modules, you will have the tools necessary to get started on
developing your very own marketing plan.

Course Schedule
The course schedule in Blackboard Learn provides due dates for all activities in this course.

Course Activities and Grading Policy

1. Online asynchronous course content
2. Assigned readings (posted in UA Blackboard Learn and Weebly)
3. Individual quizzes & discussion posts

Grading is based on a (100%) percentage system:

A // 90 to 100
B // 80 - 89
C // 70 - 79
D // 69-61
F // 60 or lower

This class is an asynchronous, web-based class, with all of the materials online on the course web
site. Traditional attendance is not required. You need to plan to spend AT LEAST as much time at the
computer reading the web site as you would spend sitting in a three-credit course, in addition to the time
required for you to complete the products. For a typical course you would be expected to go to class 150
minutes per week; in addition, the rule of thumb is 2 or 2.5 times as much time for study and preparation.
Therefore, you should plan to spend at least 300 minutes (5 hours) per week on this course in order to
maintain regular progress. If your typing and computer skills are more advanced, it may take less; if your
skills need refinement and practice, it may take longer. There are no short-cuts for this course. You have
to take the time to read the instructions, do the activities and produce the products. Attendance is defined
as the time you spend at your computer, working on the course content. It is required in the sense that, in
lieu of actual attendance in the lab, you spend sufficient time to master the content.

Course Assumptions
This course is based on several important assumptions, including that you, the student:
Have mastered the basic use of the computer and have a general working knowledge of the
Have mastered the basic skills associated with word processing, database, spreadsheet, Internet
use, and email management.
Will accept responsibility for acquiring the assumed skills if, for some reason, your pre-requisite
experience did not include these basic skills, including doing the application classes and open
class activities associated with achieving basic competency.
Will accept responsibility for transfer of learning from other types of hardware to the Windows
Will focus most of the effort in learning appropriate technical skills on your own equipment so that
you can

Successful Study Methods

To be successful in this course, work through the modules in sequential order. Complete assigned
readings, tutorials, and participate in discussion activities as scheduled. Complete the assignments by the
due date in the course schedule. Be sure to save a backup of all assignments.

This course will have a mixture of quizzes, discussion posts, and written assignments.

Policy on Late Work

Assignments submitted after the specified due dates will result in a zero grade. It is at the instructor's
discretion if exceptions will be made for individuals who have experienced unforeseen emergencies. For
consideration, all such emergencies must be reported as soon as possible after the event happens and
production of proper documentation may be required.

If there's an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from submitting your work in a timely manner,
please contact your instructor to make arrangements.