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Lesson plan

Name: - Jacqueline Ulloa Felix Class: Basic 12 Level: Pre-

Intermediate Length: 20min

- Joel Gonzales Mendieta

- Roger Mandujano Macedo

Class description: There are four students in this group, all between 18 and
23 years old, most of them have been studying for six months already.
Main aims: By the end of the lesson the students will be able to use functions
about complaining and recognize them in the context.
Subsidiary aims: - To practice listening.
- To review vocabulary about problems.
Personal aims: - To improve timing
- To improve interactions patterns and the way we engage our
Timetable fit: In the last lesson the students reviewed vocabulary about
crime and punishment. In the next lesson we are going to do a writing task about
Materials : -Slideshows.
-Board Markers.

Anticipated problems: Students might not be able to use the right

interaction at using the complaining function. Students would not use the lexical
chunks given by the teacher.
Possible solutions: Teacher will give examples with the right intonation.
Teacher give prompts on the board.
Stage Description Interact Timin
ion g
Warm Up/ T greets students and and asks Ss about how
Let the their weekend was .
students T has Ss to look at the pictures has ss discuss the T SS 2 min
identify the following questions Ss
theme of the whats happeneing in the pictures? Individual 2min
class What do they all have in common? Ss
Ss are given 1 minutes to discuss the question
Teachers elicits answers from ss
Ss are directed to book pag 102 and work on
exercise 1a and then discuss with their peers
what they can see in the photos
T Shows examples of problems they might have
and asks ss about it
Then t models the activity and then with a
Ss discuss the following questions on the book
what things in exercises 1a annoy you the
most ?
what other things annoy you?
Presentation 1. First I will show a first conditional example and elicit the
/ Elicit the grammar from the students.
students 2. Then I will show a second conditional example and ask
knowledge students which are the differences between them. T SS 7min
3. I will explain in which situations the second conditional
about the if
can be used and its grammar rules.
clause, 4. Show some gapped sentences to practice and check
teach and understanding. I will also ask comprehension questions.
expose them 5. I will ask students to open their books to complete the
to the grammar activities in page 121.
grammar 6. Finally, I will ask them to go to the language bank to
rules of the explain contracted forms and the order of the clauses
second in second conditional.
Controlled 1. Divide the class in two teams [team A and team B]
practice for a game, elicitation game.
2. Then show the picture of a place to the students 4min
for forty seconds.
3. After that each group have to come to the board
to described the pictures with as many adjectives Pairs
they can come up with for one minute
4. At the end of the time students will have ten
seconds to compare their list.
5. Choose the winner by, the group who have more
adjective in their list do not count the repeated
Groups 4min