Alumina Barium (baryta carb) Strontium carb Lithium carb

Mind: confused, low spirited Mind: loss of memory, senility, mental Mind: Anxiety, dullness, confusion of mind Mind: want of self confidence
Head: throbbing h/a with vertigo Head: vertigo, stitches Head: vertigo with h/a & nausea. Aches from Head: Dizzy states with ringing in ears. Both
nape of neck spreading upwards, better cheeks covered with dry bran like scales
Eyes: lids burn Eyes: photophobia, gauze before eyes wrapping head up warmly
Eyes: half vision, photophobia, dry lids
Ears: humming, roaring Ears: crackling noise, hard of hearing Eyes: burning & redness of eyes
Ears: ringing in both ears
Nose: Pain at root of nose Nose: Coryza with swollen upr lip and Ears:
nose Nose:
Face: Feels as if albuminous substance Nose:
had dried on it Face: Pale, sensation as of cobweb Face:
Mouth: sore, gums bleeding Mouth: Gums bleed and retract, teeth ache Mouth:
before menses Mouth:
Throat: dry, sore Throat: swollen glands, tonsils Throat:
Stomach: abnormal cravings chalk, Stomach: Water brash, hiccough Stomach: acidity, nausea, > eating
charcoal, dry food. Can only eat small Stomach: loss of appetite, food tasteless
morsels Abdomen:
Abdomen: hard, distended, colicy Abdomen: Diarrhoea < at night, burning in anus
Abdomen: Colic Rectum:
Rectum: Constipation Rectum:
Rectum: Constipation Urine:Pain in right kidney
Urine: pain in urethra on urinating Urine:
Urine: pain in kidneys with mental Female:
confusion Female: menses, scanty Female:
Respiratory: constriction of chest. Pain in
Female: menses early, short, scanty Respiratory: dry cough, lungs feel full of Respiratory: mammary glands extends into arms & fingers
Respiratory: Cough on waking, tickling Back: Back:
in larynx, wheezing, rattling respiration
Back: Bruised pain between scapulae Extremities: Sciatica with oedema of ankle, Extremities: Paralytic stiffness all over. Itching
Back: Stitches, gnawing pain, paralytic rheumatic pain in right shoulder, gnawing as if in about joints. Rheumatic pains throughout shoulder
weakness Extremities: Numbness of limbs, numb the marrow of bones, rheumatic pains especially joint, arm, fingers, small joints generally. Pain in
feeling from from knees to scrotum, pain in in joints hollow of foot extending to knee. Ankles pain
Extremities: Arms feel paralysed, legs feel joints, burning in lower limbs, stiffness in when walking.
asleep staggers on walking, pain in sacrum Fever: heat with aversion to uncover
shoulder and upper arms, Fever:
paralysis of lower limbs
Sleep: awakens frequently, feels too hot Sleep: violent perspiration at night Sleep:
Sleep: restless, anxious, confused dreams
Skin: Skin: moist, itching, burning. Skin: dry itchy skin
Skin: Intolerable itching when warm in bed
Heart: Palpitation, pulse full & hard