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A newsletter dedicated to educational, linguistic, and cultural topics February 2017

Resources for Cultural Awareness

Finding reliable, unbiased, and timely infor- The books are written by those with
mation about other cultural traditions, view- extensive knowledge of the culture,
points, and behavior can be difficult. sometimes as an outsider or sometimes
as a citizen, and most have been either
However, the Culture Smart! book series
written or updated in the last five years.
offers a wide range of options in a succinct
and very readable format. While no book can cover a nations his-
tory, culture, and individual traits in a
Whether you are wondering what a tradition-
completely comprehensive manner, this
al meal consists of in Uzbekistan or why
series offers a good start on the journey
avoiding confrontation is important to the
to getting to know those from another
Swiss, this book series covers key points.
cultural background.

A Sample of Culture Smart! Books Published in 2016

India Vietnam Mongolia Spain Switzerland

Cuba Ireland Australia Ghana Italy

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