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For the 9 month Integrated Programme only:

Un What you will do Time


2 Choose your specialism from the Cambridge list provided. 4

Fill in the Proposal Grid Template. week
Submit the completed Proposal Grid for comments and s
suggestions by the Course Tutor.
Start doing some background reading about your specialism
to find out the key issues.

3 Work on the areas suggested by your CT on your proposal. 4

Check EA Guidelines for writing Part 1. week
Continue your reading about your specialism. s
Write Part 1 of your assignment: The Topic Area.
Do not submit Part 1 yet.

4 Read about needs analysis and diagnostic testing. 4

Check EA Guidelines for writing Part 2. week
Decide what kind of needs analysis you will conduct with the s
learners and conduct it.
Choose diagnostic tests and run them.

5 Analyse the data from the needs analysis and diagnostic 6

tests. week
Write Part 2 of your assignment: Needs Analysis. s
Submit Part 1 and Part 2 for comments and suggestions.

6 Rework and amend the areas suggested by your CT in 4

feedback to your first draft. week

7 Read about course and syllabus design. 4

Check EA Guidelines for writing Part 3. week
Draw up a list of aims and objectives for your course. s
Look for suitable materials and activities.
Design your course.
Write Part 3 of your assignment: Course Proposal
Do not submit Part 3 yet.

8 Read about testing and assessment. 8

Check EA Guidelines for writing Parts 4 & 5. week
Write Part 4: Assessment and Evaluation and Part 5: s
Check the guidelines for organising your EA and appendices
to comply with Cambridge submitting requirements.
Submit your second draft (all parts).
Rework and amend the areas suggested by your CT in in
feedback to your second draft.
Write the final version of the Assignment.
Use the EA Checklist to make sure you have included
Submit it for assessment by Cambridge.