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Third Term Examination 2016

Zonal Education Department - Batticaloa

Life Competencies and Citizenship Education

Grade 08

Index No: Time: 02 hours

Part I

Underline the correct answer for the question 1 to 10

1) People who introduced the ammunition first time to the world.

1. Indian
2. Chinese
3. British
4. French
2) Set of answer that consists the physical changes during sad mentality
1. Shouting , tired face , breathing
2. Dancing , laughing , running
3. Shouting , crying
4. Crying , tiredness
3) Person who led a movement to obtain the civil rights of black Americans
1. Nelson Mandela
2. Siyatel
3. Gandhi
4. Martin Luther King
4) King who appointed physicians for each ten villages to serve the public during
Anuradhapura period
1. Mahasena
2. Buddhadasa
3. Pandukabaya
4. Agbo I
5) Year that national charter of child right was formed in Sri Lanka
1. 1948
2. 1992
3. 1989
4. 1949
6) First prime minister of Sri Lanka
1. D.S.Senanayaka
2. DudlySenanayaka
3. D.P.Jaya
4. E.W.Perera

7) Person who thinks that life has no meaning leads unhappy life and not suitable to live
the above statement is concerned with
1. Einstine
2. Russel
3. Maxim Gorky
4. Karl Max
8) The festival related with the introduction of Buddhism by MahindaThero is
1. Esala
2. Vesak
3. Perahera
4. Posan
9) Set of answer that face frequent earth sliding in Sri Lanka
1. Kandy , Galle , Polonnaruwa , Mannar
2. Kalutura , Batticaloa , Colombo , Galle
3. Nuwaraeliya , Kandy , Badulla , Kegalle
4. Badulla , Kandy , Colombo , Ratnapura
10) Special bus service for school students
1. Sisuseviya
2. Sisuseriya
3. Sisusevaya
4. Sisu bus seriya

Fill in the blanks with most suitable answers

11) __________________ fought for the rights of the South African black people and
succeeded in his effort.

12) ___________________ are serving by using physical and mental power.

13) ____________________ in 1945 in order to protect the human rights.

14) The service that is offered to public commonly is called _______________________

15) The king who is praised as________________ for his service contributed towards
irrigation development.

Mark () if the following statements are correct. If incorrect mark () in the brackets given
against them.

16) Conflict is a situation that leads to compromising decisions ( )

17) The industrial revolution took place in the European countries in 19 th century caused
significant change related with trained labor ( )

18) The rite is done by the Christian when they suffer from illness ( )

19) Carbite and lime are used by men in the industrial sector ( )

20) Leadership is not necessary for the cooperative activities ( )

Part II
Question No.01 is compulsory and answer any other four questions
I. Give the names of persons who are related with the following
A Person who popularized by his creations after his death
B Strived liberate India in the path of non-violence
II. Give two government institutions that provide vocational training.
III. Give two methods of providing public services.
IV. What are the two fundamental factors that prevail in Sri Lanka in relation with
multi ethnic religious and culture?
V. What are the two important festivals that are celebrated by Muslims?
VI. Disasters are categorized into two kinds. What are they?
(6 x 12 marks)
I. What are the three final conflict resolutions?
(3 marks)
II. Give two types of Leadership put forwarded by the philosophers among the three
types. (4 marks)
III. List out five characteristics that are followed by a person who takes leadership
role. (5 marks)

I. Who are the three important employees of a sub post office?
(3 marks)
II. Give two services that are rendered by the cooperative society
(4 marks)
III. Write down 2 features of a good employee and explain it.
(5 marks)

I. List out three democratic features that are seen in school.
(3 marks)
II. Give two necessities of democratic life method.
(4 marks)
III. Give two common features of law and explain them.
(5 marks)

I. What are the three festivals that are only celebrated by Hindus?
(3 marks)
II. Mention the persons who cited about culture as
A Culture is not a form of creation made by individuals.
B National development is the reflection of national culture.
(4 marks)
III. Give five unique features of multicultural society
(5 marks)
I. Give 3 instances that chemical substancesare used.
(3 marks)
II. Give 4 ways that chemical enter human body.
(4 marks)
III. Give 4 ways avoidingthe accidents related with chemicals.
(5 marks)