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BASIC PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF BIRD FLIGHT R.D. ARCHER SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES.KENSINGTON, N.S.W. 2038 AUSTRALIA ov pont uber Se popes for tied propision oy Popping iets ect edt Hsia i i net rele recl ft Seean rt ee Be mer yare 88 ab en erent tat cog ot 9 it lar cee a Sanya 0 dt Seo teuue aps’ oicrese, S05, eae at Sey OA Le ‘oe Sings." cay alae anpianines oe capity Tor flight at oe ‘asa iat san ood oe enol Lined ee GD). ‘siete. Coomqueneiy {t night be egrets! tat the [eeten tego edge Wt only as at Dag “fod 'peeeritone in ductanning order of ing’ Loading Bocas ving aan scan wish i)", he wing aog Teh ape eran aes Sete eh bg Se ‘Seven on” A adene, should eu) for he tte of gna (EH FT 133) ‘inae"Seostauemaia ane ergrent prs SSS a Fott ehcdee Wh = ae = 2 | [eile] So sa sims "ate | 3} yy Eee] Bey e/a] ela] a ee ce Bald + |semee| Se] 2 el i yala] 8 fate | Ba] 2/831 | UHR) it ees | seal zals[aT Aas