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Public Relation Plan for

The Timberland Shoe Company

Presented by:
NF Communication
Who Are We
NF Communication ( is a Public relation
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At NF Communication, we employ the full reach and connectivity of our

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Welcome to NF Communications. Thank you for listening to our story. We

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Meet the team

Every NF Communication office have its own set of capabilities and skills.
But by working with NF Communication the clients will not only receive the best
services, but also the knowledge and expertise of communication experts. From Brand
Building to Social Media Strategy to Web Design and Development to Creative
strategy and more, NF Communication has the capabilities to deliver long term,
constant and successful result to each and every client.

Nellie Fredriksson
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

As founder and chief executive officer at NF

Communication, Nellie Fredriksson has created
a strategic communications firm, offering a full
range of marketing services to worldwide
interests. Nellies vision and dedication have
helped a wide variety of organizations and
individuals successfully deliver their specific
messages to strategic audiences through creative
communications, ranging from launching new
products nationwide to managing the most
delicate crisis situations.
Nellie has spearheaded successful
projects for some of the worlds most successful
brands and numerous Fortune 500 companies,
including The Walt Disney Company,, Simon Graduate School for
Business, and Davis Bridal.
However, Nellies focus is on her
employees that have allowed it to compete with
the worlds most respected multi-national
agencies. NF Communications philosophy is
counterculture: Attract the best people and the best
clients will seek us out. Nellies employees are her
passion: by creating the best possible work
environment for all employees, the agency
produces the best possible results for clients and
becomes a trusted resource for media.

Alex Rosignol
Chief financial officer, Senior Partner

Alex Rosignol is a senior partner and chief

financial officer at NF Communication, where she
directs the overall financial strategy of the firm is
responsible for procurement relations/negotiations,
policy and procedures, legal, Information Technology,
and merges/acquisitions.
A graduate from Southern Illinois University holds a
B.S degree in finance and B.A degree in exercise
science. Additionally, she is a Certified Public

Gabriella Shepherd
Vice President, Digital strategy

Gabriella reflects a passion for marketing, content

strategy, and innovative user experiences. Her unique
approach and tactical aptitude focuses on extending
the critical digital footprint and amplifying the sphere of influence of her brands.
Gabriella unifies the application of technology, social media, mobile, content strategy
and strategic communications to build better platforms for her clients to reach their
target audiences. In marketplace that is changing so rapidly, its crucial to retain a
strategic edge. Gabriella provides her clients a solid background to provide best
practices and an attainable vision towards where the market is headed next.
Andrea Estrada
Chief Operating Officer, Senior Partner

Andrea Estrada is chief operating officer of

NF Communication, responsible for the overall
management of the global business.
Much of her work is focusing on bringing
together consumer, customer and competitive
intelligence to help simplify and harmonize the
marketing and sales strategies of the new
organization. Her collaborative style, coupled
with her ability to meld quantitative analysis and
creativity, continue to be the hallmakers for her
approach to problem solving.
In September 2015, CEO Nellie Fredriksson
named Andrea chief operating officer. In this
capacity Andrea continues her role as senior
counselor while also focusing on worldwide
practices centered on talent acquisition,
development and recognition.

Lauren Diellman
CMO & MD, Global Clients
Lauren Diellman serves as NF Communications cheif of marketing officer,
leading global business development defining the agencys brand and building its
reputation. In addition, she serves as the firms managing director of global client
relations. Dielman has experience in marketing and corporate reputation.
Diellman also serves as managing director of global technology, practice groups and
new product development providing insight on the
adoption of mobile and its impact on all media and
brand reputations.
To be successful, you have to have your heart in business and your business in your
heart. Thomas J. Watson

These works are a few clients NF Communication has been working with:

g (BCO) the
worlds most-
trafficked online
resource for
breast cancer
and breast
turned to NF
to create a
public service
(PSA) that
would spread a message of prevention during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and
drive traffic to their website. Each year BCO tackles thousands of questions like,
Can you prevent breast cancer? Is all breast cancer hereditary? Could your bra or
type of deodorant cause breast cancer? BCO seized an opportunity during October to
educate a broader audience on breast cancer myths and facts.
Impact: The PSA exceeded expectations for expanding
the organisation's reach, increasing website traffic and educating women on breast
cancer risks. During the six-week period the PSA aired more than 475,000 times
across Comcast's network. October 2014 was the most heavily-trafficked month for since the website launched 14 years ago. Page views on the site
increased 16 percent and 90 percent of visitors engaged with content related to
reducing breast cancer risks.

Simon Graduate
School of Business

Issue: In 2013, Simon

School of Business at the
University of Rochester
planned to launch a new
brand identity for the
school that aimed to meet these competitive business challenges head on. Before the
new marketing campaign was officially unveiled. NF Communication was asked to
seed the new campaign's spirit and messaging leading up to the campaign launch.
Impact: The team's efforts resulted in placements in the The Wall Street Journal,
Bloomberg Business week and to name a few.The social
media team also raised the level of engagement on Simon's social media properties
receiving a flood of positive responses to the new branding announcement.

Walt Disney World

Issue: Walt Disney World
turned to NF communication
to develop a strategic
campaign that would
accentuate the positive
aspect of its new ticket plan,
while diverting from the
negative - the largest single-
day ticket price increase
since 1989.
Impact: NF communication
delivered a controlled
message on announcement
day with an eye catching
media moment to yield
coverage in key travel outlets during key booking season. An advance print exclusive
with the Associated Press led the nationwide, balanced story/announcement. More
than 1,000 radio and television segments reached an audience of nearly 40 million
while 123 print articles resulted in more than 82 million views.

Davids Bridal
Issue: While many retailers
struggle after the holidays, the
bridal industry is at its height due to
the fact that 33 percent of all
engagements happens between
Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.
To capitalize on the sales
opportunities with this influx of
new customers, David's Bridal
tasked NF communication to create
a breakthrough idea that would help
them rise to the top with millennial
Impact: As a result, NF
Communication was able to
reinforce David's Bridal as the #1
bridal authority and a go-to resource
for the modern millennial bride. NF
communication also created long-lasting bridal influencer who shared their fun-filled
experience across their social media channels using #StealtheDealDB creating
exceptional buzz for the brand. The Steal the Deal Sweepstakes was highlighted in
websites such as and, resulting in outstanding entry for the
contest and engagement for the brand.
The Timberland Company

The Timberland Shoe Company is an American success story that started by

the founder Nathan Swartz, from Boston, Massachusetts. Swartz founded the
Abington Shoe Company in 1952, and the company mostly manufactured shoes for
other companies until 1965 when a new technology was introduced. And 1978, The
Timberland Shoe Company was born.
Today, the Timberland Shoe Company is still thriving the footwear market.
They are one of the worlds most innovating firms in fashion and ranked number two
on climate counts lists of companies making aggressive strides on fighting climate

Product and Position

Even non-hikers can get a kick out of Timberlands. The company is best
known for making womens, mens and kids footwear. Timberland manufactures
hiking boots, sandals, casual boots, and outdoor footwear. To expand their business,
Timberland also makes clothes and accessories, such as watches, belts and sunglasses.
Timberland sells its products through around 230 company-owned stores and trough
athletic shops and departments in Europe, Asia, America, Middle East, and South
America. The Timberland Shoe Company commitment to the environment is evident
in their products, which feature the latest technology in recycled materials. The
companys objective is to involve their customers in leading environmentally
conscious lives by providing them with the products to leave a positive footprint
wherever life takes their customers.
By their efforts to promote a green lifestyle and provide unparalleled
quality, Timberland has positioned itself among the top companies in the outdoor

Customers and Competitors

Timberland is focusing on two demographics; outdoor enthusiasts, and
fashionistas.. The outdoor enthusiasts are primary the ages 18-40, who are people
enjoying the outdoor life and all its activities. The fashionistas, is a category of people
between ages 18 to 30. The category covers high income, more urban, female or male
consumers purchasing boots for fashion rather than work purposes.
Timberlands biggest competition comes from Nike, who compete with
Timberland in the footwear and apparel department. Columbia Sportswear Company
directly competes with Timberland within the outdoor department (boots and
apparel). Some other competitors are The North Face, Wolverine, and Merell.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths: Timberland has a strong reputation of ECO friendly environments
and products. A strong position in the footwear industry, and quality products with
exceptional warranty. Timberland is also high profitability, and strategic positioning
Weaknesses: The Brands reputation makes it hard to diversify outside rugged
lifestyle. High expenses on associated with ECO friendly environment and products
The Timberland Shoe Company being a leader in environmental sustainability. Make
Timberland's product a part of an everyday lifestyle

Strategies & Tactics

- To be able to make Timberland's products a part of an everyday
lifestyle, the use of media's interest on leading attention to Timberland
and its products. To reach the public about the variety of products that
Timberland is producing and to create a feeling of "I need to own at
least one pair".

To build up the picture that Timberland is one of the leaders in

environmental sustainability, the company will promote an Eco-
friendly lifestyle by setting good examples to the customers and
challenge the competitors to follow suit.
- To capitalize the media's interest on leading attention to Timberland,
the daily use of social Medias have to be used, for example Instagram
to inspire younger customers to create a picture of timberland is a part
of everyday lifestyle. Twitter is another social media that can be used
for younger and older customers, where pictures and information about
the products can be shared.

To build up the picture of Eco-friendly Timberland, a print or an

engrave will be on the product (either a tree or the earth) to promote
and inform customers that the products are Eco-friendly, and by
wearing them the customers are helping saving the environment. "We
made out footprints. Now leave yours."

There will be a use of earned (free) media by doing the engraving on

the products, where the customers by wearing the products are
promoting the message without (maybe) realizing it. There will also be
a use of paid media with advertising within social media to come close
to that factor in an everyday lifestyle.
By building up the picture of being Eco-friendly the company is reaching out
to the older generation, and the outdoor enthusiasts. These are the people that have
more knowledge about what is going on with the environment, and are willing to
make a difference. They trust people with more power and with a strong opinion
about the environment. They trust people around them, maybe people who have been
hiking with Timberland's products and can promote them.
By using social media the company is reaching out to the younger generation, the
fashionistas. These are the people who rather buy a shoe for the fashion than work.
They can be reached and be affected through social media and if the company's
product is shown in bigger stores and on runways. These are the people who trust the
celebrities and famous bloggers or other fashionistas.

Email pitch

Subject line: Something to think about, and to be a part of.

Hi Alden Wicker.
Im Nellie Fredriksson, founder of NF Communication
(, and I think you may be interested in our new
campaign. We are working with building the Eco-friendly and fashionable brand the
Timberland Shoe Company, where we are developing a stronger social media
connection between the customers and the company. We also want to develop a
stronger Eco-friendly message through The Timberland Shoe Companys product to
promote the customers to take the environment in consideration.
We are releasing the campaign in the near future, and we want you to be onboard
because of your green lifestyle in your hippie grad school in Maryland, and the Eco
cult being a magazine that loves everything that is Eco-friendly and sustainable. If
you could let me know if you are interested or learn more about our campaign, I
would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for your time.

Nellie Fredriksson
Timberland is a global leader in design, engineering and marketing of premium-
quality footwear, apparel and accessories for consumers who value the outdoors and
their time in it. Timberland products are sold throughout the world in leading
department and specialty stores as well as company-owned retail locations and online.
Ever since the beginning of 1952, Timberland has a strong belief in community
service, where in 2014 timberland celebrated one million hours of global community
service, and is driven by four
core values Humanity,
Humility, Integrity and
Excellence. Timberland is also
concerned about the
environment and have created a
partnerships with city Year and
other environmental and outdoor
organizations, which has helped
thousands of people all around
the world.

Timberland aims to be part of

the solution by reducing their
energy demand, as well as
procuring and investing in
renewable energy and working with their partners
to do the same. Between 2006 and 2013,
timberland achieved a 53% reduction in absolute
emission for our owned and operated facilities and
employee air travel. This exceeds their 2015 goal.
Event planning
1. Objective with this event is to work with the theme We made our footprints.
Now leave yours, where the focus will be on the Timberlands shoe
companys past and how they have developed to the company they are today,
a walk through Timberlands footsteps. The target audience will be the
fashionistas, the younger generation but also the environmentalists, the
generation that understands the important of Eco-friendly.
The evaluation of this event is the target audience will understand
Timberlands footsteps, and how important being Eco-friendly is to the
brand, but also for the younger generation that Timberland is not only and
outdoor supply company but a fashion company as well.
Event Place & Time
- Eight Weeks before an Event:
NF communication want to work with the theme: We made our footprints. Lets
leave yours. The plan is to create a promotional event that will promote the
Timberland Shoe Company, where the focus is going to be the past and the future. To
work with the theme, the event will show sides of Timberlands past but also the
future. This will be the beginning for the launch of the campaign for Timberland Shoe
Company, where the goal is to increase the status as a leading outdoor supply
company but also to increase status of a factor in the everyday life. The event is a
promotional event, where to promote the Timberlands boots, shoes, apparel and
By this event, NF communication is planning to reach the fashionistas and the
outdoor enthusiasts. By reaching the fashionistas the event will show products from
1980, when Timberland launch in Italy and marked a start of the international brand
expansion, and to the products they produces today (Made for modern trails.) Because
of the event being a promotional event, the ideas of what celebrity or what influence
person will be a part of promoting Timberlands products that will reach the
fashionistas. The idea to reach the outdoor enthusiasts is to work with the part of the
theme talking about footprints. Showing more facts and information about how the
brand developed Eco-friendly products and how they have been helping the
environment by being Eco-friendly.
The Timberland Shoe Company launched their collection for fall/winter 2015, on
September 25th. This promotional event will happen Friday, October 23rd, a month
after the launch of the new collection. This will give the collection time to be new and
to reach a larger amount of the audience that the company want to reach.
For the decision about an entertainment, the agency is debating if NF
communication should hire a more famous person or a new face to promote
Timberlands products. The choice is between Coldplay (with hits like miracles and
Fix you), or Rhodes (with hits like Wishes and Crash.)
- Seven Weeks before an Event:
NF communication is going to use bartenders with this event, and have been in
contact with Manhattan, NYC 12 West 101st Street, New
York, NY 10025
Phone: (917) 881-6877
To create this event, the venue has
to be big enough to fit thirty years of
collections, and also ideas for future
collections. The 19th Avenue Event and
Exhibition center is a state of the art
facility with an 11.000 square foot
column free space.
19th Avenue Event & Exhibition



NF communication will use this

facility for the event during the afternoon
and the evening. Of course, the use of this
facility a few days before the event to set
up decoration etc.

To create the right atmosphere for

the event, some decorations are going to be
used. In the ceiling there is going to be
lights hanging to create a bright
atmosphere. There are going to be some discussion on where to have the bar, where to
have mingle tables, where to put the products to create a professional but a strategic
path where the audience can follow Timberlands footsteps.
- Six & Five Weeks before the Event
The date of the event is October 23, the event will opening at 7 pm at 19 th
Avenue Event & Exhibition Center. NF Communication, decided that the
entertainment is going to be the artist Rhodes, because of the new face and could be
the future part of Timberlands footsteps. NF communication is going to promote
Rhodes with Timberlands products (boots and apparel), which he will be wearing
during the event for some free advertisement.
For this event, because of the focus is going to be on the performance of
Timberlands history and future, no hard liquor is going to be served at this event,
only different beer from Massachusetts (for example Samuel Adams Boston Lager),
where Timberland started their business and from New York city (for example
Mosaic IPA), where the event is happening.
Invitations will be sent out, there will be a mix of people where the entire
company of Timberlands Shoe Company will be invited, but also people who can
reach the target audience for timberlands new collection. So famous fashionistas,
who are bloggers or working within the fashion world: for example Chiara Ferragni,
who is also famous in Europe, with 3 million followers on Instagram. Bryan Grey
Yambo is another example of people this event want to reach, Yambo is an OG
fashion blogger. Another person this event want to reach is actor and
environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is working on an eco-project, where
he is a producer for Discovery Channel show called Eco-Town, which records how
Kansas town devastated by a tornado in 2006 attempts to rebuild itself as a model of
green living. Having DiCaprio at this promotional event, and maybe get him to work
with Timberland, can increase the brands reputation as Eco-friendly.
- Week Four & Three before the Event
This time will be used to prepare the facility, where the decorations, sound
systems, and the lights are put up. NF Communication takes care of the planning and
the ideas where everything will be placed; for example in the entrance there will be
pictures from Timberlands newest collection for fall/winter 2015, on the walls with
lights above lighting down so the focus will be on the pictures. In the main room,
there will be kind of a map from the past to the future, where on the walls pictures
from the past collections, and where the products will be more in the middle so the
audience can walk around.
The facility can seem like cold, the light, which will be a warm bright color,
will give the facility more life. In the middle of the room there will be a smaller
platform (a stage) for Rush to perform his songs, which will be in acoustic forms.
- Week Two & One before the Event
NF Communication will contact Alden Wicker, editor for Ecocult, and offer her
to cover the event and that NF communication will give her an exclusive interview
with the environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio. NF communication will also hire
Event Photography Group, to take pictures of the event that can be used for both
Timberlands and NF communications webpage.
NF Communication will also find volunteers or people who will work in the
entrance, with taking audience coats and their invitations. NF communication will
make sure that Rush will be given a hotel room and transportation from and back
to the event.
- The Day of the Event
NF communication staff with event planning will make sure everything is on
place; the sounds system is working, the lights are working and that all the products
are in place that the beers are cold, and the volunteers are in place. That there are one
from the staff that will pick the artist, Rush, up and bring him to the event.
Give Rush his schedule, when he is starting to perform and when he can take
breaks. Because of the bigger names in the audience, a security staff will be hired,
from MG security services LLC, to make sure there is no problem during the event.
After the event, NF communication will have to make sure that Rush get a ride back
to the hotel.
- The Days after the Event
NF communication will hire a cleaning service that will clean the facility of the
event, and a staff that can move all of the products back to the Timberland facility.
NF Communication will also make sure that all of the staffs get paid, and also the
artist. NF Communication will also make sure that thank you cards will be sent out
to the audience and to the press, especially the more important guests and Alden
Wicker, editor for Eco Cult. NF communication together with Timberlands media
person will update Timberlands look book with pictures from Event Photography
Group, to show their customers online about the event.
For more information, contact:
Nellie Fredriksson
CEO & director of communication
NF Communication
(978) 992 6229
Fashion Company launches new collection in New York City
(CARBONDALE- Oct. 31, 2015) Timberland is hosting an event to launch their new
collection for fall/winter 2015, on Nov. 6, 2015.
The event is going to take place at Manhattan, NYC 12 West 101st Street on Friday,
Nov. 6 beginning at 7 p.m. Entertainment for the event includes live music, speakers
and represents from Timberland, and a picture show of Timberlands achievements.
This is a great opportunity for us to show our new collection, and also to start our
new collaboration with NF Communication. We think this can be a start of something
great, where we can continue to reach our goals as a company but also share our
vision to be Eco-friendly trough everything we do said Leslie Grundly, director of
PR and communication at Timberland.
The main focus of the event will be the new collection, but there will also be an
opportunity to see and hear about Timberlands past and achievements.
We decided to show not only Timberlands future but also the companys past,
where they have done some extraordinary things. Where we are trying to show the
guests and the press the companys mission with helping the environment and what
they are exactly doing to make a difference. Then of course to show off the new
amazing collection: Made for the Trails said Nellie Fredriksson, CEO for NF
Passes for the event are $50 and will be available to purchase online on in advance beginning of Nov. 1. These passes
are also good for parking behind the facility of the event.
For more information on the event, how to purchase tickets, or any other questions
call (978) 992 6229 or log on to

Timberland Shoe Company is a global leader in the design, engineering, and
marketing of premium-quality footwear, apparel and accessories for consumers who
value the outdoors and their time in it. Timberlands products are sold throughout the
world in leading department and specialty stores as well as company-owned retail
locations and online.
NF COMMUNICATION, Ill., Oct. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/-- We are proudly
announcing our new collaboration with Timberland Shoe Company, says Nellie
Fredriksson, CEO for NF Communication.
NF Communication has been selected as PR agency by global outdoor lifestyle brand
Timberland, to provide public relation strategy, ideation, and brand development. The
agency will help evolve the brand by creating strategic programs to build awareness
and excitement around Timberlands new collection for fall/winter 2015: Made for
the Modern Trail. Also, celebrating its versatility, performance, and sustainability.
We were looking for a PR agency partner with strong consumer lifestyle expertise
that could offer a distinct voice for the Timberland brand, said Jim Davey, vice
president of global marketing for Timberland. NF Communication shares our
passion, and clearly demonstrated that they can bring our storytelling to life in
compelling and creative ways. We are looking forward to working with NF
Communication and achieving our business objectives by breaking through the clutter
and making Timberland relevant to a new generation of consumers.
NF Communication beat the other agencies in the review because of its strong
consumer lifestyle capabilities, hard work, and passion, said Leslie Grundy, director
of PR and communications at Timberland.
"We are thrilled at this opportunity to represent Timberland and to help further
position it as the worlds leading outdoor lifestyle brand, said Nellie Fredriksson,
CEO President for NF Communication. Their earlier work have given us a great
platform for creating powerful PR programs that will have a strong impact on their
The contract is for one year, but the company intends for the relationship to be long
term. Budget information was not disclosed.
About Timberland ( Timberland Shoe Company is a global
leader in the design, engineering, and marketing of premium-quality footwear, apparel
and accessories for consumers who value the outdoors and their time in it.
Timberlands products are sold throughout the world in leading department and
specialty stores as well as company-owned retail locations and online. Timberlands
dedication to making quality products is matched by its commitment to doing well
and doing good- forging powerful partnerships among employees, consumers and
service partners to transform to communities in which they live and work.
About NF Communication ( NF
Communication is a full-service, integrated communications agency with expertise in
variety of industries. Prominent clients include The Walt Disney Company, David's
Bridal,, and Simon Graduate School of Business. Fueled by the
agencys mission to be the best work place, employees deliver high-profile programs
that drive engagement, passion, and growth for many of the worlds most-trusted

For Immediate Release

Audio News Release

Contact: Nellie Fredriksson, director of communication

NF Communication
(978) 992 6229