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Date 13th April 2017

Time 80 minutes
Form 4 Bakti
No. of Students 30
Language Proficiency Intermediate
Topic Poem, The Living Photograph
Curriculum Specification 3.0 LANGUAGE FOR AESTHETIC USE
3.1 Listen to, read, view and respond to literary works by:
b. Recognizing elements in a story such as characters and setting.
e. Reciting poem with expressions.
Level 1
iii. Retelling the story or poem in ones own words.
Language Item Literature (Characters and characteristics)
General Objective Students will be able to understand the story and the characters.

Specific Objectives By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
1. Identify events and plot of the story.
2. List down the characters and their characteristics.
Teaching Aids Picture of a grandmother, Mind map of poem, worksheet, mah-
jong paper and marker pens.
Moral values Students will learn be filial towards the elders.

Stage / Time Content Teaching / Learning Activities Rationale

1. Students are greeted by
2. Teacher paste a photo of
Skill: Listening 3. Students are asked about
their sweet memories with To introduce the
Set Induction
Mode: Whole class their grandmother. topic for the
(5 mins) 4. Each students are asked to
describe their grandmother
in one word.
Picture of a
5. Students are introduced to
the topic of the day, The
Living Photograph.
Title: Literature 1. Students are exposed on To enable
Presentation the poem The Living students to
(25 mins) Skill: Photograph. learn the
2. Students representative
Listening and language
recites the poem.
Speaking. 3. Students are shown a
mind map of the theme,
structures and
Mode: Whole class. persona and the setting
how to use
of the poem.
T/A: 4. Students are briefed

Mind map. about the poem.

Title: Literature 1. Students are given
To check on
Skill: 2. Teacher explains what
Listening and needs to be done in the
Practice Speaking. worksheet.
of the story
(20 mins) 3. Students are given 15
based on the
Mode: Whole class. minutes to complete the
use of language
worksheet given.
T/A: 4. Students then discusses the
Worksheet worksheet with teacher.
Title: Literature
1. Students are divided into
three groups.
Skill: 2. Each group are to To ensure
Listening and brainstorm the underlying students are
Speaking. meaning of the stanza and able to use the
create a mind map based language item
(25 mins)
Mode: Whole class. on the stanza given. they learned in
3. Student presents their mind the presentation
T/A: map. stage.
4. Feedbacks are given by
Mah-jong paper,
marker pen.

Title: Literature
(5 mins) 1. Students clear any doubts by
To recap on the
asking teacher questions.
Skill: 2. Students to give insights language item
Listening and about the personas taught for the
Speaking. background. day.
3. Teacher recaps the lesson.

Mode: Whole class.

Picture of a grandmother.

White board.

White board markers

Mah-jong papers