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2. Shooting
3. Hand-to-hand 1. Charge Double Movement Model cannot run/charge and hide in
4. Recovery 2. Compulsory Target is in LOS or the same turn.
3. Normal within 2X of the Target cannot be seen or shot as long
BREAK TESTS models Initiative value as target is hiding
A friendly model and not hidden Shooting removes a model from hiding
<1 high, no more than
goes down within 2
Broken fighters no penalty
flee 2D6 away from 1-2 high, no more Double Movement Open Ground: no modifier
their enemy and than 1 deep: Model cannot shoot in Difficult Ground: Half Movement
towards cover. must use half of the following shooting Very Difficult Ground: Quarter
If they can reach a movement to cross phase Movement
position of cover
where they can not
be seen by the
enemy they stop ORDER OF SHOOTING: BS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 SHOOTING MODIFIERS:
there. They 1. Roll to Hit 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3
continue until the -1 | Partial Cover (<50% model covered)
2. Roll to Wound Score to hit 7 8 9 10
reach such a -2 | In Cover (50% or more model covered)
position. 3. Saving Throws Additional D6 4+ 5+ 6+ miss
-1 | Overwatch (model shooting using overwatch)
They can achieve 4. Resolve Injuries
AMMO ROLLS: -1 | Charging (target is charging them)
this by not moving -1 | Running (Target ran)
INJURIES: To Hit rolls of 6
and hiding instead. -1 | Small Target (Target is less then 1/2" tall or wide)
1| Flesh Wound: require an ammo roll
+1| Large target (Target is at least 2" tall or wide)
-1BS/WS Roll 2D6, if your roll is
2-5| Down less then your ammo roll
When 25% or more
of your kill team is 6| Out of Action: the weapon is useless for Firing a silenced weapon: model remains
down or out of Remove from play the rest of the game hidden on a 4+
At the start of your Hand-To-Hand Combat
beats your leaders +1| Opponent Fumbles
LD your kill team 1. Roll Attack Dice: Both players roll a number of
(Add 1 for each opponents rolls of 1)
D6 equal to their Attacks characteristic (+1 D6 for 2
bottles out. +1| Critical Hit
close combat weapons)
The game ends 2. Determine Winner: Each player picks their (Add 1 for each critical hit inflicted (additional rolls of 1))
immediately single highest scoring dice. They add their Weapon +1| Charging (Fighter charged this turn)
Skill and any modifiers to get their Combat Score. The +1| Higher Up (fighter has higher ground)
player with the higher Combat Score wins. If they are -1 | Encumbered
tied the higher initiative wins. If still tied the fight is (Fighter is carry a heavy weapon or heavy piece of equipment)
a draw.
-1 | Obstacle
3. Number of Hits: The difference between the (Charged a model in cover. Only on the turn a fighter charged)
combat scores is the number of hits. The winner of a
tie causes 1 hit.
Multiple Combats: Each subsequent opponent
rolls an extra attack dice, and +1 to their combat
4. Roll to wound: For each hit roll to wound using score
the toughness chart
Pinned Fighters: A pinned fighter who is charged
5. Saving Throw: the model hit can take saving throws if recovers immediately.
6. Resolve Injuries: Resolve as normal Armor Modifiers TARGETS TOUGHNESS
Armor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Fighters Down: In one-on-one combat any fighter who Strength Save
goes down is automatically out of action. When two 1 4 5 6 6 N N N N N N
fighters are on the same side they roll on the injury table S 2 3 4 5 6 6 N N N N N
3 or less 0
as normal. T
4 -1 3 2 3 4 5 6 6 N N N N
5 -2 R
Recovery Phase 6 -3 E
4 2 2 3 4 5 6 6 N N N
Fighters Down: Roll Recovering Nerve: A Broken 7 -4 5 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 6 N N
on the injury chart. If you fighter can attempt to recover. Take 8 -5 6 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 6 N
roll a 1 the fighter suffers a leadership test. If they pass they 9 or -6 G
T 7 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 6
a flesh wound and is pinned are no longer broken. If they fail Pinned Fighters: A fighter
for one turn. 2-5 fighter is they remain broken. whose is pinned at the start of H 8 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 6
still down. 6 the fighter is A model broken during their turn the turn automatically recovers 9 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 5
taken out of action. cannot recover in the recovery phase. at the end of that turn.
10 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4
Before Mission (Campaign)
Pre-Mission Sequence Hunt in the Promethium Sprawl (2D6)
1. Muster Kill Team 2 | Lost in the Sump: the player who rolled this result must remove a random fighter (not the kill
2. Determine Mission team leader) for this mission
3. Hunt in the 3 | Toxic Ash: Any fighters down at the end of the mission go out of action on a 1-4. If both players roll
this all fighters down at the end of the mission go out of action
Promethium Sprawl
4 | Lightning Strike: the player can choose to take (and fail) a bottle test at the start of any of
4. Play mission their turns once an enemy fighter has been taken out of action.
5 | Corrosive Slick: Roll a dice for any fighter who runs or charges this mission. On a roll of 1 the
fighter goes down at the end of their move. If both players roll this, fighters go down on a 1 or 2.
6 | Hidden Cache: The player who wins the mission gets 100 additional points on their Recruit or
Mission Table: Rearm action. If both rolled this result they get 150 additional points instead.
1. Kill Team Fight (pg 90) 7 | Its Quiet: nothing special
2. Scavengers (pg 91) 8 | Vital Mission: The player who wins can re-roll the dice to determine how many promethium they
3. Hit and Run (pg 92) receive. If both roll this the winner gets 3 promethium caches
4. The Raid (pg 94) 9 | Indomitable: the player who rolled this may subtract 1 from their bottle tests.
5. Ambush (pg 96) 10 | Fear and Confusion: Add 1 to all leadership tests in the mission for both players. Add 2 to all
leadership if both players roll this result.
6. Roll-off (winner choses
mission and will be 11 | Bitter Rivalry: The player who rolled this result randomly selects a fighter from their and
their opponents kill team. These fighter HATE each other.
12 | Friendly Territory: the player who rolled this result can re-roll serious injury rolls of 1-3
for their kill team.

After Mission (Campaign)

Rewards of Battle Resupply
1. Recover injured fighters: roll a dice Leader Slain: If your leader has been slain, choose one of the fighters from
for each fighter who is down at the end of the your kill team (other than a new recruit). This model is now your Leader,
mission. On a 4-6 the fighter recovers. On 1-3 only their role is changed. If you only have new recruits remaining, your kill
the fighter is out of action. The player then team is disbanded.
makes a serious injury roll for each fighter
who is out of action.
Leader Not Slain: you can choose on of the following actions.
2. Claim promethium Recruit: Add a new fighter or fighters to your kill team. With a total
3. Advance: Pick a fighter other then a new
cost (including equipment) of no more then 100 points.
recruit who was not taken out of action. Roll Rearm: Purchase new equipment for your fighters. With a total cost of
on the Advance table for them. no more then 100 points.
4. Promote: Add a Mission Completed mark to You can trade a single promethium cache to increase the total points
the roster for each new recruit who was not
take out of action. Any new recruit who has 3 available for recruit or rearm by 100.
marks becomes a trooper, changing their stats
to the trooper profile but keeping their You can switch equipment between fighters, subject to normal restrictions
equipment. and new recruits cannot switch equipment. Unused equipment is lost.
5. Resupply
Serious Injury Table (D6)
Advance table (2D6) 1| Dead or Worse: Roll the dice again. On a roll of 1-3 the fighter is
2-3| Hardy: Choose one: +1 wound or +1 slain. On a roll of 4+ the model is captured by your opponents kill team. See
Toughness the Rescue mission (pg 97) (Dead models equipment is lost)
4| Fierce: Choose one: +1 Strength or +1 2| Head Wound: The fighter gains the Frenzy rule and they must miss your
Attack next game.
3| Painful Recovery: Gains hatred for a fighter the kill team that put him
5-9| Skilled: Generate a new Skill (pg 102-107)
out of action (injured players choice) and they must miss the next mission.
10| Quick: Choose one: +1 Move or +1 4-5| Full Recovery: the fighter recovers with no ill effects
Initiative 6| What Doesnt Kill You: The fighter recovers and can roll on the
11-12| Deadly: Choose one: +1 Weapon Skill advance table. New recruits gain a mission completed mark.
or +1 Ballistic Skill
Each characteristic can only increase once. If Camo Gear -4 range to shooting at this target
a fighter already has both re-roll until you Model can not have moved, but does not test to fall when
get a different result. Clip Harness pinned within 1 of an edge
Photo-Visor Stationary fighter reduces shooting cover modifier by 1
Special Equipment Re-roll the first failed Ammo Roll. The first auto ammo
Weapon Reload rolls are ignored on a 3+
Brute Shield 5+ Invulnerable Save Shooter gets +1 to hit. If firing at a models front 90 they
Being shot in the front 90 Degree Red-Dot Sight get a 6+ invulnerable save.
arc counts as cover. Can never Telescopic Sight Increase a weapons long range by its short range.
claim the bonus for two weapons Hellfire Bolts Inflicts D3 wounds and is unreliable.
Slab Shield in hand-to-hand. Hotshot Pack Increase shot strength by 1, increases ammo roll to 6+
Storm Shield 3+ Invulnerable Save Gitfinda +1 to ballistic skill when shooting snazzgun.
Advanced Rules Combat
Fighting With Two Weapons Parry Follow-Up
Fighters with a weapon in each hand Fighters with swords can force If all of a fighter hand-to-hand
(swords, knives, pistols) rolls one extra an opponent to re-roll one of opponents go out of action, they
Attack dice. This cannot be used if a pistol their highest scoring attack dice may move up to 2. This move can
is out of ammo or if the model has a (but only if the roll is higher cross an obstacle without
weapon thats not a melee weapon or then theirs) penalty, but other terrain
pistol. If both models have parry, they penalties apply. This move can be
Hits are resolved alternating between cancel each other out and no re- used to engage another model in
each weapon. rolls are done. combat.

Advanced Rules Falling

Test To Fall Falling Damage
If a fighter is pinned, goes down, or loses hand-to- A fighter who falls suffers an automatic hit with a
hand combat within 1 of an edge they must pass an strength equal to the distance in inches fallen. If the hit
initiative test or fall to the ground. They must wounds the model up to 3 fall inflicts 1 wound, more then
also test if they are forced to move in a random 3 inflicts D6 wounds. More then 7 uses the high impact
direction off an edge, if the test is passed the rules. More then 10 takes the fighter out of action
model stops at the edge. without a wound roll and cant be saved. Models that
survive a fall are pinned.

Jumping Across Jumping Down Landing On Another Model

Move the fighter to the gap and roll a D6. If the If the height is 3 or less fighter If a fighter lands on another
roll is equal to or greater then the distance of can take an initiative test. If the model, on a 4+ they are treated
the gap they make the jump. Each 1 of leap costs test is failed the model suffers a as if they fell from the same
1 of movement. If the roll fails to clear the gap
hit as if it fell. If the test is height as the model that hit
or the model does not have enough movement to
clear the gap the model falls.
passed each 1 fallen costs 1/2 of them. Position the models 1
movement. apart.

Advanced Rules Psychology

Hatred Frenzy
If a fighter can see a hated adversary then all break, fear Frenzied fighter must always charge the closest enemy if able
and terror tests are taken at leadership 10. to.
A fighter fighting hand-to-hand with a hated foe can reroll Frenzied fighters double their attacks
attack dice in the first turn of combat. These are declared They cannot parry, and they must use their 2 follow up to
before parries. engage an enemy or move closer to the closest enemy model.
The fighter must use their 2 follow up to engage a hated Not affected by fear or hatred. If they model is broken they
enemy or move towards a hated enemy if they can be seen. lose the frenzy rules.

Fear Terror
If a fighter is charged by or charges a fighter that causes Terror also causes fear, and models will need to test for fear
fear, they must take a leadership test. If they are charged if charging or being charged by a model with terror. In
and fail they are broken. If they are charging and fail the addition models that causes terror require models within 8
model is unable to move/charge this turn. at the start of the terror causing models turn to take a
If a model causes fear, they do not have to take fear tests. leadership test. If this test is failed the model is broken.
They also treat models that cause terror as fear. Models with terror do not take fear or terror tests.

Armor Values and Special Rules

Unshakeable Can only be pinned by high impact weapons.
Carapace Armor 4+ Save, and -1 Initiative penalty
eavy Armor 4+ Save, and -1 Initiative penalty
Flack Armor 6+ Save normally, 5+ save against template weapons
Power Armor 3+ Save
Terminator Armor 3+ Save on 2D6, 5+ Invulnerable Save, Unshakeable
Scout Armor 4+ Save
Squig Hide Armor 6+ Save
Advanced Rules Shooting
Stray Shots Exploding Weapons
If a shot passes within1/2 of a friend at any point in its path, If a weapon has the unreliable rule rolls a 2 for an ammo
then there is a chance to hit that model. The friendly model must roll the weapon explodes. If a weapons ammo roll is Auto,
be closer to the target then the shooter is. If you roll a 1 to hit, it automatically fails but roll 2D6 anyway to see if the
then roll an additional D6. On another 1 the friendly model is hit weapon explodes. If the weapon explodes the model is
instead. If there are multiple friendly models randomize who is automatically hit as if it were shot by the weapon at 1
hit. to the strength.
Multiple Wounds High Impact Overwatch
If a weapon inflicts more then 1 Weapons with strength 7 or more. Any fighter can go into overwatch at the start
wound, each extra wound will cause Injury rolls of 5 or 6 make the model of their turn this uses the models entire turn.
an addition injury roll. go out of action. The model cannot move, shoot or hide (pivoting is
Shooting Into Hand-To-Hand Pinning ok), but can remain hidden.
Combat A model that is pinned at the start
You do not have to shoot into hand- of their turn automatically During the enemy movement phase the fighter
to-hand combat if it is the closest recovers at the end of the turn. can shoot any model that presents itself in the
enemy model. If you shoot into If a friendly non-broken/down/ front 90 degree arc. This shot can be taken at
combat you roll to hit like normal, recruit model is within 2 they can any point in the models move.
any shots that hit must be attempt to recover at the start of
randomized between the their turn. The model must pass an Once a model shoots from overwatch, is hit by an
initiative test to recover. enemy shot, or is forced to move due to breaking,
they are removed from overwatch.
Sustained Shooting
Declare whether the model is firing a single shot or how many sustained Fleeting Target
rolls they will make. Roll a D3 for each sustained shot that will be taken If a model starts and ends its move out of LOS of
(up to the number of sustained value). All shots must target the original a model in overwatch. The overwatch model must
fighter or a another fighter within 4 of the first target. pass an initiative test to shoot the moving model.
If a shot causes an ammo roll, resolve it before firing additional shots. If they fail the test they remain on overwatch.
If there are no more targets available, all additional to hit rolls must be
made to see if they generate ammo rolls. Grenades
A fighter can throw a grenade instead of shoot a
Blast Weapons weapon. The grenade can be thrown up to three
Target an enemy and roll to hit as normal. If the hit is successful center times models strength in inches.
the template over the target. The target and any models fully covered by If a grenade uses a template then resolve the
the template are hit, models that are partially covered are hit on a 4+. shot as a blast weapon except the maximum
Roll to wound as normal. scatter distance does not apply.
If your fighter misses the shot, roll the artillery and scatter dice. If a Blast template grenades reduce cover modifiers
misfire is rolled the shot is a dud, if a misfire and on target are rolled the by 1. (does not apply to grenade launchers)
weapon misfires and needs an ammo roll.
If the misfire dice rolls a number then the shot deviates that many inches Flamer Template
in the direction of the scatter dice. ( a shot cannot scatter further then Position the template so the narrow end is
half the distance it was fired IE. 10 shot can only scatter 5) touching the firing models base the large end
must be centered over the target model. Any
Weapon Special Rules models fully covered are automatically hit, and
models partially covered are hit on a 4+. Wound
Required to take an Ammo Roll every and save as normal.
Ammo Roll time it fires.
A fighter with a claw cannot carry Gotcha Instead of attacking the model Silent Does not test to sound the
cant take a strength test at alarm in missions such as
anything else in that hand. If they the beginning of the phase. If "The Raid"
have two they can reroll to wound they pass the opponent can
Claw rolls. Sniper Can not fire if the model
only roll one attack dice.
A fighter that goes down as a result Heavy Can not fire if the model
Toxic When the target is hit they
of an injury roll is automatically automatically suffer 1
Concussive taken out of action. Large uses the large blast wound. This can be saved like
Can be attached to a stationary normal. If the model suffers
Demolition structure. Mighty If the wielder charged, its last wound roll on this
Demolition Can not be thrown, only attached to Blow oppnent rolls 1 less attack modified injury chart and in
Only a structure. subsequent recovery phases.
If combat is a draw the wielders Noisy Must test if alarm is raised 1| No Effect
Draws initiative is halved. during missions such as "The 2-4| Comatose: model
Raid" counts as down but cannot
can field with one hand or both move
Dual- hands and get a +1 bonus to their One use Can be used once per
only mission and cant be 5-6| Out of Action
Handed strength.
reloaded. Two Handed Requires two hands to
can be used in addition to any other swing, can not be used
weapons in hand to hand. Roll an extra Parry Fighter is able to Parry
Extra attack dice, but only one hit can come Ripper Can be used as a knife with another weapon.
Weapon from the extra weapon. Blade wielded in both hands in Unreliable Weapon my explode on a
Flamer Uses the flame template. Hand-to-hand combat. failed ammo check