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VI Semester Section- B
Project Topics Subject: ADR

1201 Abhishek Raj Nyaya Panchayat

Enforcement of Arbitral Award in India
1202 Aditi Sharma
Historical Background of the ADR System
1203 Akanksha in India
Form and Contents of Arbitral Award
1204 Aman Aditya
ADR in Global Context
1205 Ananya
Setting aside of arbitral award under S. 34
1206 Anjali Kapoor of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act
Arbitration vs Conciliation: A
1207 Anushka Shrivastava Comparative Study
Setting Aside of Arbitral Award
1208 Apoorv Tiwari
Court Support for Arbitration in its Three
1209 Bhavya Stages: Before, During and Post
Rendering of the Arbitral Award

1210 Chandani Kumari The Gram Nyayalayas Act, 2008

1211 Divyesh Kumar ADR Mechanism and its Effect on

Traditional Court System

Legal Aid under Criminal Justice System
1212 Gunjan Kumar
Mediation in India
1213 Harshita Garg
Family Court under Family Courts Act
1214 IsshanSiingh 1984
The Scope of Public Policy Under the
1215 Kartikey Satyam Kishore Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
Interim Relief in Arbitration
1216 Kritika Singh
The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 :
1217 KshitijAnupam A Study
Making Of Arbitral Award
1218 Kumar Sanket
ADR in India: Inception and Growth
1219 Madhu Priya

1220 Mrinal Aryan Arbitral Award and it's Enforcement in

Alternative approaches in Criminal Justice
1222 Parkhi Agarwal System
1223 Rakesh Kumar Raushan Panchayat and Nyaya Panchayat

1224 Ravee Shukla Conciliation

1225 Richa Joshi Role of Alternate Dispute Resolution in

Access to Justice
Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings
1226 Rishi Kumar
Object and Scope of Alternative Dispute
1227 Ritam Giriya Resolution
Different Alternative Methods of Dispute
1228 Roopshikha Settlement
1229 Sana Zaman
Institutional Arbitration
1230 Saurabh Sunny
Challenge to the appointment of Arbitrator
1231 Shailja
ADR in Indian Statutes
1232 Shashank Kapoor
International Initiatives Towards The
1233 ShikharNeelkanth Development of Alternative Dispute
Legal Aid in India
1234 Shivangi
Court Annexed ADR in India
1235 Shivangi Sharma
Court power of Supervision under the
1236 Shiven Gupta Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
International Commercial Arbitration
1237 ShradhaRathore
Requirement of an Arbitration Agreement
1238 Shreya under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act,
Adhoc Arbitration v Institution
1239 Shreyash Goyal Arbitration - A critical analysis
Analysis of the 2015 Amendments
1240 Shubham Bajaj
Termination of the mandate and
1241 Smita Singh Substitution of an Arbitrator
Enforcement of Foreign Awards
1242 Sourojit Roy

1243 Stuti Lal Recourse against Arbitral Award

Negotiationas a form of Alternative
1244 Supriya Dispute Resolution Mechanism
New York Convention Awards
1245 Suyash
Recourse against Arbitral Award
1246 SwetaChanchal
Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunal
1247 TuhinaMisra
Importance of ADR in the current Indian
1248 Uttam Singh scenario
1249 Vishal Kapur ADR Mechanism and its Effect on

Traditional Court System

121005 Akanksha Dipankar Arbitration Agreement

121037 Rahul Raj ADR Mechanism and its Effect on

Traditional Court System