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N 479 Professional Development Grid/Plan

Name: ____Sophie Griswold____________________________ Date:

In 3-5 years I see myself.. Working as a caring and competent ICU nurse and considering the next steps in my education

Area Strengths Weakness/ Opportunity for Short term goals/ strategies Long term goals/ strategies
Improvement Present-2years 3-5 years
Direct Precise Multitasking Use my skills and become Become an expert ICU nurse
Patient Care Determined Confidence in my skills confident in them. Gain
Leadership Caring Time management experience in time management.

Unit Related Communication Speaking up Find my voice and feel confident Become a unit leader and
Leadership Collaboration Delegation speaking up preceptor

Professional Work on publishing my thesis Join other nursing research

Nursing projects
I Wasnt Strong Like This I Wasnt Strong Like This When I
N 479 When I Started Out by Lee Started Out by Lee Gutkind
Book Selection Gutkind
(based on Becoming a strong and confident
strengths and Make sure to exercise and nurse.
weaknesses) perform self care to avoid

Leadership I am confident that I do not I saw the inner workings of

Shadowing want to be a nurse manager scheduling and nurse managing

Professional Clinica Amistad enhances my Clinica Amistad lets me speak

Activity/ commitment to serving the Spanish and work on my patient
Community underserved and reminds me communication
Service why I am becoming a nurse
every time that I go
Education: Get lactation consultant Get my CCRN (adult) certification Become a nurse leader on my unit Apply for NP school
Cont. Nrsg. training if I go into womens for the ICU
Educ. and/or health after 2 years
plans for
Higher Educ.