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Caleb Clark, Eileen Drury, Zach

Eberhard, Karlie Huckels

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4 Cs of

SWOT Analysis
1. Analysis of Marketing Objectives and Strategies

a. Print advertising has been used in the past. Altoids does not have
a strong presence with digital media

b. This is an established brand with older generations. Younger

generations are familiar with this product because of their
parents or grandparents. The main competitors are Icebreakers
and Tic Tacs

c. Altoids has been around for 100 years

2. Competitive Considerations

a. Altoids is third in amount of market share. The total market share

is $658 million. Altoids has $97 million

b. Altoids is unique because it has the ingredient Retsyn, which is

used in mouthwashes to combat bad breath

i. Certs is the only other mint to have this ingredient and

used this to advertise and separate themselves from the

c. Icebreakers mainly uses television commercials to advertise

3. Creative History of the Brand

a. Slogan: Curiously Strong

b. Positioned as a breath mint, but less of a candy than Icebreakers

or Tics Tacs

c. No media is currently being used to advertise


d. Users like the strength of the mints and the nostalgia of what
they represent. Many people associated the product with
grandparents, parents and holidays

e. National media: $17,370,400

f. Spot media: $6,055,800

4. Target Audience

a. Ages 18-35

b. The target audience values hygiene, punctuality, professionalism

and reliability

5. Geographic Questions

a. National distribution

b. Pulsing advertising will be spot advertising to take advantage of

certain seasons and climates

6. Timing and Purchasing Cycles

a. Advertising will be pulsing with increased exposure in February,

March, November and December.

i. Altoids will be going on a tour to Frozen Four, which is a

hockey championship. This event takes place in March. This
will be useful for pulsing advertising because it is cold and
the mint looks like a hockey puck.

7. Media Mix

a. Altoids would like to increase their brand awareness through

digital media

i. This will include Instagram, Twitter and some Facebook

ii. Altoids can use the sound of their mints shaking in the tin
to provoke nostalgic feelings

iii. The digital media will reach the younger target market and
help increase the brand awareness

b. Some television advertisements will be used during the pulsing


i. Example: Christmas commercials can be used in December

to remind people of the brand. The iciness of the mint and
the cold weather fit well together and create a seamless
advertising theme

The Four Csof Marketing

Consumer Wants and Needs: Want a product thats reliable, easy to access,
time-tested and familiar.

Cost: fiscal cost, pay for quality, time for purchase (usually at checkout
stand), research time (time spent watching advertisement), less kid friendly,
and less candy-like (giving up sweetness)

Communication: Digital, social media, magazine print ads, spot radio, spot
television, banners and localized sports marketing. Communicating what
separates them from the other competitors in the market.

Convenience: checkout stands, gas stations, convenience stores, etc. The

product is placed in an area where people can be reminded of them without
doing much thinking. The consumer needs to be advertised to in a way that
will make people want to choose Altoids over another mint when seeing
them at the checkout stand.


Altoids target audience will be 18-35 year olds will a heavy push on social
media and spot media to help push the brand to an overall 45% brand
awareness as well as give the mint a 20% increase in sales over the next
year. Spot marketing will be using in pulsing marketing for the month of
March and mens and womens magazines will also see an increase in ad
Mens health as well as womens health will be targeted for the older segment
of the target audience that we are trying to reach. Business magazines will
also be marketed to since personal hygiene is a critical part to any successful
businessman and Altoids wants to make its brand associated as the best
option for that.
Spot radio and television will be localized before the frozen Four takes place
at each of the universities as well as an increase of digital and social media
to cornerstone the tour campaign. Students and fans of each of the teams
can participate in. A portion of the $25 million budget will be dedicated to
this tour.
During pulsing months of February, March, November and December there
will be a goal to reach a frequency of 4.5 with a reach of 85 since these are
holiday months and family members will be gathering together as well as in
March when the hockey tournament takes place. The rest of the year will be
a stead reach of 65 and a frequency of 2 so Altoids is able to continuously
keep its message in the back of peoples minds
Altoids will be advertised both nationally as well as certain times of spot
media marketing. A national marketing campaign is the best option that to
effectively get our rebranding message to the largest amount of people over
the longer amount of time. Spot marketing will only be used locally wherever
the Frozen Four happens to take place. This spot marketing will be used for
the radio stations that broadcast the games as well as local television
stations to get air time of the Altoids team being present at each of the
Monthly media allocation will consist of $1,952,183 per month with an
increased amount during our pulsing months.
The time of the marketing campaign will be a continuous one with segments
of pulsing marketing. Keeping the new and up to date advertisements that
the Altoids marketing team come up with will be key to making Altoids a
more successful mint when compared to its competitors. The Campaign will
start in January and continue through December. The only difference

between the months will be the reach and frequency goals for the certain

Executive Summary

Background: Altoids is an American mint that has recently celebrated its

100th year. Recently purchased by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Corp in 2008 Altoids
was ranked third amongst the other top mint brands available today. With
todays mint advertisements moving more towards the younger markets
Wrigley hopes that a rebrand of the already established Altoids mint will help
to boost sales and also increase brand awareness.
Objectives: Though we are not releasing a new brand, we are going to be
doing a rebrand campaign for the Altoids mint. Wrigley is hoping with this
new campaign to increase sales by 20% from the 97 million it made last
year, as well as increase brand awareness to 45%. Using Altoids established
brand awareness along with its unique taste and its unmistakable tin can a
target market has been established for an age range of 18-35 years old.
Target Audience: Altoids mints is thought of as an older persons mint
because they were always being given to us by our parents and
grandparents when we were younger. Now that other newer mint companies
have begun to target a younger market, it is our intention to also target this
younger market to remind people that Altoids is still a cool and great tasting
mint that they remember from their childhood.
Media Budget: The Wrigley division has assigned us an Altoids brand
manager who has allocated $25 million to ad spending to the upcoming year.
Of that $25 million roughly $7-8 million will be assigned directly to digital and
social media in an attempt to reach the younger markets that will help boost
sales as well as brand awareness.
Campaign Details: The campaign will run continuously throughout the year
but with holiday months such as February, November and December getting
pulsing increases. One strategy that is going to be implemented in the
month of March is when college hockey has its national tournament, the
Frozen Four. Altoids will do a tour to publicize its rebranding as the mint of
the NCAA athletes and be present at each of the games beforehand to
dispense samples as well as buy ad spaces along the boards that line the
rink to keep the brand fresh in peoples minds.

Media Mix: Since we are not introducing a new brand to the general public,
rather rebranding an already established brand heavy marketing will be used
on certain social media as well as targeted websites in an order to show our
target market that Altoids are the best old mint available. Magazines
geared towards men and women specifically as well as businessmans
magazines and spot market media with the hockey tournament will also help
give Altoids its final push towards its fiscal goals.
Sales Goals: The Altoids team will hit the road for the Frozen Four hockey
tournament that takes place every March. The team will be split into three
groups, one will be sent to each of the universities that is hosting one of the
games and the team will tailgate before the game to hand out free samples
as well as some sponsored team merchandise. The last team will be in
charge of the marketing that will take place inside both of the arenas. They
will be given a spending budget of XXX to buy ad space along the boards as
well as ads that will pop up on the jumbo Tron during commercial breaks.

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