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TOPIC: Going to the Cinema

STUDENT: Nelson Patricio Sangucho Sangucho

DATE: Cuenca, Feb, 10th, 2016


1) This movie is about of Jack the hunter of giant, I choose this scene because, to me is very funny. This scene is
about of Jack. He is o former that, have very dreams but. He is captured by the men of king because. They
think that Jack is a thief.
2) In this scene Jack meet with the princess before. That princess arrive a your house. He found two seeds of
kidney bean. Them Jack and princess were talking. When the kidney began to grow, inside of the house. They
fell to the floor. The princess was below of the table and Jack gets out of your house but a knock and Jack lots
the knowing.

3) In this scene the king is tall talking with Jack because. The princess was lost. The king had a lot soldiers. Jack
was a men very bad because. The king thought that Jack had the princess the princess was in the castle of the
men that were very big.

4) I Choose this scene because to me is picture very beautiful. This scene have some head very startling. The
bead had a water very wonderful also the clouds was very beautiful because. The clouds was with a floating
floor in the heaven also. The trees was very big and the heaven was very blue.
5) This scene choose because is very funny. The giants eats pigs with a salad but. The giants have two men that
were prisoners. They were the soldiers of the princess. They are in an oven. They was very sad because. They
are looking the princess that also. She was prisoners.

6) This scene is very favorite to me because Jack went to the castle of the men that were very big. Them Jack
was fighting with giants. He is very scared. The giants had captive princess because. They wanted eat a the
princess but. Jack recovers the princess then. They came back the castle.

7) In this scene the king bad had a crown that controls the giants. He is walking to take your sword. The giants
was armed because. They want destroy the castle of king. They leapt since the heaven. The giants destroyed
the house of the hunter also. They were very angry and also. They were very hungry.

8) In this scene the king and the princess are talking to defender the castle of the giants. They have many
soldiers but the giants had many weapons. They king thought that yours castle was in danger. The soldiers of
king were very frightened. They have some weapons small also the soldiers were small.
9) In this scene the castle of king is destroy because the giants inside the castle but Jack and the princess were
trapped in the castle but Jack had the crown that controlled the giants to that. They dint destroyed the castle of
king. The giants were of knees in front of Jack.

10) In this scene Jack had two childrens also. Jack was married with the princess. They were very happy Jack is
talking with your childrens. He said that the giants came back your home also. He said that the crown was
saved in the castle and the never more the giants came back to destroy the castle and finally. They lived very


Release of an obligation, Mary was
a job, a disadvantage or works and
Redemption Noun a pain Release of an redemption of
obligation, a job, a your work.
disadvantage or a pain.

They are
Shadows Noun Oscuridad playing soccer
when there is no light. in the shadows.

The teacher
Tick Noun Garrapata found a tick in
your lunch.

It is when not compact Luis made a
Hollow Adjetive or empty. hollow in your

Sangre fra
Body temperature of
bird. Also is way to kill They killed a
Coldblood Noun without fear. dog in

Person who is sorry for Elisa was
Ashamed Adjetive something. ashamed for
your mistake.

Permitiendo Im allowing
Approval action or that my sister
Allowing Verb matter of something you save your
have. things in my

Nosotros mismos
Ourselves Pronoun It refers to an action that Ourselves buy
we will perform. a new car.

Mary was
Enfoque work in an
A set of objectives and a Approach of
Approach Noun collection of methods sciences.

Acquittal Absolucin Luis was very

Noun way to remove Acquital.