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Marcie Ivy

Classroom Management Plan

EDU 6171 Positive Discipline
June 15, 2016
Classroom Management Plan:

Classroom management is the key to an environment where learning can take place and students
feel safe. I plan to create an environment that is conducive to learning and involves all my
students. By setting expectations, involving students, communicating with parents,by
encouraging and developing a good rapport with my students I will be able to create an
environment that will have minimal behavior problems.

Philosophy statement:

OMSSD Vision statement: Successfully reaching and teaching all students.

OMMSD Mission statement: The OMSSD will provide all students with a quality education that
meets and exceeds state learning standards in a safe and secure learning environment.

When developing my CMP I have take in consideration my school districts vision and mission
statement and how I plan to use it in my class/library. I plan to make my library/classroom a safe
and inviting environment that is conducive to learning. I plan to engage my students not only
through the curriculum but also develop a good rapport with my students. By getting to know my
students I feel as if they will respond in class even more just knowing someone is taking an
interest what interest them.

I want to motivate students to learn and use all available resources at their disposal by making
the curriculum engaging. By attending different conferences, collaborating with other teachers,
and taking classes I will be able to stay abreast of new ideas, how to differentiate lessons, and
different classroom management strategies.

Room arrangement:

When students walk into the library/classroom they walk into a clean, well lit, carpeted, nicely
decorated with positive statement posters on the wall as well as library skills, and relaxing music
playing from my favorite iHeart station. This creates a safe and inviting environment.

The students sit at tables that sit 4 students which will create an environment of discussions. This
way students can discuss their ideas and learn from each other. This also allows students to learn
about teamwork. I will also be able to use the classroom management app Class Dojo to help
keep track of class attendance, record student behavior, and give students points as they develop
different skills needed to create a positive classroom environment such as teamwork and

My desk is located in the center of the room with tables in a arc and is used mostly for
administrative duties. I plan to use a technique from LeMov 2.0 Radar/Be seen looking. By
having the tables arranged this way gives me the ability to get to every student easily. I am able
to walk around the room while giving instructions as well as monitor each group. Students will
see me actively moving in the room which will create less disruptions among the groups.
Marcie Ivy
Classroom Management Plan
EDU 6171 Positive Discipline
June 15, 2016

Book shelves are an appropriate height where I am able to monitor students as they select books
for pleasure or for research. Self checkout is available for students (who have been trained) to
use when they are ready for checkout.

Classroom Rules:

I believe in creating an environment where put downs and name calling is not allowed. If I can
have respect for my students as well as them respecting each other, I believe this helps lead to a
safe environment where learning can take place.

I plan to use a Social Contract where we as a class develop values, rules, and consequences for
classroom behavior. By having a social contract it shows everyone's voice is valued. If involved
in making the SC students are more inclined to follow the SC and accept the consequences that
follow when they don't adhere to the SC. When developing the social contract we have to also
take in account the whole-school rules that must be followed for example the dress code/uniform
policy, cell phone policy, and fighting. Once our SC is developed I will present it to
administration for their approval and to keep them in the loop about what is happening in the

I also plan to use the Remind app as a communication tool with parents. It is basically a texting
service where I can send/schedule messages to parents and it's all private. No one sees actual
phone numbers. This is a great way to communicate with busy parents, it keeps accurate records,
and only takes seconds to to send a parent a text.


Our school currently ask the teachers to post whole school rules as well as our classroom rules,
sequenced consequences, and rewards. In developing our SC I would like to implement just a list
of consequences instead of a sequenced list of consequences. The point of consequences is to
teach our students to make better decisions. Since all students do not learn the same our
consequences should not be the same for all students. When a rule is broken students will know
that one of these consequences will occur. The student and myself will decide which
consequence would best suit the situation.


I want to acknowledge and encourage good behavior in my library/classroom. By

communicating with parents about classroom behavior and modeling appropriate behavior will
reinforce good behavior and learning by students. Parents appreciate positive phone calls, notes,
and even text (sent through the Remind app). Praise, high fives,fist bumps will be used as
feedback and encouragement to students who display positive behavior.
Marcie Ivy
Classroom Management Plan
EDU 6171 Positive Discipline
June 15, 2016