Chapter 22: When everything you planned goes wrong BPOV I stared at Smith in horror. What was he doing?!

Why did he bring that vampire here?? Was he going to kill me? Had he betrayed us all, playing the nice guy when in fact, he was the bad guy all along? Smith laughed; a laugh so calm and joyful it made me sick to my stomach. Shills went down my spine, and my muscle tensed all over in my body. Smith looked over at the other vampire with a calm smile and spoke in a soft yet menacing tone. Joe, look at me. He said to the other vampire who s name apparently was Joe. Joe continued to glare at me with a deadly look, and Smith sighed, still smiling. He placed one hand on Joe s shoulder, and after a few seconds, Joe unwillingly turned his gaze slowly towards Smith. I know you re hungry, but you will have to wait to feed. You will not eat our friends here, do you understand? He said, staring intently into his eyes. If anyone is going to do that, it will be me. He said, and Joe stared at him without giving him any answer. Smith s face then turned dark, and his tone lost all its earlier friendliness. Are we clear?? he asked, and this time, Joe nodded, which made Smith smile contently What are you doing ?? I suddenly managed to murmur in a weak voice, and felt how tears developed in my eyes. Suddenly, I didn t see any of them, because Edward had placed himself in front of me protectively. I knew we couldn t trust you! All this time, it was you who was planning to kill Bella! There s no vampire boss, there never was; there s only you and your minions, creeping around in the forest! He screamed, his voice shaking in anger. His arm was successfully pushing me back, away from Smith and the other vampire called Joe, but even though, I managed to see a little bit of what was happening. Smith s eyes widened as the words hit him, and then his shock turned into horror. No, no! Don t misunderstand me; I m not here to hurt you! He began to say frantically, shaking his head in denial. Both Edward and I stared at him n confusion, frowning deeply, not believing him. I swear it s true! Bella, please believe me, I would never hurt you! This is not what it looks like. Oh really? Because I think this is exactly what it looks like. Edward hissed through gritted teeth, glaring at him. Smith glared back at Edward, and by the sound of his voice, he was really trying not to scream his lungs out at the moment. Well, it isn t. If you just cared to listen a few seconds to let me explain, you would understand. Edward doubtfully stared at him for a few seconds, and then sighed. If it s not what it looks like, that what is it?? Smith let his gaze wander to me for a while, and then turned it back to Edward again. Bella told you about me, right? About my abilities? He asked him, and Edward nodded slowly, not sure where this was getting. I was staring at the scene, frozen. I couldn t find my voice so I could join the

conversation and my legs refused to move so I could walk forward to stand beside Edward and not behind him. Yes you can turn your body into animals, right? And the mind manipulation. Yes, that s right. Well, the mind manipulation or compulsion you might call you, makes me able to make you believe anything I tell you. That s how I was able to erase Bella s memories; by telling her to forget it. He explained, pointing at me. But with Joe here, I used my abilities a little different. While you guys where at the party, I decided to look for trails. I was surprised to find a fresh one just out of town, so I decided to follow it, and it didn t take long until I caught up with him. I was able to catch him, and hold him down long enough to use my mind manipulation on him, and now, he slike a puppet on a string and I m his master. He ll do anything I say, and tell me anything I want. He finished, smiling brightly. Both Edward and I stared at him in silence, surprised by his unusual explanation. So you re not here to kill me? I carefully asked, peeking over Edward s shoulder to get a better look at him. He met my gaze, and his smile turned into one of his admiring one s. Bella, I told you; I would never hurt you. He said softly, staring straight into my eyes. He won t hurt you, will you Joe? Smith asked, and looked at Joe, who nodded slightly, looking pissed. I don t understand; what was this gift you talked about? I asked, and he looked at me like I was an idiot. It s Joe! Do you have any idea how hard it was to catch this bastard? And to hold him down long enough to make compel him? The bastard nearly bit me once! He said, glaring at Joe, who glared back. Then he sighed, and looked back at me. Don t you see? Now that we ve caught him, we can question him about who s responsible for all this. He said, like it was obvious (which it kind of was). I let my gaze wander to Joe. Joe hardly looked like he wanted to share any information at all, mind manipulation of not. Anyways, we should meet up at the Lewis s house; they ll need to hear about this too. He said, and then, in a blink of an eye, he had disappeared. what just happened? I asked aloud, staring at the spot where Smith had stood a few seconds ago. I have no idea. Edward said, taking my hand. Anyways, we should do as he said, and drive over there. We can call them on the way and explain the situation. You got his number, right? He asked, and I nodded. Good, then let s go. *At the Lewis s house* Bella, you re here. Julie said as she opened her front door and stared at me. Edward and I had driven there in 10 minutes, speeding whenever possible. On the way, I had called the twins, but Smith had already arrived to the house and explained everything, so they already knew the situation. They just told me to come there as soon as possible. The second I hung up from that conversation, my cell began to ring again. I answered, and this time it was a frantic Alice. She already knew we

were on our way there, but just wanted to make sure I was okay. I assured her I was, and then I advised her not to come. She spent the rest of the ride there pestering about how she should come, but I told her no every time. At last, she gave up, but left me with that if she saw something, she would call. Yeah, we came as soon as we could. I said, and she quickly let the both of us in, greeting Edward as well. We re in the living room. She said, and walked ahead, us following. Inside the living room it was dead silence, the only sound being the fire that sparkled in the fireplace. Joe and Smith stood in the middle of the room, both of them looking at us as we entered the room. Smith looked relieved that I had come, which Joe did not. He glared at me murderously and hissed; an animalistic sound that made me freeze in my walk and stare at him in horror. Smith frowned in disapproval, and hit Joe in the back of his head. Don t. He said in a dangerous voice, and after a few seconds, Joe stopped the hissing. The twins, who sat in the sofa, turned their heads and gave me small nods as greetings. Both of them had changed from their fancy shirts to t-shirts and jeans, and now they were eyeing the vampire next to smith with suspicious eyes. It s good you re here; he s getting more difficult by the second. Smith said in an annoyed voice. I stared at him with wide eyes. What did he mean by that? Was he dangerous? But I thought you said he was like a puppet on a string with you as his master?? I said, recalling what he had said earlier this night. He sighed, and looked me straight in the eyes with a grave look. Well the last couple of minutes have been a little bit tricky. He s very resistant to my compulsion. He s not like you well how you used to be. He has broken free a few times now, so I suggest we hurry up and get this over with. He said and then continued to look at me. To be to on the safe side; don t move too close. He added to me, and I gulped in fear. This was not safe, my mind screamed to me, and my legs urged to run away from there, but with deep breaths, I managed to walk together with Edward to a sofa placed in the edge of the room, as far away from the vampires as possible. Joe followed us with his gaze, glaring angrily in our direction, but I tried to ignore it the best I could. I had no idea what he meant with he s not like you used to be , but I was too afraid to ask at the moment. All of us wanted to get this over with and bringing that up would just make this take even longer. If he had broken loose from Smithy s mind manipulation, I m sure he could do it again, and I m not sure I would like to be there when that happens. Okay, let s start; I m not sure how long I can control him anymore. Smith said, and we all stared at them silently. Julie stood together with Sarah beside our couch with her arms crossed, watching the scene intensely. Sarah stood beside her, and judging by the way she tensed her body, she clearly didn t trust the new vampire in the house. I m sure she would do her best to protect her master, no matter what it took. Smith turned around and looked at Joe, who still was glaring at us, and spoke in a calm yet demanding tone. Joe, look into my eyes.

He growled in protest, and Smith frowned in displeasure. Do it! he yelled, and in a motion too fast for me to see, Joe turned his head towards Smith. What do you want from me!? He hissed, finally speaking. His voice was very different form the night he came to kill me. Then, he had spoken with ease; casually and light. Now, he was very, very pissed, and roared his words into Smith s face. Who do you work for? Smith ordered, staring intently into the vampires dark eyes. Joe stared back, but did not respond. Smith s face darkened and he was just about to open his mouth to ask again, when my phone began to buzz. All eyes landed on my, and despite my embarrassment, I answered, frowning. One short second, I wondered who was calling me at this hour, but as soon as I had answered, I knew. Alice. Bella! She immediately screamed in my ear, and my frown deepened. Alice, calm do- I began, but she interrupted me. You don t have time! He s about to- And that s when I heard it; that bloodcurdling scream that echoed in the silent air. Joe, who d broken loose from Smith s mind manipulation once again, had started to run when Smith wasn t looking, and jumped right into the fireplace, into the burning flames. His screams made me cringe, and I saw with wide, shocked eyes as his body burned in the hot fire. He burst into flames the second he entered the fiery pit, and the room was instantly filled by purple, thick smoke that smelled like a mixture between bleach and burned flesh. The process only took about half a minute, and then Joe, who had been standing beside us just a few minutes ago, had turned into a pile of ashes. All of us except Smith, coughed as the thick smoke reached us, and our eyes got teary by the horrible smelling smoke. W-What what is this? I managed to ask between coughs, and Smith turned to look at me, his eyes hard and grave. It s the smoke that appears when you burn a vampire s body. It s not poisonous or any way dangerous for humans, but it won t feel comfortable breathing it. He explained in a dark voice. Julie went to the windows and opened them to let the awful smoke out of the room. As it cleared, I got a better view at Smith ahead, and what I saw wasn t pretty. He was furious; it was written all over his face. He didn t mutter to himself or scream loudly like he often did when he was pissed, but instead, he glared at the fireplace where Joe had escaped and ended his immortal life. We all were shocked by what just happened, and the mood in the room probably dropped from bad to worse. Joe was maybe our last shot of finding out who was after me, and with him dead, we were absolutely clueless. Are you okay? Alice asked on the other line, her voice clouded with worry. I had almost forgotten that she was still there, and after a few seconds I was able to respond. Yeah, I m fine. I answered her, and then looked at Edward who was beside me. He was staring at me with a troubled expression, and I placed my hand in his, squeezing it lightly. He squeezed back, and even though none of us spoke, we both understood that we were okay and that everything would be fine. Well, that last part might not have been true, but we both hoped it was intently.

We re all fine. I told Alice, and I heard how she sighed in relief. I now understood that she s been worrying about us this whole time. Just because I didn t allow he to come with us didn t mean that she wouldn t know what was going on. She probably watched the whole thing before it happened, and when she saw that Joe wasn t going to tell us and instead end his life, she called me as soon as she could. I was so worried. I was- She began to say, but then suddenly stopped talking and stayed silent. Alice? Alice, what s wrong? Talk to me! I exclaimed in worry, and waited for a response. After a few seconds, she spoke again. Smith is about to have a huge rage outburst. I m not so sure I want to hear it, since I already have in my mind, so I ll hang up now. I ll call again if I see something important ahead. She said quickly, and then there was only beeping in the other end. I sighed, and hung up too, and snuggled up closer to Edward, who put his arms around me. I was sure I wasn t going to want to hear it either, and since I couldn t take the easy way out like Alice could (and had), I was just going to have to endure it together with the others. Smith began to mutter something quietly to himself, which I didn t take as a good sign. That would later develop into screams, which I didn t look forward to. He slipped away, right in front of me He said, louder this time, and then his face twisted in anger and darkened. He turned his gaze to Julie and glared angrily at her. This is your fault! If you hadn t lit that fire, he wouldn t be a pile of ashes right now! He accused her, and Julie glared back at him, getting pissed. Oh really? You were the one who was supposed to make sure he wasn t going to run away, and look what happened! Don t come and blame this on me when you have a big part in it! She angrily retorted, and I could see how Smith s anger grew by the second. My fault?? It s thanks to me you even got a chance to see him today! She scoffed. Well, it s also thanks to you that we saw him getting burned to ashes. Smith growled at her, and was about to scream something back at her when I interrupted them. I just couldn t take this anymore. Stop it, both of you! I yelled in a clear voice, and every pair of eyes in the room turned to stare at me. I blushed in anger and embarrassment, but kept going anyway. Stop going at each other s throats! He escaped, and that really sucks; I know. But blaming each other about it isn t going to help anyone. I said in a determined voice, and they all continued to stare at me. I saw how the anger slowly began to cool in both of the adults faces, and after a few seconds of silence, Smith sighed. She s right. What s done is done and the past is the past. He said, and even though Julie still looked a little flustered, she nodded in agreement. Yes. We should think of a plan. When the others notice he s dead, they probably won t be that happy. Julie said, and the twins looked at me. Bella, what are you doing tomorrow? They asked together, and I hesitated before answering.

I m going to Emmet s football game. It begins at 2. I told them, and I saw how the others faces lit up. That s great. Rick said, and Julie and Smith nodded in agreement. It is?? I asked, not understanding what was so great about it. Smith smiled at me. There s going to be a lot of people there, am I right? I nodded. Great, even better. Even though they re newborns, they won t attack people out in the open. Their instincts tell them it s wrong. Besides, any vampire feels uncomfortable at daytime, so if they aren t given orders to be there, they won t. he said matter-of-factly. Julie turned to her sons. Rick, Mick; you two follow her to the game. Call me if anything happens. I need to work tomorrow, so I can t come. She said, and they nodded. Yes ma m. Mick said with a grin. You don t have to tell us that twice. Rick said with a smirk, and Mick chuckled. What do we do for tonight? Julie asked Smith, and then made a glance into my direction, meeting my eyes. Smith looked at me too, and a deep frown settled in his forehead. Taking her back to the Cullen s is not an option, and so is her home. She continued, and I felt how Edward stiffened behind me. What do you mean that taking her to our place is not an option ?? he aske Julie and Smith d. turned their eyes to him, and then at each other, like they were silently asking each other who should explain it to him. Then Smith sighed and looked back at him. Your house is not an option because there are simply too many people there. If Bella s there and they decide to attack, there s a large risk that they hurt even kill the others. I won t be able to protect you all since my main goal is to keep Bella alive. He said, and I felt how my heart skipped a beat just by the thought of them getting hurt because of me. But she was able to sleep there the other nights; why not this night? Edward asked, and Smith took a deep breath before answering, clearly getting annoyed. Because half of the wolf pack decided to go and patrol further out than normal, which means that we have less resources to protect you with. Usually we re two or three people guarding one house, but since they re out now, I ll only have one person with me to guard your house, which won t be enough since you re so many. He told us, and his explanation made me some things clearer. Jake did leave earlier than everyone else from the party, telling us Sam the pack leader had called and told him that he was needed home at La Push. But why can t I be at home? There s just Charlie and me living there. I said. Yes, but if they attack tonight, which is very possible, that s the first place they ll look for you. Julie said in a soft voice, and I stared at her in horror. But what about Charlie?! Like she had read my mind, she immediately added, Of course someone will guard Charlie, but it s best if you re not there with him.

I stared at them in confusion. But if I can t be at Edward s place, or at home; where am I staying tonight? I asked with a frown. Julie stared at me for a moment, lost in thought, when suddenly her whole face lit up in realization. Well, since our house isn t an option, how about your house Smith? She asked, and as soon as her suggestion was out, I stared at her in shock. Smith s house!? Was she crazy? How could I stay there? Smith looked at me with a hesitant look. I don t want to force you into anything. He said simply. But when I thought it through, I knew that this was the only option I had. Do I have a choice?? I asked with a sigh, and after a few seconds of hesitation, he shook his head. This is the best and only option we have. He said, and I turned my head back to look at Edward. He looked as happy as I felt about this (in other words, he wasn t), and I squeezed his hand gently and gave him a reassuring smile. It ll be okay. I murmured, and he looked a little bit more eased, but I could still see that he didn t like the idea at all. Then I sighed again, thinking about what was waiting ahead, and then looked at Smith. Fine, I ll go.

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