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Observation Task 3: Supporting Learning through the

Performing Arts: Music and Movement

Focus: Understand the importance of using performing arts in the

classroom to link with academic subjects

Objective: To encourage student teachers to identify different ways that

performing arts can be used in academic subjects

Procedure: Identify two music and movement activities students performed

in the classroom and complete the table

Table 3: Music and Movement

Observed learning Descripti Objective Internation
Centers on: (Music & Movement) al Learning
(include photo): Outcome:

Baby Shark Song Children were Music: Students will

Appreciation: students
doing performing be able to
art baby shark show their enjoyable while develop

song at the doing with other students their

begging we did Pitch: students startto physical

full lesson start sing at the begging of the skills fine

open the lesson song then each two motor, gross

with a story students take their part motor and

related to the and sing it then all the their social-

theme, then we students sing to gather. emotional

had an activity Rhythm: students replicate skills.

for the children the rhythm of a song and

decorate shark. move their body

Then we start to Conservation: students

remember the melody of a
teach the song and the part of each
students the student
movement each
two children had fast-slow:
a part of the - At the begging all the
students start slow
song like mama
shark, baby - Then each students doing
shark. The first their part with fast
time we teach
- While everyone finish their
the students the part they back doing to
second time gather with fast and slow
children try to do movement at the end.
skip, stomp, march
it without a song, - They start wave their hand
then they did and move their body while
with the song. first part start all students
wave their hand and move
their body.
- When all the students
finished their parts they
start run in their place.
- Each two students were
from one class, so the
students are aware of their
partners as everyone
- The student uses their
imaginations while doing
perform with other
students and move their
body like the sea wave.
Reflections on Observation Task 3: Supporting Learning
through the Performing Arts: Music and Movement

Read the questions below and choose one to answer

1. Some people view creative arts education as a luxury and

do not help with the building blocks of child development.
In your opinion, what are the benefits for children who are
engaged in creative arts in school?

The performing art is necessary for the teacher to involve it during the
lesson for the children. They tend to have promoted cognitive, motor,
and social development to boot (Savacool, 2017). There are several
educational benefits of engaging children in drama, movement and
music activities. Firstly, they become a master of their anxiety, children
become nervous when they have to speak in front of their friends, so it
gives kids a leg up in those big life moments. Secondly, they express
those making new emotions. It is a very safe way for kids to try out
certain feelings and take ownership of them while playing the role of
someone else. Thirdly, they see the world in new ways, like it gives
kids an awareness about themselves and creative skills theyd never
learn otherwise.