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Hassan Alsahaf

213 W Elm Ave

Apt 313
Stillwater, OK 74074

May 1, 2017

Mrs. Diana Watkins

Northern Oklahoma College
1118 W Hall of Fame Ave
Office 115-C
Stillwater, OK 74075

Dear Mrs. Watkins:

My father once said to me Read more you will write better. He told me this
when I was in high school. I took his advice and I started reading Arabic
books and I must admit that his advice helped me a lot in proving my writing.
After I fnished the high school, I applied to the English Language Institute in
Stillwater, Oklahoma. I have studied in the ELI for one year and half, and
honestly that was just a waste of time. In the ELI, the teachers taught us
some stuff that we already know and they didn't teach us the things that we
need in our college life. I fnished my last semester with ELI and I moved to
the Northern Oklahoma College in Stillwater and that time I remembered my
father advice and I started to read more and more in English books. I had
some treble at the beginning but I could pass it. I still have some problems
but I will try to work on it and be able to fx it. Compassion I class, Religion
class and Compassion II class are the classes that could influence me and
helped me in proving my writing skills and I am so glad that I could take
these classes before I move to the University.

I wasn't sure what class I will take in the frst semester so my adviser
recommend that I take Compassion I. I took Compassion I in the frst
semester but I was struggling so hard so I had to drop it. In the second
semester, I chose to retake the Compassion I class and it wasn't easy. I
struggled with grammar and writing techniques. I wasn't sure that I can pass
this class but I did my best to pass it. I had to prove my writing skills and
study hard. One of the problems that faced me was grammar, I did my best
to change that and now I could see some progress. Also, I had problem with
the length of my papers. In the frst of the semester, I wasn't able to write
more than one and half page but I could fx this problem. First, by
remembering my father advice which is reading more books and then, by
taking the religion class with Mr. Cook. By taking the religion class I had to
write more than three papers in the week and I had to focus on my grammar
and spilling to get a good grade. This short class could help me to fx my
paper length problems. In the third semester, I took Compassion II. This time
I was so excited to start this class. I took this class and I did my best and I
could get good grades. In this semester, I could learn new things like,
bibliography and writing in letter forms. It was good semester for me and I
noticed that I still have some problem with bibliography so I will try to fx this
problem by reading more about this problem and try to write some
bibliographies and go to the Writing Center to get more help.

I submitted four writing samples in my Weebly page based on writing time. If

you look at writing sample 1 which is the Technology in Education paper you
will see that different between it and the paper on writing sample 4 which is
Syrian Refugees. The frst paper was in the middle of the second semester
and the forth paper was in the middle of this semester. You will see how my
writing techniques change between the two papers. I have chosen the
Technology in Education paper because this paper is the frst paper that I got
a got grad on it. Also, it's the frst paper that I use scores on it so that made
me proud that I could get good grad on my paper. The second paper was
Ghran Volunteer Group. I submitted this paper because in this paper I got the
highest grad in Compassion I class and because this paper mean to me a lot.
This paper talking about my volunteer group back in my country so I wanted
to submit it. On my third paper which is I Am The Right One, I submitted this
paper because it's the frst paper that I wrote on this Compassion II class so
it shows you how much the change between the frst Compassion class and
the second one. The fourth paper was the Syrian Refugees paper. In this
paper, I could write freely and I used my bibliography to help my writing. So,
if you look in all the submissions you will fnd that it goes better gradually
from the frst one to the fourth one.

In my writing, I always love to be free in my topics or the teacher give us an

interesting one. I don't like to be tied to specifc topic or way in writing
because that could effect on my paper length. I know that is just dream and I
have deal with it but I always wish if the teacher give us more interesting
topics. I feel I am strong when it comes to scours and citations also I feel that
I am good on writing letters because its easy. My weaknesses that I feel are
grammar and spilling and I would if I be able to fx it. I will do my best to fx
my problem by writing more and going to Writing Center.

In the end, I want to be able to avoid all my writing problems and be

professional writer. I need to avoid my grammar and spilling problem. Also, I
will always remember my father advice Read more you will write better. I
will focus on my writing skills to prove it. I will try to take more classes to be
able to prove my writing. I am proud of what I can write now, starting
from the bottom to what I can do now. Compassion I class, Religion class and
Compassion II class are the classes that could influence me and helped me in
proving my writing skills and I am so glad that I could take these classes
before I move to the University. If you have any questions, please be free to
contact me on my email at Thank you for reviewing
my letter.


Hassan Alsahaf
May 1, 2017

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