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Every man has what it takes to attract women! We ve evolved from the men who had w
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The lesser men among our ancestors did not reproduce and therefore did not pass
on their limiting genes to the future generations that would eventually become u
The only thing that stops the lesser men of today from getting laid is their lac
k of knowledge of getting women and the belief that they can t.
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Table of Contents
Female Psychology
What are the Stages of Seduction?
1. Open Stage
What is the Open Stage?
The Opening Line
Her First Impression of You
Dealing with Approach Anxiety
2.Hook/Attraction Stage
What is the Hook/Attraction Stage?
Demonstrate Value
Reaching the Attraction Hook Point
Passing her Tests
Physical Escalation
Her Level of Compliance
3.Qualification Stage
What is the Qualification Stage?
Screen Her
Qualify Her
4.Comfort Building Stage
What is the Comfort Building Stage?
Holding a Conversation
Building Rapport
Building an Emotional Connection
5.Closing Stage
What is the Closing Stage?
Getting her Home
Escalating to Sex
Last Minute Resistance

Other Aspects of Game

Text/Phone Game
Internet Game
The Dating Game
Female Psychology
This is a short introduction to female psychology.
Understanding how a woman thinks and what she wants is vital to winning her over
I talk about female psychology much more throughout this whole page where it is
What do Women Want?
Women want men just as much as men want women, they just have different standard
A woman doesn t want just any man, she wants a man that is high-status, dominant a
nd wealthy. This does not mean you have to be a rich, famous playboy to get wome
You simply have to display the personality traits of a man like this. You can do
this through your actions and words.
There s no way for a woman to really tell if a man is high-status or wealthy. She
can ask him straight up, but he can just lie.
Women have evolved to notice the character traits and actions of this kind of ma
n and naturally be attracted to it. The women who mated with these kinds of men
in the past gave birth to children with a higher survival rate, passed on their
genes and thus passed on their attraction to power and wealth to the future gene
rations of girls.
A high-status man is confident. He knows what he wants and always gets it. He ta
lks to women as if he knows they will find him attraction due to his wealth and
power. His frame is that he is the prize, not her. Women pick up on this confide
nce based on his vocal tonality, body language and facial expressions.
Confidence is the most attractive trait in a man.
The ability to escalate is a result of confidence. Therefore women are attracted
to men who aren t afraid to escalate physically and sexually.
A man who is afraid to escalate is a man of low confidence and low status.
Dominance is another trait that results from being high-status. A dominant man i
s a leader, and gets others to do what he wants. He tells her what to do and exp
ects her to do it.
Social intelligence is also a characteristic of being a leader. Social people ha
ve a large social circle, can rally up supporters and become a leader of their g
Confidence, dominance, social intelligence and the ability to escalate are all t
raits that women are subconsciously attracted to.
If you can exude these traits, she will be attracted to you. I talk about how to
do exactly that later in the post.
How do Women Think?
Women think more emotionally while men think more logically. Women will act on h
ow they feel before really thinking it out.
That is why they will stay in abusive relationships or pick the asshole over the
nice guy. Love and attraction drive their motivation, While anger or sadness ca
n lead them to do things they ll regret later.
This thinking usually leads women to act first then justify later. They will jus
tify their actions logically based on their earlier behaviors. This is known as
backwards rationalization.
For example, if you can make her comply to your silly requests, she will start t
o become attracted to you as she normally only does things like this for the dom
inant man she likes. She will backwards rationalize and conclude that she compli
ed to you out of attraction.
Women are also hardwired to be more monogamistic, while men are naturally polyga
mistic. This means she would rather have one partner than many, whereas men are
the opposite.
Women risk a lot more when having sex. She can become pregnant for nine months w
hich makes it much harder for her to provide for herself, especially thousands o
f years ago.
The women who stayed faithful to one man were better prepared to provide for the
ir baby with the help of that man, thus passing on the gene of monogamy in women
What Turns a Girl on?
Women are turned on more by a man s personality than physical attractiveness.
They look for the traits that I listed above to determine if he is worthy of sex
Men are more attracted to physical beauty, so a man gets turned on much more eas
ily. If he sees a hot lady, boom, he s ready for sex.
Women have to work their way up emotionally to be ready for sex. Men get turned
on like a light switch, women are more like a volume knob.
As women are more submissive and compliant by nature, they get off on knowing th
ey are satisfying the dominant man. Women will usually moan during sex even if s
he is not loving it.
They still are super turned on by feeling like they are a source of pleasure for
the man, just like men are turned on by knowing she is enjoying the sex.
Just as men want the woman to want him, women want to be wanted.
Concluding Thought on Female Psychology
A basic understanding of a women s mind is essential for meeting, attracting and s
educing women which is the focus of this page.
They may say they know what they want in a man, but subconsciously they are all
attracted to the traits of the alpha male.
A women s behavior is usually very predictable, which is what makes this guide so
Keep this information on female psychology in mind as you read on.
Now that we have a basic understanding of how women think, let s learn how to meet
and ultimately seduce them.
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What are the Stages of Seduction?
The whole process of meeting and seducing a woman can be broken down into 5 dist
inct stages. These are known as the stages of seduction.
The first stage deals with approaching and meeting a woman, no matter the locati
on or circumstances.
The second stage is all about hooking her into your reality and making her attra
cted to you.
The third stage is making her feel like she has won you over and gained your int
The fourth stage is about building familiarity with her and making her feel comf
ortable with you.
The fifth and final stage deals with moving her to the sex location and seducing
her into having sex with you.
Follow this formula and you ll be bedding girls in no time!
1. Open stage
What is the Open Stage?
The Opening Stage is all about meeting a woman for the first time.
All relationships start with an initial approach. Simply waiting for a woman to
walk into your life is not very effective.
If you want women in your life now, you have to take action, go out and meet the
m. Whether you re in a bar, in a coffee shop or on the street, you need to approac
h her in order to start your interaction with her.
In this section on the Open Stage, I ll tell you how to approach, what to say and
how to make a good first impression.
The Opening Line
So there she is, a beautiful woman across the room just waiting to meet the man
of her dreams. That could be you!
The only problem is, what do you even say? You don t want to say something silly,
right? She might think you re weird!
Stop. This is the wrong way to think. Don t think too much about the opening line,
once you get into conversation she won t even remember it anyway.
There are two types of opening lines, or openers , you can use. The indirect opener
and the direct opener.
The Indirect Opener
The indirect opener is an opening line that does not directly state your intenti
on. It is disguised as a simple question that you wanted to ask her, and has not
hing to do with the fact that you just came over to flirt with her.
For example, you could walk up and ask, Excuse me, do you know where the nearest
ATM machine is? or even, Do you have a cigarette I could bum off you?
She ll answer your question then you can immediately jump into a conversation with
her. Thanks! I ve been looking everywhere. My goodness that is a gigantic purse! Y
ou know what they say about girls with large purses
There you go, how easy was that? Now you re in an interaction with her that can es
calate into something else later.
Consider dropping a false time constraint after the indirect opener. Let her kno
w that you have somewhere to go and have to leave soon.
This will take the pressure off talking to you if she thinks that you re only ther
e for a minute. I m about to meet up with some friends but first let me get your op
inion on something.
If you re not sure of an indirect opener to use, I have compiled a list of openers
for your convenience, click here.
The Direct Opener
The direct opener is obviously more direct. You can simply walk up to her and sa
y, Hi! I m Torrent. I thought you were cute so I had to come meet you.
This opener gets straight to the point and states your intention right off the b
at. I use this opener more than anything else.
Rarely will you get a bad response from a direct opener, people are socially con
ditioned to be polite to you anyway.
I like the direct opener because it displays confidence. It shows you weren t afra
id to walk straight up to her and go after what you want.
Many beginners are afraid of using such a direct opener and feel more comfortabl
e going indirect.
You can begin opening women indirectly, but as you get more experienced you ll get
more confident as well, and eventually be more comfortable being straight up li
ke this.
A good way to be direct but not too direct is by dropping a situation comment fi
rst, then using a direct opener. I love the red shirt with the green shorts, it l
ooks very christmassy! You look absolutely adorable, what s your name?
Just remember that the opener you use is really not that important. It s simply an
excuse to begin an interaction with her.
What s important is building attraction during the interaction. Don t dwell too much
on what to say at the beginning.
Her First Impression of You
After you ve opened her, It s up to you to make a good first impression.
It s commonly known in the field of psychology that it takes about 30 seconds to f
orm a first impression.
There are many small clues to we give off to affect how others perceive us. Thes
e clues include our posture, body language, appearance, vocal tonality, facial e
xpressions and they all form a mental picture of us in the other person s mind.
You want to be sure that all of these clues project confidence and make us look
attractive in her mind.
Stand straight up, with your head held high, chest out, shoulders back and hands
to your side. This is the alpha male stance that looks the most attractive to t
he opposite sex.
Try not to look defensive, avoid crossing your arms and don t fidget! Fidgeting me
ans you re nervous.
Make direct eye contact, look friendly and smile. You should look social and inv
iting so she won t be so nervous.
Try to be well groomed and wear nice clothes as well. This gives off the impress
ion that you have good personal hygiene and take good care of yourself. Nobody w
ants to talk to a scrub.
You also want to project a powerful vocal tonality from the very start of the in
teraction as well. Talk loud, deep and powerfully from your diagram. Fill the ro
om with your voice. Dominant men want to be heard and don t speak softly.
Displaying these qualities will give off the impression that you re used to being
social and approaching women.
This is very attractive and makes a great first impression. It shows that you re u
sed to getting women and makes you appear very confident. This is the first impr
ession you should be going for.
You ll know you ve made a good first impression when your partner s body language bein
gs to open up. Her shoulders will relax, she ll fidget less, sound less nervous an
d make more eye contact.
You ve won her over, good job! Now that you ve made a good first impression, you can
begin building attraction in the next stage.
Dealing with Approach Anxiety
Before moving on to the next stage, I have to mention approach anxiety.
Approach anxiety is the fear of approaching a woman. It s an evolved trait that we
all have.
Early man had a lot to lose from approaching the wrong woman. If he approached a
nother man s girl, that other man would kill him to protect what s his.
If he approached a leader s woman, he could be outcast from the tribe, forced to f
end for himself.
If his approach was unsuccessful, the woman would tell the other women in their
society about this, causing all of them to avoid him, not giving him the opportu
nity to reproduce.
These scenarios are obviously not an issue in today s world, but the fear of the a
pproach is still hardwired in our DNA. You must get over this fear by taking act
ion and making the approach.
The first approach of the night is always the hardest. Interestingly, the more y
ou approach the easier it gets. You begin to build social momentum which makes y
ou feel confident about approaching. The trick is to get the first couple approa
ches out of the way fast to build this momentum.
Another way to deal with this anxiety is to not think about it too much.
When you get stuck in your head, you tend to think of the worst things that coul
d happen from the approach. She could tell you to fuck off, laugh in your face o
r throw her drink on you. Don t think about this. It s not going to happen.
Social conditioning is working in our favor here. We re taught not to be rude to s
trangers, especially if they approach in a polite manner.
Think about how silly it is to be afraid to approach small women. Cute girls in
skirts and makeup should be cute, not intimidating.
The fear is only in your mind. To kill this fear, you must do what you re afraid o
f and face it head on. Focus on the end result and just act.
Girls actually like to be approached. Even if they reject you, it makes them fee
l better about themselves.
Many women go out secretly hoping to meet a guy, even if they are not consciousl
y aware of it.
You ll find that most of the women you approach respond positively.
Even the bitchiest looking girl will smile and make small talk with you. If she
doesn t want you, she ll let you off easy by saying she has to go to the bathroom or
go find her friends. At least the approach helped you build more social momentu
So suck it up and go in for the kill, don t think about it too much and you ll event
ually find that the more you approach, the easier it gets.
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2. Hook/Attraction Stage
What is the Hook/Attraction Stage?
The hook/attraction stage comes after the opener while you re beginning a conversa
tion with your girl.
Your goal in this stage is to hook her in, or make her attracted to you.
If you successfully made a good impression in the open stage, then this should b
e much easier for you. However, if you opened badly, it doesn t matter, you can st
ill recover and win her attraction.
Remember, women backwards rationalize, if she gains attraction for you later, sh
e won t even remember the rough start.
In this section I ll teach you how to get her hooked, or attracted, to you and how
to tell when she s hooked.
Demonstrate Value
While I was talking about female psychology earlier, I mentioned that women want
high-status, dominant and wealthy men.
In this stage, we will demonstrate the values of a high-status male.
We want to show her that we are worth talking to and getting to know more. We wi
ll accomplish this using both non-verbal and verbal cues.
Confidence is the main value you want to demonstrate to her. As confidence is so
mething you show and not something you say, we will display this through our bod
y language.
Body language is super important when interacting with women. Humans existed for
1.95 million years before they communicated through spoken words. Early humans
communicated through body language.
As we were only able to speak to eachother about 50 thousand years ago, body lan
guage is still hardwired into our brain.
People still communicate how they re feeling through body language without even th
inking about it.
Confident men avoid nervous body language such as putting their hands in their p
ockets, fidgeting, crossing their arms and not standing up straight. You should
Maintain confident body language by standing up straight with your chest out and
head high, hold eye contact and face your body towards her
. Be calm, assume that she is going to like you and maintain confident body lang
uage and you ll appear confident to her.
Demonstrate dominance by leading the conversation. Feel free to change the subje
ct to something you want to talk about. Don t ask too many questions and make the
conversation about her. You shouldn t care about her that much.
If you want her to do something, command her. Don t ask.
Don t submit to her requests either. Most guys will submit to beautiful women and
do what they ask. Not you. She does what you ask.
Demonstrate social intelligence by being social with her and anyone else in the
interaction. You like being social, it s an adventure.
Radiate this by including everyone in the conversation and being interesting. Te
ll stories about how you were at a party or hanging out with friends. You want h
er to know you have a busy social life, just like a real leader.
Social wealth refers to having lots of friends and lots of girls to choose from.
Women are attracted to a man that other women are attracted to.
Perhaps talk to other girls in the venue, flirt with them and show your target g
irl that you are a desirable man. Tell a story about something that happened wit
h someone you were dating at the time to make it seem like you re socially wealthy
Maybe there s something about you that you think she would find attractive. You tr
avel a lot? You re a CEO? Play guitar? Practice martial arts? Anything that will d
emonstrate higher value to her can be conveyed through conversation, just don t re
veal too much information and make it seem like you re bragging.
Make it seem like you have a fun and interesting life that anyone would love to
be a part of.
Reaching the Attraction Hook Point
When you re doing everything right and getting her attracted, there will be a shif
t in her emotions once she realizes she s really into you.
One second you were a stranger making small talk with her, the next second you re
a fun, sex-worthy guy that she would love to get to know more.
This is the attraction hook point. It s the point in the interaction where she dec
ides she likes you and that she wants you to stay more than she wants you to lea
How do you know when you ve Reached the Attraction Hook Point?
There are a few ways to know when you ve reached the attraction hook point.
She ll now be more invested in the conversation than she was before. Before it may
have seemed like she was just going along with the conversation to be polite, N
ow she s smiling and nodding while you talk, contributing to the conversation more
, asking you questions and acting generally interested in what you have to say.
She may make physical contact with you now that she s attracted. She may touch you
r arm while talking or playfully push you away when you tease her. She may stand
physically closer to you or not move away when you re physically closer to her.
There are a few physiological changes that will happen to her as well.
You ll notice she s starting to blush now. Especially if you give her a compliment,
her cheeks will turn pink in a way that they didn t before.
Her eyes will open wider and appear bigger, almost as if she looks surprised tha
t you won over her attraction.
Her pupils will dilate as well. This happens when we look at someone we re sexuall
y attracted to. You ll notice this happening to her.
She will also start giving you indicators of her interest to let you know she s in
For example, she may start giggling at everything you say, she may turn her head
to the side slightly while listening to you, she ll re-initiate conversation when
you stop talking, She ll mention that you should do something with her in the fut
ure, or she ll mention something about your girlfriend just so you can correct her a
nd tell her you don t have one.
When you get good, you ll notice every time a girl reaches the attraction hook poi
nt with you.
All of the signs listed above will become apparent and you ll know that shes yours
. If you can t tell if she reached this hook point or not, just assume that she di
d. This will cause you to escalate further which builds attraction in itself.
Passing her Tests
Once you have gained a women s attraction, she will begin to test you.
Some girls get attracted to guys easily and some guys can easily fake confidence
They don t have time to date all these guys so they evolved a form of testing.
Women subconsciously test the men they re attracted to to see if they re indeed the
man they appear to be by making a statement and seeing how they react.
Tests are annoying and can kill her attraction for you if you fail, so it s import
ant to be able to recognize them and know how to handle them.
How do I Recognize a Test?
Let s say she s attracted to you but she s afraid you re a player. She may ask something
like, Oh, how many girls have you said that to tonight?
This is a great test because you are not expecting it and don t know exactly how t
o answer.
If you re faking confidence, you ll quickly answer the unexpected question un-confid
ently and show her that you re really a low-status male.
Another common test is, Why are you talking to me? She wants to see if this hurts
your feelings.
If you re a beta male, you ll make up some lame ass response, Uhh You looked bored and
I wanted to come say hi
A high-status male won t care about her opinion, shrug it off and take control of
the conversation on his terms. I thought you looked fun, I came to introduce myse
lf. Anyway
Her testing you just means she attracted to you.
Women don t test everybody, only the sexual threats to see if they re truly worthy.
Her tests will be unpleasant, uncomfortable and designed to make you crack.
All women do this unconsciously to weed out the fakers.
If you can pass her tests, this will result in even more attraction for you.
How do I Pass her Tests?
Keep calm and smile, don t let it show that her test affected you. If you have a g
ood serious answer, then go ahead and say it. If you re not sure if it s a good answ
er, it s probably not.
Don t laugh nervously and don t ask, What do you mean? Just shrug it off, don t even ans
wer it and move to the next topic of conversation calmly.
Don t get offended at what she says. That s a definite way to fail the test. It show
s that you really care about her opinion of you. Some of these tests may seem of
fensive too, Haha, have you EVER talked to a girl before!? If you get insulted, do
n t insult them back.
Don t react emotionally, don t play into her games, don t even answer her directly. Ju
st keep a blank face and change the subject.
It s much easier to avoid a test than to answer it perfectly, and she won t be persi
stent with the question. She doesn t really care about the answer, she just wanted
to see your reaction to it.
These tests will start popping up in the hook/attraction stage after you ve reache
d the attraction hook point.
Know how to pass them in order to build even more attraction for you and not mes
s up the interaction.
Physical Escalation
Physical escalation refers to physical touch.
It s a great tool for building attraction and you should be doing it from the very
start, not just in the hook/attraction stage.
Alpha males all across the animal kingdom use touch to show dominance to other m
ales and to escalate sexually to other females.
If you aren t afraid to get physical with a woman it shows her that you are domina
nt, confident and sexual. Three traits that women find attractive.
Conversely, if you avoid physical contact with her it shows that you are uncomfo
rtable and nervous, which kills attraction. So basically, you have to do it.
You should touch her within the first 3 minutes of the interaction.
Place your hand on her shoulder or upper arm for a second while talking as if yo
u re making a point. Don t worry, she won t view it as awkward and won t pull away from
your touch as long as you re not touching a sensitive part of her body. This is na
tural for her.
The first few touches we will perform will be short, light touches to her arm an
d shoulder. As the interaction escalates, so will our physicality.
You will build a sort of physical touch momentum as you touch her more and more.
If the last touch was placing your hand on her forearm for 1 second, this time
try placing your hand on her shoulder for a few more seconds while talking.
Next time you can put your hand on her knee while laughing. As long as she has b
een receptive to your earlier physical escalations, she ll be receptive to your la
ter ones.
As time goes on, your touches will get more and more overt and last longer. You
can go from resting your hand on her knee, to putting your arm around her should
er, to holding her hands and then to a massage.
Your goal is to get more physical with her. This will not only make you seem con
fident but lead the atmosphere to be more sexual as well.
Humans love being in physical contact with those they are comfortable with. This
touching releases oxytocin, which makes us feel good and encourages us to touch
even more.
If, however, you touch her and she pulls away slightly, then take a step back. T
his is her body language telling you that she wasn t ready for that. No matter, ju
st go back to the touch you were doing before, build some physical momentum and
try again later. Second time s the charm.
Be persistent and don t stop escalating physically.
I created a step by step process to building your physical momentum on this site
, I call it the Physical Escalation Ladder. For help on the touches you should p
erform and how to perform them, check out the Physical Escalation Ladder by clic
king here.
Her Level of Compliance
You can usually tell how attracted a woman is to you by checking how much compli
ance you have with her.
Her level of compliance is how much she is willing to do for you.
If she s sexually attracted to you, her compliance will be high and she ll comply wi
th just about anything you ask her to do.
If it s low, there s really not a whole lot she ll do for you.
You can build her level of compliance at any time. When her level is low, have h
er do small tasks for you.
For example, tell her that your chair is uncomfortable so let s move to another ta
ble. This is perfect because it s not likely she won t comply to this. It s just being
Have her do tasks that require more compliance as time goes on.
Next you can have her take a picture of you with your phone. As she does more an
d more for you, you re building compliance momentum.
Compliance momentum is a great way to not only gauge her attraction level, but a
lso to build it.
As she does higher level tasks for you, such as make you a sandwich, she will ba
ckwards rationalize that she must really like you to be doing this thing that sh
e doesn t do for just anybody.
You should be continuing to build compliance momentum as well as escalating phys
ically throughout the interaction.
When you ve built enough physical touch momentum to touch her all over, and her le
vel of compliance is at a spot where she ll do anything for you, sex is going to h
appen for sure.
So the hook/attraction stage has been successful.
She is being receptive to your physical escalation, she s building compliance mome
ntum and her body language seems attracted.
Now you know she is attracted and you can move on to the qualification stage.
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3. Qualification Stage
What is the Qualification Stage?
You won her over in hook/attraction stage, and now it s time for her to win you ov
er. But it s not that easy.
You have standards. You cannot become attracted to her based on her looks alone,
and she knows that.
You ve been acting unimpressed by her and emotionally unresponsive up to this poin
t in the interaction as well as displayed many attractive qualities.
She knows that you have a wide variety of women to choose from and she has to ea
rn your interest.
In this stage you will qualify her, or become interested in her based on her per
sonality traits. At least that s what you want her to think.
This is the stage where she will finally win you over to develop a mutual bond.
Screen her
Here you should give her the impression that you re screening her to find out what
kind of person she is.
A beta male will be attracted to her right off the bat based on her looks.
An alpha will screen her to find out if there s more than meets the eye.
Ask her questions to see if she is good enough for you. What are her hopes and d
reams? Is she educated? What does she do in her spare time?
When you ask screening questions like these, it shows her that you are feeling h
er out to see if she s worthy.
This will make her fight for your affection and try to answer the questions with
the answers you want to hear.
Expand on her answers and give her the impression that you re quietly judging her.
Perhaps ask dating oriented questions to really let her know you re sizing her up
as a potential romantic interest. What are your 3 most important qualities? What do
you look for most in a man?
You should have traits that you are personally looking for in a woman. What do y
ou like? Do you want a woman that likes to cook? A woman that will go to rock co
ncerts with you?
Don t just pretend to screen, you should actually be screening to find a woman you
will truly get along with.
Make her work for your affection! She will fall for you even harder if she feels
like she s the one who had to win you over.
Remember, you are the prize.
Shaping is a way to turn her into the kind of woman you want. It s a way to get he
r to display the personality traits you like and hide the ones you don t.
This works because she is now sexually attracted to us, so she s consciously makin
g an effort to impress us.
Shaping is simply rewarding her good behavior and showing disapproval of the bad
Let s say you want a woman who is adventurous and loves the outdoors. While screen
ing her, you ask her about the outdoors and she mentions she loves kayaking. Gre
at! Reward her by telling her that you love people who are in touch with nature
and give her a high-5 or a hug.
This is a reward because it s letting her know that she just displayed a trait tha
t you like and the physical contact from the hug is rewarding her with affection
and a healthy dose of oxytocin.
From this point forward she will cling to that trait you love and bring it up mo
re. She may even invite you to her next camping trip!
If, however, you told her you don t like the outdoors, always get a poison ivy out
break and always come back with a cold, this will shape her into not bringing th
e subject of the outdoors up again and probably not go camping anymore while she s
with you.
So as you can see, when a woman is attracted to you she will want to become to w
oman you like and reject the parts of her you don t like.
You can use this to your advantage. Let s say you want to sleep with her tonight.
Shape her into somebody who wouldn t have a problem with one night stands. You seem
like somebody who likes to go with the flow of things, I like that about you. No
w she ll cling to that trait to make you happy.
Then tell her a story of how you and your fuck buddy are still friends after all
this time. You can say, There s nothing wrong with casual sex, you know? If anythi
ng, it makes her and I closer friends! Oh, you agree? Good! while hugging her.
This shaping right here will pave the way for later when you get her into your b
edroom and you re trying to seduce her.
Think about what traits you want to reward in her and begin the shaping process.
Don t just tell her you like everything!
Alpha males have strict standards when it comes to who they get involved with. U
se shaping to control her behavior based on your goal with her.
Qualify her
After you ve screened her and determined she has the traits you like, you can make
it known that she has won your attraction.
Get physically closer to her and up your physical escalation a bit.
Hold her hand and tell her you feel a sort of strange connection with her that y
ou can t quite explain.
Start using future projections, or telling her about something the two of you wi
ll do together in the future.
For example, I haven t been to that new wine bar yet but I ll check it out next week,
bring you with me and we ll go in there and act like wine snobs. This let s her know
that you re picturing the future with her in it.
This qualification makes her feel all tingly and warm inside. Now she has the bu
tterflies in her stomach and doesn t want the night to end. Aww.
This would be a good time to go in for the kiss, provided you ve been physically e
scalating this whole time.
Don t get too carried away though, you like her but you re still not one hundred per
cent sold.
Continue to be a tease, make it seem like you can end the interaction at any tim
e. Kiss her for 3 seconds, then pull away first and say, That s all you get. or, Slow
down girl, I m not that easy!
Isolate her to a location where the two of you can talk uninterrupted and begin
the comfort stage.
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Comfort Building Stage
What is the Comfort Building Stage?
You and her now have a mutual attraction towards each other.
That s good progress, but it still doesn t mean she ll sleep with you right now.
Sure, she ll give you her phone number, make-out with you, go on a date with you,
but sex? Slow it down a bit pal, you re moving too fast for her. You haven t built e
nough comfort for her yet.
No worries, with the techniques I ll teach you in this section, you ll both leave th
e comfort building stage with a deep sense of rapport and a strong emotional and
sexual connection.
The comfort building stage is about deep conversation, building an emotional bon
d and getting her ready for sex.
It s necessary for making her comfortable enough to jump into bed with you.
Holding a Conversation
Holding a conversation with a woman is sometimes easier said than done.
Sometimes you get someone who is shy and a little introverted, or someone you ju
st don t find it easy to talk to.
She just hasn t built enough comfort to open up to you yet.
There are some good conversational strategies to use below until she feels comfo
rtable enough to tell it all.
Building a Sense of Familiarity
The comfort stage is the time to really get to know her and for her to get to kn
ow you.
This is the time where all the usual boring personal questions come up pertainin
g to your job, home, education, early life. etc.
You shouldn t have been talking about this stuff earlier in the interaction before
you gained her attraction. At that point she really doesn t care, it s just meaning
less small talk.
Now that you have each others attention and interest, this is the time to let it
all out.
It s good to get to know each other at this point. It s been proven scientifically t
hat the more a woman knows about a man, the more attractive he becomes in her mi
Plus at this point you re probably curious to know more about her anyway.
Using Conversational Leads
If you re wondering where the direction of the conversation is going to go next, t
ry using conversation leads.
The leads are the topics of what she just said.
So if she said she ran on the beach this morning, your leads are running and beach.
Use these leads to expand on and continue the conversation.
If she says she cooked last night, you can using cooking as a lead and respond wit
h, Oh, you like to cook? What s your signature dish?
As long as she has something to say, you can pull a lead out of that statement a
nd turn it into a conversational thread that she is familiar with.
Skilled usage of leads can result in never ending conversation and an endless am
ount of topics that just keep popping up every other sentence.
Telling a story is a good way to hold a conversation and build comfort.
Think about a story you can tell about a past experience that would demonstrate
value to her.
You can use storytelling as a tool for demonstrating value and encouraging her t
o share stories of her own.
Here are a few tips for good storytelling.
Have an initial hook line that will capture her attention and make her want to h
ear the rest of the story. The craziest thing happened to me, I still can t believe
it to this day!
Don t tell a story that s too long. You don t want to do all the talking and risk bori
ng her. This can also come off like you re qualifying her if you re telling her too
Try to tell a story that will be interesting to the girl. Something she can rela
te to and expand upon.
Describe your emotions in the story. Women think emotionally. She ll understand th
e story better if you include a lot of emotion.
Finish the story off with a funny punchline to let her know the story has conclu
ded and verbalize what you took away from the experience. And that s why I tell eve
ryone to never use the public bus system!
Role-playing is a fun little technique to use in a conversation with a woman.
Invent a crazy scenario in your head based on something that was said and descri
be it to her. Next time you go to that beach I ll come with you and bring a priest
outfit, you ll wear a nun outfit and we ll walk out to the water and make out in fro
nt of everyone!
Role-playing always gets a laugh and gets her thinking about the two of you doin
g things together.
Future Projections
A future projection is a hypothetical plan that the two of you will have in the
future. You re afraid of heights!? Nonsense! For your next birthday I m taking you sk
ydiving to overcome your fears. Don t worry, if you re having trouble jumping I ll jus
t push you!
Get creative with these. They can be silly or serious.
The easiest way to keep a conversation going is to have a few memorized routines
in your arsenal.
These are witty conversation starters that you can use when you re drawing a blank
on what to say next.
You shouldn t rely on routines but they are definitely useful to know just in case
Luckily for you I ve compiled a long list of conversational routines to use in all
stages of seduction! Click here.
Concluding Thought on Conversation
Having a conversation with a woman shouldn t be something you have to think about
and plan ahead of time.
Conversations are natural. Once you build a sense of familiarity with each other
you ll open up and the talking will flow naturally.
As long as there is something you are curious about, you ll never run out of thing
s to say.
Building Rapport
The word rapport refers to the close relationship you build with somebody when you
feel that you understand them and communicate well.
You naturally begin building rapport with everyone you meet.
I can tell when two people have deep rapport with each other based on their conv
ersations and body language. Their conversation will flow smoothly, they ll make t
he same facial expressions when they speak and their body language will closely
mirror one another.
There are a few techniques that allow you to build rapport very fast with someon
You can use your posture, expressions, gestures, body language and vocal tonalit
y to create a false sense of rapport, which develops into real rapport as your c
omfort level rises.
Matching Body Language
Consciously matching a women s body language will help build rapport with her in r
ecord time.
This is known as mirroring.
Pay attention to how she is sitting during the conversation and try to sit in th
e same way.
If she is leaning in towards you a little bit, lean in towards her as well. If s
he s sitting back with her shoulders relaxed and her legs crossed, You should be l
earning back as well, shoulder relaxed and perhaps rest your right foot on your
left knee.
Try to match her facial expressions as well. Is she smiling a lot? You should to
o. If she s holding more of a relaxed poker face then you can match it.
As long as you re not too obvious about mirroring her, she will begin to feel more
similar to you and thus more comfortable with you.
This is because two people who have rapport naturally mirror each other and the
mind subconsciously picks up on this.
We tend to like people who are like us.
Salesmen and therapists use mirroring all the time on their clients to build a s
ense of comfort with them.
A salesman will mirror your postures and facial expressions to build rapport wit
h you, feel like your friend and then make the sale.
Copy her Gestures
Just as you match her body language, you can match her gestures as well.
If she talks with her hands a lot, you can do so in the same manner.
If she moves her hand up to brush her hair behind your ear, you can move your ha
nd up and scratch your temple in a similar manner.
Controlling your Speech Pattern
You ll want to match her speech patterns as well.
Definitely don t talk at a faster rate than her, this sub-communicates that you ar
e nervous.
If she is speaking fast, you can match her rate but don t go any faster.
Try to copy her tone of voice as well. Don t speak with a low voice if she s speakin
g loud and enthusiastically.
Notice if there are any particular words or phrases that come up regularly in he
r sentences.
For example, if she uses the word, legit a lot, you should start to use it too. Ev
en if you feel stupid doing so, you won t sound stupid to her. Does she say, My goo
dness! every time she acts surprised? Copy that to make her feel more similar to
You ll only need to keep this little mirroring act up temporarily.
You ll build rapport very fast with these techniques and she will start to mirror
you! That s right, You ll know she feels connected to you when she subconsciously st
arts copying you.
Soon she ll notice the formed rapport and feel as if you two have a special bond.
Like you two understand each other and are very similar. Almost like she s known y
ou for years.
Funny how that works.
Building an Emotional Connection
Building an emotional connection with a girl is very similar to building rapport
Both make her feel an unexplainable bond with you and a desire to be close.
I use mirroring and body language to build rapport, and I ll use my words to build
an emotional connection.
Rephrasing Technique
To feel a connection with you, she must feel like you truly understand her.
You can accomplish this with my rephrasing technique.
Simply listen to something she just said, rephrase it in your own words and say
it back to her.
It s such an easy technique but the woman will always feel like you understood her
more than if you just smiled and nodded. She may even compliment you on underst
anding so well.
I use this technique all the time, even in everyday life. I ll even reply with my
own take on the subject afterwards to seem even more involved in what she just s
Reveal her Secrets
When somebody knows our secrets, we place a trust in them which in turn makes us
feel closer to them.
We will use this phenomena on our women as well.
Bait her into revealing her hopes, dreams and secrets. Things that she would nor
mally not spill to a stranger.
Shape her into an honest person who doesn t mind sharing personal information. Try
to learn her intimate details.
What this does is make her feel like you know all of her secrets.
This is a powerful feeling. Even if she just met you, she ll feel vulnerable to yo
u and feel as if she trusts you on a deeper level.
Reveal Yours
You also want to tell her a few secrets of your own. Even if it s made up, just te
ll her some things about yourself that she believes you never really tell anybod
Tell her you really feel like you can be yourself around her, and not worry abou
t revealing this intimate information.
Hold her hands and look her in the eyes while you say this. Tell her about your
dreams and aspirations, and talk about how you feel about it.
Now she ll feel as if you trust her deeply and aren t afraid to be vulnerable to her
You now have given her the illusion of sharing a deep emotional connection with
Now she trusts you a lot more and will be willing to do a lot more with you.
Now she s ready to be seduced.
After you ve built rapport and an emotional connection in the comfort stage, you re
just about ready to enter the closing stage with her.
The closing stage will take place in a location where sex can happen, so you nee
d to be thinking about getting her back to your place, hers or wherever it s going
to go down.
Before she ll leave with you though, you need to seduce her a little bit and get h
er turned on so she ll be down to leave the venue.
You ve been escalating physically and building compliance momentum throughout your
whole interaction with her.
By now you should high up on the Physical Escalation Ladder and have a high leve
l of compliance with her.
The time you spent building compliance will finally pay off soon when she agrees
to leave with you.
The physical touch momentum will pay off when you re physically trying to seduce h
But first, we have to go from the friendly conversational atmosphere to a more r
omantic, seductive atmosphere.
Seductive Listening
We will now use seductive listening to slowly begin the seduction process.
First, immediately stop looking so interested in what she s saying.
We now want to adopt a more disinterested look by holding a blank stare with lit
tle facial expression. This will make her feel as if she s losing your interest, a
nd naturally begin trying to win it back.
Now that she s chasing you again, she will probably begin to speak a little faster
than she was before. She ll now be a little more desperate to submit to you.
Now we will begin to adopt seductive eye contact.
Lower your eyelids slightly and tilt your head very slightly to the side. Look a
t her deep in her eyes and try to picture her naked on your bed. Imagine fucking
her right then and there, and this horniness building inside you will become ap
parent to her and transferred to her state through the Law of Transference of Em
Begin looking from her left eye, to her right eye, then down to her lips. Repeat
this slowly in a triangular pattern. This sub-communicates that you want to kis
s her.
With the rest of the seductive listening techniques, she ll know what you want and
begin wanting it too.
Seductive Speaking
We should begin using both seductive listening and seductive speaking simultaneo
From the start of the interaction we ve been using a powerful vocal tonality.
Now it s time to take it down a notch and use a more seductive way of speaking.
You ll do this by dropping your voice, talking softer, quieter and more seductivel
y. You will slowly shift to this seductive way of speaking though, and not drop
your voice all at once.
Before you do this you ll match her tone of voice and rate of speaking, then slowl
y lead her into the seductive tone.
You have rapport built with her so she will follow your lead with the seductive
This is known as pacing and matching.
Now that you re both talking in a more seductive tone, begin slipping in some sexu
ally charged vocabulary in your sentences.
As you talk, throw in words like, hard, wet, arouse, erect, thrust, tongue, throb
bing, desire. This may sound silly, but these words will plant sexual thoughts in
her mind.
You re making the atmosphere more sexual and getting her to think about sex.
Get Physical
Now it s time to amp up the physicality a bit to get even more seductive.
Your physical escalations should be overtly sexual now.
You should be rubbing your hand down her back, along her legs, brushing her inne
r thigh, all over. Caress her leg and get her to caress you back. This mutual ca
ressing primes the body for sex.
Don t tease her with the kissing like you did earlier. Pull her close and kiss her
passionately, let your hands explore her body while doing this.
Breath heavy, make it sound like moaning almost. This heavy breathing, heavy pet
ting and heavy kissing will naturally make her super turned on. Circle the tip o
f her tongue with yours, slowly lick along her lips, playfully bite her bottom l
ip, just get creative.
You should be so engrossed in what you re doing by now that there is no more talki
ng, only passionate kissing and feeling.
By now you re both very turned on and ready to enter the final stage of seduction.
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Closing stage
What is the Closing Stage?
Making it to the closing stage with your women is the ultimate goal.
If you did everything right from the previous stages, then you should be golden.
This stage is about getting her into your bedroom, or any other sex location, an
d seducing her all the way to sex.
Sounds easy enough, but there are still many obstacles you may encounter in this
Here, I ll tell you how to get her to give it up and blast through the last minute
The logistics refer to all the variables that make it possible or impossible to
get her home.
If you have good logistics, that means everything is right for getting her home.
She s not a designated driver for her friends, She s not there with anybody that sh
e needs to go home with, neither of you work early in the morning. The variables
are just right for you to get laid. Perfect.
Sometimes, though, the logistics are bad.
Maybe there s one variable that will absolutely prevent you from getting her home
that night.
In that case, your best bet is to just grab her phone number and set up a future
date when the logistics are right.
Know the Logistics from the Start
Now I know I m mentioning logistics in the last stage of seduction, but really you
should determine her logistics from the beginning.
There s nothing worse than spending your whole night gaming a girl just to find ou
t that she has an obligation that prevents her from going home with you.
How to determine her Logistics
Here are a couple innocent enough questions you can ask to determine her logisti
cs at the beginning of the interaction.
Who are you here with?
How do you know each other?
How did you get here?
Do you work in the morning?
What area do you live in?
How are you getting home?
Now don t ask these questions all at once or it will look like you have an agenda.
Ask a question here and there. Slowly determine her logistics.
If you find out the logistics aren t right, fine. At lease you found out early.
Don t spend too much time on her, grab her number then eject to find a girl who do
es have the right logistics.
Your Logistics
This should be obvious, but you need to make sure your logistics are right to pu
ll her home too.
Do you have transportation? Do you live nearby? Do you have morning obligations?
Think about these things before you go out.
Your logistics should always be good just in case you find a girl that wants to
go home with you.
Make sure your house is clean and presentable before you leave. Have alcohol bac
k at your place in case she wants to continue drinking. Be sure to have condoms
with you or back at your place.
Don t give yourself an excuse not to take her home because you didn t take care of y
our logistics before going out.
Getting her Home
You made it through the comfort building stage and now you re ready to get this gi
rl home.
The logistics are right and there s nothing stopping you.
Now you just have to convince her to go with you.
Even if the interaction went perfect and she s sufficiently horny, sometimes girls
are hesitant when it comes to going home with a guy. Especially a guy she doesn t
know too well.
Is she Ready for Sex?
Before you try to get her home, ask yourself, If we were in my room right now, wo
uld she let me fuck her? The answer should be yes, providing you did everything r
However, if you re doubting that shes at the point where she s attracted to you enou
gh to fuck you, she probably isn t.
You should be escalating physically and sexually right before the pull to really
make sure she s receptive and ready to bang.
Convincing her to Go
So you answered yes to the above question. That still doesn t mean she ll just bounc
e. You must convince her to go.
Even if she emotionally wants you, logically she doesn t want to feel like a slut.
She doesn t want the people around her to perceive her as a slut going home with
some guy. Especially her friends.
If she has friends there, isolate her from them and try to pull her when nobody
will see her.
She is much more likely to go if you and her are the only ones who would know ab
out it. Tell her to text her friends that she s feeling sick and had to leave. Tha
t way no one can judge her and she can go have a night of fun with you. That s wha
t she wants.
Don t make it clear that sex is the motive. Give her an excuse to go back to you p
lace. Tell her you want to show her some pictures from your recent trip. Get her
to come watch a movie with you. Tell her there s an after party.
This will make her feel much more comfortable leaving with you. She know s that se
x is going to happen, she just doesn t want to verbalize it. Not even to herself.
You must take the lead. Grab her hand and tell her, let s go now. Don t ask her. Askin
g her to go back to your house is basically asking her for sex. She will not say
yes to a direct request for sex, no matter how bad she wants it.
She doesn t want to be held accountable for her actions. She just wants to go alon
g with you for something innocent that leads to spontaneous, unplanned sex.
Usually girls will object to your invitation at first. This doesn t mean no, it ju
st means she wants you to chase her and work for it.
Girl s love the chase. She wants to seem like a challenge, like she didn t want to g
o but you talked her into it.
If she gives you a reason she can t go, find a solution to her problem. She doesn t
want to leave her friends? Tell her to text them she had to leave. She doesn t hav
e a ride? Tell her you ll drive her or give her cab fare. Just make it happen.
She may resist by playfully saying no but really she means yes. Let s go to the aft
er party! hahaha no!
Obviously it wasn t a serious no, she just wants to play the chase game.
You can usually tell the difference between a fake no and a real no.
If she s seriously saying no, then it means no. Fine, grab her number and try agai
n another time.
Level of Compliance
If you haven t built enough compliance momentum throughout your interaction, you m
ay have more trouble getting her home.
Going home with you is a big step. It s not too late to build your compliance mome
ntum now and get her to still come. Just take baby steps.
Tell her to come outside and meet your friend. Then tell her to walk with you fo
r a second so you can have a smoke. Then get her to stop at the Subway down the
As you see I m making her comply more and more with each objection. This is buildi
ng the momentum so you can eventually say, My house is right around the corner. L
et s just get food there instead.
She s still resisting after this? No problem. Tell her you re going regardless.
She can come with you or she can stay there alone and lose you.
She s more likely to go now if she knows the fun is going to stop once you leave.
Don t act emotionally invested in her answer. She can come or she can stay. It doe
sn t matter to you. But she knows she will have more fun if she just goes.
At the House
So you finally got her home. Good for you. You re almost there, just don t fuck it u
Don t head straight for the bedroom. This will make her feel uncomfortable.
Perhaps pour her a drink, put a movie on or just sit on the couch and continue t
o game her.
You want her to warm up to your place and begin to feel comfortable so you can g
et her into your bedroom.
Moving to the Bedroom
So how do you get her from the living room to the bedroom?
Like I said before, don t explicitly state that sex is the motive.
Tell her you want to show her your hookah collection in your room. Say your DVD
player is in the room and you have to watch the movie in there. Just have an inn
ocent excuse ready to get her into the room.
Once the girl goes into the room, she won t just turn around and walk out. She kno
ws that once shes there, she submitted and gave in to you.
Now just show her what you wanted to show her and sit on the bed.
Show time. You re just one step away from sex, and that step is bedroom seduction.
Escalating to Sex
This is it! You got her into your room where sex will happen.
This step is the most important step in the process, because if you mess up here
it s all over.
You can mess up on any other step, come back and recover, but this step will det
ermine whether or not you get laid.
I ve broken this step down into an easy to follow, 6-step process for escalating d
irectly to sex. Learn this 6-step process and your success rate will shoot up dr
This step is like an art. It s so important that I could write about it for days.
It would literally take up this whole page!
So I wrote a whole book on this step and the 6-step sexual escalation process.
This book is completely free to read! Simply fill out the form below and I ll emai
l the book to you in a pdf format. As in added bonus I ll even throw in another bo
ok, Torrent s Guide to Online Dating!
I want to give you my two E-books, "6 Steps to Escalate to Sex" and "Torrent's G
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In my book, 6 Steps to Escalate to Sex, I talk about all 6 steps of the process
in-depth, I talk about any problems or obstacles that may arise at any point and
I cover every variable that will affect whether or not she ll give in to your sed
uctive advances.
Last Minute Resistance
Last Minute Resistance is exactly what it sounds like. Everything is going well
and you re just about to have sex, then she just decides she doesn t want to take th
at last step.
Women have a behavioral circuit hardwired into their brains that protect them fr
om getting pregnant by a man who won t stick around and protect them from the soci
al repercussions.
Most women will feel this urge to stop when sex is about to happen. It s your job
to ease her through it and let it happen naturally.
Token Resistance
Token resistance is fake resistance. When she playfully acts like she doesn t want
it or that she wants you to stop, but she really doesn t mean it, she s showing tok
en resistance.
This type of resistance is temporary. She has already decided she s going to have
sex with you but is showing the resistance anyway to make you chase her.
Women are programmed to be turned on by this chase. It goes down to a primal lev
el where the alpha male is trying to fuck her, she resists and then gives in.
When she s showing particularly strong token resistance, you just need to be more
persistent and diffuse it.
Just take it slow, take a step back, build more comfort and try to escalate agai
n in 5 minutes. Once she s ready, she ll give in.
Don t confuse real resistance with token resistance.
If she really doesn t want to have sex with you, you ll know. She ll say no in a serio
us tone, not a playful one, and be very stern about it.
NO means NO. Don t push it if you know it s absolutely not going to happen.
If your token resistance escalations keep failing, then you know she s not feeling
it. That s fine, she s not ready at this time, you can have her another night.
Stop Last Minute Resistance Before it Starts
One thing you can do now to avoid LMR later is to make her think you don t even pl
an on having sex with her.
You can take her home and say, I ll let you come in, but don t try anything! I have t
o get up early tomorrow. or you can say, I can t have sex with you tonight, you re too
These statements will let her know that you don t have sex on your mind and make h
er feel more at ease.
This way, when you do get hot and heavy, she ll feel like she s getting you to give
in to her rather than the other way around.
Dealing with her Objections
Girls will have objections and you ll have ways to overcome them. Your main focus
should be on changing her mood, not her mind. Remember, girls are emotional and
men are logical.
If she s resisting, it just means she s not ready yet. Take a step back and work you
r way up to attempting the escalation again.
When trying to sexually escalate, like trying to finger her for example, tell he
r it doesn t count as sex. Don t worry, we re not having sex, I just wanted to finger y
ou. it turns me on. This will make her feel a little more comfortable about it.
If she s having trouble with letting you take off her bra and panties. Just don t ta
ke it off. You don t need her bra to be off to have sex with her and panties can b
e moved to the side when the time comes.
If she sees you pulling out a condom, this can cause her to object as well. What
are you doing! I can t have sex with you! It s strange how the sight of a condom can
trigger LMR. Just be discreet about getting your condom. Don t let her see it. If
she asks what you re doing, just say you re being safe.
Three Techniques for Plowing Through Last Minute Resistance
1. One technique for dealing with LMR is called flipping the script. When she sa
ys you re not having sex, agree and tell her you promise you won t.
Try to make her super horny after this. Kiss along her neck and down her collar
bone, bite the inside of her elbow, slowly remove her clothes.
While doing this, try to flip the script and tell her, Don t get too excited, I m not l
etting anything happen!
The key is to switch roles, adopt the frame that she s the one trying to seduce yo
u and you re the one resisting. This is flipping the script.
Soon she ll buy into your frame and want the sex more than you do. The more you sa
y no, the more she ll want you.
This is known as the cat string theory. The cat doesn t care about the string layi
ng on the ground until you pull it away, in which case the cat jumps up and chas
es the string like it s chasing its prey. We want what we can t have.
When you flip the script and tell her she can t have you, she ll want you even more.
2. The second technique for dealing with LMR is called the push-pull technique.
Girls think with their emotional mind, but when they get horny enough, their ani
malistic side will come out and she will cease to think logically.
If you can get her crazy horny, this thinking will over-ride her last minute res
istance and make her give in.
You can accomplish this by escalating physically for short periods of time, then
stopping and averting your attention to something else. As if you were starting
to get her horny then got bored and stopped.
So you were pulling her in, then you pushed her away. You then continue to escal
ate again, then stop again. This is known as the push-pull.
If you re watching a movie in your bed, starting making out with her passionately
for a couple minutes, then abruptly stop and go back to watching the movie. Then
start giving her a sexual massage, then stop and watch the movie again. Then yo
u can start kissing down her neck, turning her on, then stop again.
Just keep pulling her in and pushing her away. This plays into the cat string th
eory again and will make her want you even more.
3. The third technique for blasting away LMR is called a freeze out.
This is a last resort. If none of the other techniques are working and her token
resistance is strong, then simply reject her completely.
Stop kissing her, stop escalating physically with her, stop showing her affectio
n, just roll over and read a book or something.
This is the point where you decide you don t care any more so now you ll just do you
r own thing.
Once she realizes she won t get any more attention from you, she ll start wanting it
back. She ll feel bad and decide she either has to give in or no longer receive t
he affection she craves.
Bonus points if you can whip it out and start masturbating in front of her. Tell
her she got you so horny, it s not fair, and since she won t help get you off you h
ave to get yourself off.
She ll see that you re having fun by yourself and naturally she ll want to join in.
This technique has worked for me on several occasions.
You don t need her for sex but she needs you for affection. Give her the ultimatum
in the form of a freeze out and she s yours.
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Other Aspects of Game
Text/Phone Game
When the lay doesn t happen that night and you just end up getting her phone numbe
r, that doesn t mean that the stages of seduction just go out the window! It simpl
y get s put on hold while you two are away from each other.
You will use your phone to continue building rapport with her and set up a date
where you two can get back together and pick up where you left off in the stages
of seduction.
Text and phone game are very important and you will use this a lot when picking
up women.
Women are comfortable with texting but you should be calling them as well to bui
ld attraction with your voice.
I have a written two very thorough guides on this site on both text and phone ga
me. I won t talk about it too much on this page but check out the links below to f
ind out more.
For a complete in-depth guide on text game, click here.
For a complete in-depth guide on phone game, click here.

Internet Game
Internet game, or picking up women using online dating web sites or social netwo
rking sites, is a useful tool you can use for meeting women.
For one, the women you will meet on these web sites are actively looking for men
, so that gives you an advantage right off the bat.
You can also demonstrate higher value before even talking to her by constructing
an attractive profile.
I talk about all of this and more in my E-book on internet dating. This is a ver
y long, in-depth book on all aspects of internet dating.
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The Dating Game

Going on dates with women is inevitable in the game. Unless you always get laid
the first night, you ll have to set up a date at a future time where you two can g
et to know each other.
Going on a date is one of the most exciting parts of the game and it s important t
o know how to rock them!
Using the stages of seduction on this page as well as the invaluable dating advi
ce offered in my guide to dates, your dating game will be rock solid.
To read my guide on how to have a successful date, click here.
When you find a girl you really like, you may decide to settle down and form a r
elationship with her. There is a lot to know about relationships that is complet
ely different than gaming while single.
In my guide on relationships, I will talk about the psychology of relationships,
how to begin and maintain relationships, how to deal with breakups and everythi
ng in between.