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Monday, May 22, 2017 @ 2PM (check-in) to Friday, May 26, 2017 @ 12PM (check-out)

MONDAY - MAY 22nd THURSDAY - MAY 2 5 t h
:: Check in & catch up with old friends :: Gathering at THE BUFFET at Pechanga Hotel
:: Reception Get-Together - Beer & Wine (Provided) - Time: 6pm
$30 per person payable at the Buffet
TU ESDAY - MAY 23rd :: Golf Journey at Pechanga - Price/Time: TBA
:: Pizza Dinner / Wine & Beer (Provided) - Time: 5PM
at Pechanga RV Clubhouse FRI DAY - MAY 2 6 t h
:: Organization Reps at Clubhouse - 10am-4pm :: Check out! Till next time...


:: Dinner / Wine & Beer (Provided) - Time: 5PM
at Pechanga RV Clubhouse
:: Organization Reps at Clubhouse - 10am-4pm
:: Wine & Brewery Tour - Time: TBA
Visit for more info
$100 per person with lunch including tip Check out LAFRA.ORG for more details on the above.
For information email


:: Pechanga Resort/Hotel reservation call (888) 732-4264 RV SPOTS AVAILABLE - RESERVE YOURS
:: For other Hotels call (323) 259-5235 by calling LAFRA (323) 259-5200

RSVP to after youve made your reservation.

On the cover: Structure Fire - Tujunga by David Doc DeMulle

Inset LAFD photo by: Major Emergency Commercial Fire

Downtown - Chris Conkle

2 May 2017

Hook and Ladder Enduro
More than 500 off-road enthusiasts rolled out for tons of fun
and semi-organized pandemonium at the 8th annual edition
of this desert classic ..............................................................06

2017 Los Angeles Marathon

The men and women of the LAFD made a strong commitment
to the success of this event, and a few put on their running
shoes for the WODFF ...........................................................08

LAFD/LAPD Celebrate St Baldricks

15th Anniversary
The Los Angeles Fire and Police Departments, and 200
shavees team up once again to fight kids cancer .................12

Presidents Message .........................................................................05
Battalion News .....................................................................................15
The Retired Guys ...............................................................................35
Department in Action ............................................................................37
Retirement Dinner Announcements ...................................................41
Station Fridge .......................................................................................42
Medal of Merit
Arroyo Seco jumper rescue ..........................................................43
Memorials ...........................................................................................45
Mailbox ...............................................................................................48
Dollars & Sense
Mike Mastro retires ......................................................................51
LAFD History
The Mountain Patrol .......................................................................53
Minutes of the Board of Trustees .....................................................56
Classifieds ...........................................................................................58
Tailboard ..............................................................................................61

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May 2017 3
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Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association
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Margaret Stewart, Brian Humphrey, Erik Scott

Art Sorrentino, Mike Mastro, Matt Mickey, Frank Borden, Jim Stiglich, Steve Ruda

David Blaire, Doc DeMulle, Greg Doyle, Harry Garvin,
Steve Gentry, Juan Guerra, Brian Haimer, Gavin Kaufman, Ryan Ling, Rick McClure,
Mike Meadows, Lloyd Payne, Jeff Zimmerman, Yvonne Griffin


Robert Steinbacher................................................President
Jeff Cawdrey ..................................................Vice-President
Andrew Kuljis ........................................................Secretary

Chris Hart Frank Aguirre Rick Godinez
Chris Stine Gayle Sonoda Steve Berkery
Craig White Gene Bednarchik Steve Ruda
Danny Wu Jim Duffy Steven Domanski
David Ortiz Joe Vigil Tim Freeman Jr.
David Peters John Jacobsen Tim Larson
Doak Smith Mike Sailhamer Tyler Tomich

To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at (213)
797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Tim Werle............................Chaplain Craig Poulson.....................Chaplain

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Becky Valverde Human Resources Administrator.....(323) 259-5247
Liberty Unciano Controller/Treasurer...................(323) 259-5225
Bob Dillon Operations Manager..............................(323) 259-5233
Marlene Casillas Development & Marketing Director(323) 259-5217
Ana Salazar Member Services Coordinator.............(323) 259-5223

HealthSCOPE Benefits
Claims & Benefit Information...................................(866) 99-LAFRA
THE FIREMENS GRAPEVINE (USPS 191-060) is published monthly by the Los Angeles Firemens
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4 May 2017
Welcome the shortest month with some of the longest days!

A huge thank you to Bruce Galien and Craig White ing we had no more RV spots available but there is plenty
for another successful Hook and Ladder Enduro! Well over of room at the hotel. Please call the hotel direct to book a
$40,000 was raised for the Widow, Orphans & Disabled room. And this event is close enough to all of SoCal that
Firemens Fund. I know Craig and Bruce have a lot of help just showing up for a day of fun and camaraderie would
out there for the weekend event. I would be remiss if I didnt be worthwhile. Again, a lot of volunteer time has gone into
thank all the volunteers for their time and efforts out in the putting together some great vendors to answer your medi-
desert. Bruce and Craig were presented a beautiful plaque cal, LAFRA, and pension questions at the Reunion.
by LAFRA Vice President Jeff Cawdrey, in appreciation for The first Thursday in June this year happens to
all of their years of hard work. fall on June 1st, so that will be the day we hold the
Another thank you to all of our volunteers who sup- Hope for Firefighters event. This is our 20th year run-
port LAFRA all year around. Juliet Brandolino put on a ning. We still have spots open for a few fire station
very nice volunteer appreciation luncheon at Maggianos food booths, so get your crew and your recipes togeth-
Little Italy in Woodland Hills last month. This was our way er, and contact Juliet Brandolino - (323) 259-5215 or
of saying thank to them for all of their hard work and efforts to sign up.
all year long. By the way, did you know that April is the of- We are at about the halfway point with our Yearbook
ficial acknowledge your volunteers month? photo sessions. The Fire Chief has graciously allowed for
And not to be forgotten, a huge thank you to Dave all members to sit for their photos on-duty. But please, if
Wagner and his army of volunteers who put on our best you miss your on-duty session, you will have to go on your
Health Fair to date! Many hours went into contacting mul- own. Remember that you can go to any site on any day off
tiple vendors to participate in this years event. In addition duty just show-up with your badge shirt between 0700
to our regular LAFRA Medical Plan vendors like Anthem, and noon. The remaining photo schedule can be found on
Express Scripts and VSP, he even had LAFDs Medical Li- page 14 of this issue or on the department calendar.
aison and AIMS, our Work Comp administrator, there to
provide information. This years event was held at FHMTC Be safe and be kind to each other!
to allow on-duty members to attend, but the attendance was
below what I would have expected for an event of this mag-
nitude. So here is my question to you, our members: If not
a health fair, how can LAFRA get you and your families Robert D. SteinTalker Steinbacher
involved in taking control and better understanding your
Medical Plan? 323.259.5200
Coming up later this month we are having our an-
nual Pechanga Reunion on May 22-26. At the time of print-

May 2017 5
aturday, March 18, 2017, dawned bright, was first on scene and made the notification. It was semi-organized pandemonium
with green grass, blue skies as scores of Craig White did an outstanding job running as 243 mixed up entries left the line. They all
motorhomes, campers and trailers con- the incident and Mike Horst was stellar with stopped at Teters Trailer where 19 volunteers,
verged near California City for the 8th annual communications. Our onscene ER doc, Jeffery led by Greg Stone and John Nowell, served up
Hook and Ladder Enduro. There was an air of Nordella, made sure all the protocols were fol- more than 700 Dirt Dogs
excited expectation as more than 500 entrants lowed. Rob was transported by helicopter to The awards ceremony, raffle and silent
registered to participate in one or more of the AV Hospital where he underwent surgery the auction were an outstanding success. All of
six classes: Two for motorcycles and one UTV next day and is expected to recover fully. you gave generously for the benefit of the Wid-
class on the big course and three classes - This incident put us more than an hour ows, Orphans & Disabled Firemans Fund. We
Dads & Kids, Powder Puff and Picnic - on the behind schedule. 73 UTVs and quads waited must have had some good raffle prizes as we
kids course. semi- patiently to start. When the green flag fi- sold 10,000 (yes - ten thousand!) raffle tickets.
0800 came early as 55 Varsity Class nally dropped, they were out the gate with no Thank you all for your generosity. Thank you
One A riders lined up for the start. They went time to waste. Then we had some down time to all our donors, sponsors and volunteers who
out 2 x 2 at 30 second intervals. Since this is as the course was being reset for the next three make this event successful.
not a race we dont recognize the fastest rid- classes. By the time we were ready to go, all Next year look for some changes in the
er, but a certain A/O at 29s (ex Honda team three of the next classes were at the start line, classes and format. In the interest of safety, we
Baja racer) set a blistering pace! Then 103 Jr. hungry for Dirt Dogs at Teters Trailer. are looking at ways to keep speeds down as this
Varsity Class One B riders (and some Var- Normally we run Dads & Kids and is meant to be a family event and not a race.
sity riders that dont like to get up early) left Powder Puff together, then Picnic class last. In addition, watch for the date as the weekend
the start line. This year it was a mosh pit of two, three and may change due to conflicts with other events
Unfortunately, we had a rider down four wheel vehicles of all classes anxious to in the area. Hope to see you in 2018.
with a broken femur. Due to HIPPA laws I can- start. In the interest of time, we decided to run
not use Rob Macs name, but if you have to go them all together - no times, just a check when
down in the desert, its best to do it with a cou- they started and finished.
ple hundred of the best first responders in the
world. Greg Pascolla, one of the sweep riders,

6 May 2017
May 2017 7
he Stadium to the Sea marathon was held on Sunday, March 19th. The course started at
Dodger Stadium and ended steps from the Santa Monica Pier. More than 25,000 athletes
from the US and more than 60 countries participated.
The men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department made a strong commitment to
the success of the 2017 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. Fire and rescue companies,
along with Bicycle Medic teams, were on hand to provide EMS to runners and onlookers in need
along the route.

8 May 2017
2017 LA Marathon
Course Markers
Starting Line at
Mile 1 - Dodger Stadium
Mile 2 - Cesar Chavez Blvd
Mile 3 - Downtown LA
Mile 4 - Disney Concert Hall
Mile 5 - Downtown LA
Mile 6 - Echo Park
Mile 7 - Silverlake
Mile 8 - Los Feliz
Mile 9 - Thai Town
Mile 10 - Hollywood Walk of Fame
Mile 11 - Graumans Chinese Theater
Mile 12 - Hollywood
Mile 13 - Sunset Strip
Mile 14 - West Hollywood
Mile 15 - Doheny Drive
Mile 16 - Rodeo Drive
Mile 17 - Century City
Mile 18 - Santa Monica Blvd
Mile 19 - Westwood
Mile 20 - VA/Purple Heart Hill
Mile 21 - Brentwood
Mile 22 - San Vicente & Bundy
Mile 23 - San Vicente & 26th
Mile 24 - San Vicente & 14th
Mile 25 - Ocean Ave/Palisades Park
Mile 26 - Santa Monica
Finish Line

May 2017 9
The LAFD marathon team had 19 runners and 12 two-
person relay teams competing in the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon.
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund was also par-
ticipating as an official charity partner. The L.A. Fire team had
a goal of raising $35,000 for the charity.


Third generation firefighter Mike McIndoe led the L.A. Fire

team in fundraising in preparation for the 2017 LA Marathon. The
goal was to raise $35,000 for WODFF by marathon day.
Mike saw this as an opportunity to give back to an organiza-
tion which provides comfort and security to firefighter families. Mike
says his family has been part of LAFRA since 1947. His dad Rich Warren Sutton & Mike McIndoe
retired as an engineer out of 69s, and grandfather George retired as
an engineer out of 63s.
I grew up in an LAFD family so I was exposed to the career
at an early age. Its pretty hard not to want to be a firefighter when you
get to go for rides on fire engines as a kid, Mike says.
On the job for 12 years, Mike is a Captain I at FS 88-B as the
adjutant on Command 42. Command 42 covers the Valley Bureau as
a 24-hour assistant chief command team. Mikes boss, Chief Patrick
Butler, also ran the full Stadium to the Sea marathon, and he too is
credited with encouraging event participation.
At Malibu High Mike played water polo and swam. He did
triathlons in college but his first race beyond a 5K was last years 10K
Run to Remember Los Angeles, where LAPD, LA Sheriffs, LAFD
and LA County Fire ran to show support for First Responders who
lica Patino
have made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives in the line of duty. Jose Vidrio & Ange
Denise Schlegel, Freelance Writer


Vanessa Bustamante never considered herself to be athletic.

She says she never ran before 2005, ever. After one of her friends ran
a marathon, she decided it was something shed like to do too, so she
added it to her bucket list.
The wife of Chris Bustamante, Captain II at FS 75, Vanessa
works part-time credentialing doctors and anesthesiologists. She
finds time to run whenever she can but its usually very early in the
Although Vanessa didnt start running until she turned 35, that
same year she completed her first marathon. That was in 2005 and
since then shes completed 15 full marathons and 33 half marathons.
Vanessa has proven to be somewhat of a fundraising whiz.
She was the first to surpass her fundraising goal and go above $1,000.
Its just about getting out there with either text messages, email,
Facebook or whatever social media you have that also helps.
Its an everyday reality that my husband can get hurt on the
job, says Vanessa. Ive seen friends who have gotten hurt. The Relief
has always been there to help support the family so its a really good
thing to run in support of the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens

Denise Schlegel, Freelance Writer

Vanessa & Chris Bustamante
10 May 2017

Scott Hambly is stationed at 37s. He has been on the job for

11 years. He is also an elite runner, roughly a 2:18 marathoner. He has
run in more than 30 full marathons.
On a normal day hes up at 2:50 a.m. Scott runs for two hours
before work and says he typically runs from Brentwood into Venice.
After work, he runs more on a treadmill at the station.
Its commitment but its neat because it doesnt affect the
family since theyre sleeping. On my off-duty days is when I really do
the workouts, Scott says.
He feels safe when hes out running when most people are Scott Hambly & Clayton Hogan
still asleep because he has lived in dangerous parts of the world and
he basically trusts people. Ive never had any issues, minus a couple
close calls with cars. During the time that I run in the mornings theres
no one around and its quiet and peaceful.
Scott started running at age seven. Kind of my whole life Ive
just run. Its just this weird thing my dad taught me, but not competi-
tive running until after college.
During the CIM Marathon in Sacramento in December of
2015, Scott needed a qualifying time of 2:18 to qualify for the Olym-
pic Trials which were to be held a few months later in Los Angeles. At
mile six he tore his upper hamstring right off the bone. I had to walk
and watch all my friends run in the Olympic Trials . . . its a tough
sport for sure. Scott says he has very high hopes to get himself in the
next Olympic Trials where the qualifying time for men is sub 2 hours The Marathon Team
18 minutes. Runners

Denise Schlegel, Freelance Writer


Nick Riddall is an engineer at Fire Station 21. He has been a

firefighter for 15 years. Hes also a seasoned marathon runner - the
2017 L.A. Marathon was his 10th.
Ive always thought it would be really nice to have firemen
running. I know a bunch of the guys who do run. Having the Widows
& Orphans in the mix is great because we can actually support our
own cause. This is why I jumped at it when I heard about this, Nick
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nick grew up seeing the L.A.
Marathon each year but never paid much attention to it. He was more
interested in soccer and thats how he stayed fit. He took notice though
when his mom ran the marathon, but it wasnt until after the birth of
his own son that Nick realized running the marathon was something
he really wanted to do too.
Nick heads to work early and goes for runs. When hes at work
he runs on the treadmill. When he gets off work he tries to run again
before going home.
Over the weekends, you just fit it in whenever you can. With
a firefighters schedule though its hard to stick to a hard and fast
schedule, but I always feel so much better after I run.

Denise Schlegel, Freelance Writer

Nick Riddall
May 2017 11
he Los Angeles Fire and Police De- time and services. The fire and police apparatus LAFD and Civil Air Patrol Cadets were on
partments have teamed up valiantly to- were highlighted by LAPD SWATs Bearcat hand to logistically insure that the day went
gether for 15 years to fight kids cancer. and LAFD Firefighter Ryan Penrod delighted smoothly.
By partnering with the St. Baldricks Founda- the crowd with Wilshire the Fire Dogs fire One of the pleasant surprises this year
tion, firefighters and police officers shave their safety routine. Precious Pixs Laura Lichter was the appearance of retired LAFD Captain
heads to raise vital funds to support childhood worked with LAPD Motor Officer Laura Ger- Waldie Brangham, who founded the event 15
cancer research. This years event, held on ritson to set up a photo booth using her electric years ago. He smiled ear to ear as he watched
March 4th at Fire Station 89 in North Holly- LAPD dirtbike as a unique prop in order to raise another highlight of the day as brave six year
wood, was another huge success, as more than even more money. As always Kelly Khoury old Lindsey Heath had her head shaved by
$70K has been raised so far to battle the num- of KENK USA insured there were plenty of her best friend and honored kid Hazel Ham-
ber one killer of children in the United States. drinks and snacks for everyone throughout the mersely, who is still fighting the good fight
Over 200 brave souls were shaved from day. An amazing honored kids booth and suc- against cancer.
7:30 am to 1:00 pm, including the members cessful silent auction/raffle were organized by The St. Baldricks Foundation,
of the public and even women and children! the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Unions LAFD, and LAPD would like to thank all the
In a display of leadership and solidarity, Fire Laura Hixson and Kevin Le. participants and supporters for the event
Chief Ralph Terrazas and Councilmember Paul The only setback this year was the ab- over the years such as those previously men-
Krekorian joined together on stage to shave sence of the UCLA Blood Mobile which en- tioned, in addition to the Jay Leno Foundation,
fire and police noggins with Moni Meza and countered mechanical problems en route to Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association,
students from Avena Institute of Los Angeles, the event. However, in true supporting fashion Firefighters First Credit Union, and Los
and celebrity barbers Patrika Darbo of Days Vicky Nguyen and her UCLA blood donor staff Angeles Police Protective League. The monies
of Our Lives and Michael Campion of Fuller still participated in the days festivities which generated come from the hard work of the wpar-
House. included LAFD Cadet Stephen Celis Eagles ticipants reaching out to sponsors who either
The crowd enjoyed the Pancake Fac- cover band Dark Desert Highway and DJ/ give them cash or checks, or donate online at
tory/Coffee Bean pancake/sausage breakfast LAFD Firefighter Greg Balandran working to-
prepared on UFLACs Mother Of All Barbe- gether to create a musically festive atmosphere. (HINTYou can still donate online).
cues in the shelter of a giant canopy donated The crowd enjoyed shopping for apparel at the In 15 years, the event has raised more
by ACE Party Rents in North Hollywood. The Fire Attire and City Employee Club of Los An- than $1.1 million dollars, and we look forward
kids were all smiles as they were entertained geles booths, chatting with the World Police/ to seeing you all next year!
by Betsy Quezadas face painting and Magic Fire Games and North Hollywood Northeast
Castle magicians who graciously donated their Neighborhood Council representatives. The

12 May 2017
May 2017 13
Your Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association is preparing a 110th Anniversary Yearbook for distribution later this year. The highlight of the publication
will be a head & shoulder portrait of every active, sworn member.
The Fire Chief has agreed to allow on-duty photo sessions for all members and these will run from March 15th until May 23rd. If you are unable to attend
an on-duty photo session, you may go to any site on any day while off-duty. The photo sessions start early (0700 - 1200) so that you can stop by any convenient
site on your way home in the morning. For Inspectors and Special Duty members, in addition to days scheduled specifically for you, you can go to any field site on
any day. The photo schedule is available on the department calendar and at the bottom of this page.

Last Month of Photo Sessions

If you missed your on-duty photo session, attend one of the sessions off-duty.
You can go to ANY site on ANY day just show up!

Packages of 8x10, 5x7, 4x6 and wallet sized prints of your portrait will be available for
purchase. Add-ons are a great way to add additional poses - wearing your turnouts, helmet, etc and can
be taken as time permits. Add-ons will only be available with the purchase of a package.

14 May 2017
On February 25, 2017, FF Jack Albert married his sweetheart Brittany Kramer. The
guys from 10s are protecting the cake. Tradition! Photos by Valerie Lawrence

The guys from FS 4 take a break from a hard day of drilling

Santino Marcione promoted to Captain I at FS 3-A

Engine 17 after the Central fire on 3/12/17. Photo by John Conkle

May 2017 15
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Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
Contact your plan provider to verify.
16 May 2017
James Sprinkel promoted to A/O at FS 3-C Brian Stehmeier promoted to Engineer at FS 4-A

Structure fire with Hazmat in the 2700 blk of Washington Bl on 3/10/17. LAFD photo by Dan Curry

May 2017 17
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18 May 2017
ine that, an A/O at 10s makes Captain and So, with a couple of crashes, a few bangs, and
doesnt put on a dinner . . . a deadbeat for 34 a couple broken flower pots, our man of the
years, say it aint so! hours gets himself into the window, but he is
Now, if you take a look at this picture having a hard time getting that little extra push
I saw on the internet, it makes me think that or pull to get his lower half up and through.
Greetings to all the Sinners and Saints there must be a new policy I must have missed Whilst our man is struggling, he feels someone
of Battalion 2. It has been awhile since the last on Target Solutions because it appears that this grab him by the back of his belt and pull him
article was written for Battalion 2 news, in particular 800 series RA, actually 850 to be ex- the rest of the way through. When our hero is
fact before I came on the job. Go Figure. But act, took the prime spot right smack in front finally in, the rookie and Cappy lean over to
I thought since there has been some chatter on of the structure that was on fire. They were first check and make sure he is OK. Our man of the
Facebook about how nobody writes Battalion on scene, so why not spot the RA appropriate- hour asks why did guys break in the door, the
news in the Grapevine anymore, Id step up. ly? Must be a candidate studying for Captain window was open? The rookie replied, yeah .
So, I work enough SOD around, and I or just someone that likes to be in charge. Call . . and so was the front door. I wasnt there,
can get some good stories to make a good write 50s for further details. but that how I heard it. Turns out nobody was
up - I hope. There have been a lot of comings I hear that Engine 12 got dispatched to a home. Call 12s and ask them.
and goings in the Battalion lately. Im sure I person down or something. There was a health That is all I have, but please, if you have
wont get everyone but welcome to Marty Mul- care provider on scene who hadnt heard from a story, send it to
len, who comes to 50s from the land far away the patient alleged to be inside for some time And never let the truth get in the way of a good
called LAX. Carlos Caceres comes to 1s from and was worried that something was wrong. story.
down south at 33s. Eric Thompson leaves 50s Well, with a rookie on board, Cappy turns to
to head back to 10s. And Eric, while you are at his senior firefighter and tells him find a way Stay Safe, yours truly.
10s, can you please ask around if ART SUESS in. At last our hero finds an open window, and Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding
ever put on his promotional dinner from 1983? figuring that since the rookie aint with him,
Some old old-timer asked me to ask this. Imag- hell show him up and just crawl in on his own.

On 3/28/17, firefighters remove victim from a pick-up after a T/A at Marengo St & Mission Rd.
Photo by Rick McClure

May 2017 19
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20 May 2017
Dale Le Cesne promoted to Captain II at FS 50-A 800 in the prime spot

The Boomerang is what the Heavy

Rescue is fondly known as from time to time.
Its sad to say but this time the Hook wont
be returning to the quarters of Fire Station 56
after April 1st. This is no April Fools joke. It
is sad to think that our beloved Hook wont
be here to participate in the cooking rotation,
help with cleaning, getting advice from our
30-plus-year members assigned to the Hook.
Let me say, without a doubt, this command will
miss the extra hands that have given support to
this station.
On another note, even as some leave,
we give a warm welcome to newly promoted
Engineer Dane Bulmer. This guy loves to bring
us donuts - what are we cops? Thanks Dane.
As we in Battalion 5 get ready for annual in-
spection, the members around the battalion al-
ways produce and introduce new projects, no
matter how busy they get. I believe the LAFD
pride is like an air bubble. . . it always rises to
the top.
Special thanks to Tom LaBonge for treating the
guys to dinner. That guy is a class act.

Let us all be smart, and if youre not . . . act


Former Councilmember Tom LaBonge treats 56s to dinner

May 2017 21

THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 2017 - FROM 11:30 AM TO 2:30 PM

Benefiting your

Delicious food, fun & prizes

& FRIENDS The official charity of the
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

22 May 2017
For more information visit
CONTACT: Juliet Brandolino (323) 259-5215
10 bells and a flag ceremony for Capt Larry Gimenez (ret) at FS 48

ciation 114s with a front gear failure on landing at VNY. Photo by Greg Doyle

May 2017 23
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(800) 244-3439
P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041
24 May 2017
On 3/11/17, companies handled an acre of brush in Sherman Oaks. Photo by Mike Meadows

E 90 with two vehicles on fire behind 8647 Sepulveda Bl on 3/27/17. Photo by Rick McClure

May 2017 25
Boy Scout Troop 139 helps with improving the landscape in front of Fire Station 88

Birmingham High hosted a campaign against drunk driving with the LAFD and LAPD OVBs.

26 May 2017
FS 26-C with Chief Fligiel and their newly promoted Capt II, Tyer Dixon

Chad Miller promoted to A/O at FS 29-C Daniel Diaz promoted to Engineer at FS 29-C

May 2017 27
Structure fire at 1303 S Catalina St on 4/2/17. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

On 4/3/17, companies worked a fire in an apartment

James Sundermann promoted to Engineer at FS 29-C building on Berendo St. Photo by Rick McClure

28 May 2017
One unit on the 4th floor of 15523 Rayen St on 4/2/17. Photo by Greg Doyle

Five injured in a 3 car T/A on Big Tujunga Cyn on 3/11/17. Photo by Rick McClure

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May 2017 29
MTA bus crash at Sepulveda and Nordhoff on 3/22/17. Photo by Rick McClure

On 3/20/17, E 98 with an auto on Filmore St. Photo by Rick McClure

Structure fire at 6644 Valmont St on 2/26/17. Photo by David Doc DeMulle

30 May 2017
E 46 with an auto on MLK Bl. On 3/24/17. Photo by Rick McClure

E 70 handles an auto at 10725 Lindley Ave on 3/22/17. Photo by Rick McClure

May 2017 31
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32 May 2017
Select LAFD members were recognized by Northridge Hospitals
Golden Hour Guild on 3/26/17. LAFD Photo by Cody Weireter

FS 61 honors Capt Sterling Johnson (ret) who passed away on 4/3/17, with a flag ceremony.

TF 94 at 8th and Vernon Avenues on 3/11/17. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

May 2017 33
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12521 El Dorado Place,

Victorville, CA 92392
Phn: 1-800-971-4808
Fax: 1-800-971-4809

34 May 2017
any years ago, I had the pleasure our trainin regiment. I was somewhat excited, ence. The lesson I learned from this experience
of working with Bill Gerke at 33s. because I figured Id be so whacked out that Id was, never, and I mean never, will I ever run
Bill was a excellent fireman, with forget about the pain in my achin knees and another marathon!
an easy goin manner and a light-hearted atti- hips. Bill eventually went out to the Valley
tude. A good guy to be around. Bill was always Well, unfortunately the pain wasnt and worked at 87s, 91s, 98s and 107s. He
involved in outdoor activities, such as runnin goin to be cured that quickly or easily. Bill also started building homes. I think he may
and bicycle ridin. told me that LONG, SLOW, DISTANCE was have started the House Flippin craze. I saw
Bill then planted the seed in my head the secret to our trainin routine. We didnt need one of the first homes he built for himself,
to run a marathon and actually talked me into to run a blisterin pace, but if we maintained a which was bigger than big and just as nice. I
trainin for this monumental event. So, for comfortable easy pace we would live to cross would have been happy to retire in that house
many weeks we met off duty and ran our- the finish line. but Bill had bigger plans. He went on to build a
selves into the ground. It wasnt the best way to Although we didnt set a worlds re- few more, each of which were sold.
spend a day off, but Bill made it bearable and cord, we did complete the race and lived to Many years passed and I sort of lost
reminded me that L.S.D was the key factor in eventually tell our children about the experi- touch with Bill. After Bill retired a few years
ago, he and his family moved to Boise, Idaho.
A few months ago Bill got in touch with me,
sendin me a picture of him and some other
retired and active firemen that are also livin
in Boise. This group, affectionately known as
The Golden Boys from California, gets to-
gether each month for breakfast. Actually, I
made up that name up, but they are offerin a
$10,000 reward for anyone who has an updated
road map showin the way back to California.
I told Bill he dont need no stinkin road map
because they now have this thing called GPS.
He told me he has one of them contraptions, but
he said the antenna on their roof dont pick up
the satellite signal. Go figure.


The Boise Breakfast Club. L to R: Bill Gerke, retired from 107s, Larry Hartman, retired from The Department of the
Navy is now assignin fe-
70s, George Ross, retired from Rescue Maintenance, Paul Tanner, retired from the FPB, Scott
males to quarters in a sepa-
Steffes, retired from 107s, Ron Grote, active at FS 99, Bill Grote (Rons Dad) retired from 96s.
rate private OFF LIMITS
area on all aircraft carries.
Addressin all boat person-
nel at Pearl Harbor, a CINCPAC representative
advised, The female sleepin quarters will be
out-of-bounds for all males. Anybody caught
breakin this rule will be fined $20 for the first
The representative continued, Any-
body caught breakin this rule a second time
will be fined $50. Bein caught a third time will
cost you $100. Are there any questions?
At this point, a Marine Gunnery Ser-
geant, from the security detail assigned to the
ship stood up and inquired, How much for a
season pass?

FS 33 in 1983. Back, L to R: Chief Al Shultz, Bill Witcher, Joe Foley, Don Conkrite, Bill Browne, AC
SOD Capt, Richard Olsen, Chris Hoff, Larry Haisley and Bill Gerke. KEEP SMILIN!
Front, L to R: Jean Sampson, Chief Orduna, Div. II Secretary Patty Campbell, Al Cowan, Clerk
Typist Lorna McGregor, Robert Gladden, Chief Mike Mitchell and Paul Hilzer (SOD).
May 2017 35
36 MayCA 93065
2017 (805) 404-5900
Photos by David Doc DeMulle

Firefighters confined a structure fire at 7053 Greeley

Street in Tujunga to three rooms in one unit on the first floor
of a two-story apartment building. One person was found de-

NY: ceased at the scene on April 1, 2017.

00 May 2017 37
Photos by David DeMulle, John Conkle, Chris Conkle

38 May 2017
At 6:32PM, companies responded to 815 S Central Ave to find a 6,000 square-foot, one story commercial building with heavy fire showing through the roof. Conditions dictated
defensive firefighting operations and firefighters employed ladder pipes, portable monitors and 2 inch hand lines, attacking the fire from all angles.
The open building housed multiple vendors and contained large, bulky storage which created a heavy fire load, driving the intense flames. A large quantity of chili peppers
burning in the structure added an irritant to the smoke. While the bulk of the fire was contained in just over an hour, the fire extended into the attic in locations difficult to reach with the
exterior water application.
More than 190 firefighters waged battle for nearly two hours before gaining the upper hand. Firefighters contained the flames to the unit of origin and protected adjacent
businesses from harm.

May 2017 39
South Los Angeles
Photos by Mike Meadows & Yvonne Griffin

Firefighters battled a gas-fed inferno April 3, 2017, at a commercial food processing plant in South Los Angeles. The fire was reported about 8:10 p.m. at South Compton Avenue
and East 41st Street. The building is the plant for Proportion Foods, which marinates, cooks and processes a variety of meats at the 75,000-square-foot facility.
The flames quickly spread into the ceiling and attic before bursting through the roof, as a gas line in the ceiling helped to drive the blaze and complicate the efforts of the more
than 170 firefighters at the scene. Small explosions were also audible, which officials attributed to the propane tanks on forklifts inside.

40 May 2017
JOHN VIDOVICH, Deputy Chief - B
SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2017
Ports OCall
City Club (Hollywood Room)
1200 Nagoya Way, San Pedro CA
555 S Flower St, Los Angeles CA
Social Hour - 6:30 PM Dinner - 7:30 PM
Social Hour - 5:30 PM Dinner - 6:30 PM
Beef, Fish or Vegetarian - $55 per person
King Salmon - $65 includes tax, tip & gift
Call Leticia Gonzalez - (213) 447-4280 or
Call FS 88 - (818) 756-8688 or
Renee Ramirez - (213) 978-3588.
Disaster Response Section - (818) 756-9677
RSVP by May 17, 2017
Spouses are cordially invited.

ERIC STRODE, Firefighter III, FS 80-C

ALICIA WELCH, Battalion Chief
Marina Del Rey Marriott
The Reef 4100 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey CA
880 S Harbor Scenic Dr, Long Beach CA
Reception - 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Social Hour - 6:00 PM Dinner - 7:00 PM Dinner - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Dancing - 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
$65 per person includes meal, tax & gift
$60 pp includes tax, tip & gift
Call Rose Mercado - (213) 893-9857 Call Leonard Sedillos, 80-C - (310) 872-9380
All are welcome! or Levisa Wade - (213) 709-6817
Spouses are cordially invited.

Recent Retirements

John E. Sullivan 02/09/1987 03/17/2017 Captain I, Medical Liaison Unit
Emile W. Mack 09/10/1978 06/10/2016 Assistant Chief, Operations Valley Bureau
Reynaldo M. Delgado 04/20/1980 03/25/2017 Firefighter III, FS 42-A
Taylor A. Gaskins 09/14/1986 09/30/2017 Engineer, FS 112-A
Ricky E. Terrell 12/14/1986 02/28/2017 Fire Inspector I, Fire Prevention
Steven S. Fernando 12/18/1983 03/04/2017 Firefighter III, Paramedic
Joseph L. Castro 09/10/1978 03/31/2017 Deputy Chief, Emergency Operations
Michael T. Little 04/07/1985 03/31/2017 Assistant Chief, Homeland Security

May 2017 41
42 May 2017
arly in the evening of Thursday, Decem- The Medal of Merit shall be awarded spicuous act of bravery with calculated risk to
ber 17, 2015, Engine 12 was dispatched to sworn personnel who distinguish themselves his or her own life. Having met all these quali-
to the Avenue 52 bridge over the Arroyo by performing an act where the members ac- fications, Shin Black, Zach Robinson, Daniel
Seco Wash in Mt. Washington. A 25-year old tions, if not taken, would have resulted in seri- Goen and Timothy Aguayo were awarded with
man was threatening to jump from the bridge. ous injury or present imminent danger to life. Medals of Merit.
When the unit arrived on scene, the jumper was The member must have demonstrated a con-
crouched on the edge of the bridge on the op-
posite side of the three-foot guardrail, his torso
hanging off the bridge and his hands gripping
the railing. Had he jumped, the fall would have
been approximately 30 feet onto dry concrete.
Intending to coax the jumper back to
safety, Captain Shin Black attempted to es-
tablish a rapport with him, but his efforts only
seemed to agitate the erratic and unpredictable
jumper. While engaged with Black, he ap-
peared to step off the bridge.
From where the firefighters were stand-
ing at the top of the bridge, it looked as if the
man had jumped. But when they rushed for-
ward, they found him still dangling from the
bridge, gripping the railing with one hand.
With no safety equipment other than
brush jackets and helmets, and at great person-
al peril, firefighters Zach Robinson and Daniel Captain Shin Black FF Daniel Goen
Goen braced themselves against the railing and
attempted to lift the jumper, who weighed ap-
proximately 275 pounds, back over the railing
to safety. But because he had gone completely
limp, Robinson and Goen were pulled forward
and nearly tumbled over themselves. Black
tugged at their belts, but he too, was pulled
forward by the dead weight of the jumper. All
the while, the firefighters were attempting to
console the man, who repeatedly stated he was
tired and wanted to give up.
As the group edged further over the
railing, Engineer Timothy Aguayo rushed to
their aid. Working together, all four members
of Engine 12 were able to haul the jumper to
safety, securing him back on the sidewalk until
LAPD and CHP units could arrive to assist.
The jumper was transported to the hos-
pital. His life was saved only because of the
quick and selfless actions of the members of
Engineer Timothy Aguayo FF Zachariah Robinson
Engine 12.

May 2017 43
What Station Will Be This Years Champion?

TUESDAY, MAY 2nd, 2017

8AM to approximately 4PM - B SHIFT

Hjelte Sports Center Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex
16200 Burbank Boulevard - Encino, CA 91436 6201 Balboa Blvd. - Encino, CA 91316


includes t-shirt & lunch

Only 32 teams can play, first come, first served!

Team registration Deadline is April 21, 2017
*Check website for game schedule starting April 26, 2017

The LAFD BBQ Team headed by Mark Curry and Greg Pascolla


Contact Keith or Steve for details...
Additional T-Shirts $15ea.
can be purchased online
The ofcial charity of the
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

44Bandy, FS 64A (714) 745-7078
May 2017 Steve Romas, FS 73B (818) 800-0486 Additional Contact: Bill Bringas, FS 23C (805) 660-7473

Billy J. Miser, Chief Helicopter Pilot.
Appointed January 2, 1962. Retired on a disability pension July 20, 1989 from Helicopter Unit. Passed away March 16, 2017.

Donald E. Sampson, Firefighter III.

Appointed May 19, 1958. Retired on a service pension June 30, 1990 from FS 23-C. Passed away March 16, 2017.

John J. Haver, Engineer.

Appointed November 4, 1973. Retired on a service pension January 30, 2001 from FS 8-C. Passed away March 20, 2017.

Lawrence M. Gimenez, Captain I.

Appointed April 8, 1961. Retired on a service pension April 13, 1986 from FS 48-A. Passed away March 22, 2017.

John F. Rooney, Battalion Chief.
Appointed July 2, 1951. Retired on a service pension June 29, 1980 from Batt 4-B. Passed away March 24, 2017.

T: Donald G. Wyse, Fire Inspector.

p Appointed April 1, 1957. Retired on a service pension November 3, 1988 from Builidng Stds. Passed away March 25, 2017.

Clarence W. Scott Jr., Fire Inspector.

Appointed May 19, 1958. Retired on a service pension January 20, 1985 from FPB Vly Ind. Passed away March 26, 2017.

Alicia L. Mathis, Captain I.

Appointed December 19, 1989. Retired on a service pension June 19, 2015 from FS 112. Passed away March 27, 2017.

Norman E. Fehle, Fireman.

Appointed September 1, 1962. Retired on a service pension September 9, 1982 from Arson-B. Passed away March 28, 2017.

Sterling T. Johnson, Captain I.

Appointed December 14, 1980. Retired on a service pension June 30, 2016 from FS 61-A. Passed away April 3, 2017.

Lawrence D. Schneider, Battalion Chief.

Appointed June 21, 1954. Retired on a service pension April 30, 2007 from Batt 9-C. Passed away April 6, 2017.

Josephine Orcutt, surviving spouse of Richard V. Orcutt, passed away March 17, 2017.
Marilyn D. Bomicino, surviving spouse of William J. Bomicino, passed away March 20, 2017.
Gloria O. Price, surviving spouse of Arthur L. Price, passed away March 24, 2017.
on Katherine Patapoff, spouse of Paul P. Patapoff, passed away March 30, 2017.
Barbara L. Peters, surviving spouse of Ralph L. Peters, passed away April 1, 2017.

7473 May 2017 45

46 May 2017
Cool and foggy up in Oxnard. Golf course was in good condition and the greens, although sanded, were fast.

Thirty players from our LAFD Golf Club versus thirty players from the Los Angeles County
Golf Club met at Los Serranos Country Club in Chino for our annual Maltese Cup Match Play
Tournament. Your LAFD Golf Club wins by a margin of 59 to 31. Below is the results of our
individual tournament.

May 2017 47
Send your letters & comments to the editor at: LAFRA -

I was injured at a fire as a rook-

ie, and was unconscious for several
hours. When I woke up, Chief Schnei-
der was at my bedside. He made sure
the nurses knew that I was one of LA
LAFRA conducted herself with strength and Citys finest, and that I should get the
dignity. I will miss her. finest care. He looked out for me after
Rest in Peace Billy Jack (Billy that, including allowing me to drive
J. Miser). You certainly deserve that. John Dallas him whenever George went on a de-
You are one the kindest people I have Sunland, CA tail. I got caught in the kitchen many
ever known. And you could outfly me nights with him where he told fire sto-
365 days a year. Thank you so much ries and shared his experiences, which
for your friendship and wisdom. LAFRA ultimately increased my understand-
ing and situational awareness of emer-
Jack Davis I had the pleasure of working gency operations.
Tarzana, CA with Sterling [Johnson] at 61s. Good What I remember most is his
man, great cook, epic snorer and al- love for the job, and how well he treat-
ways smiling. Nothing was more im- ed me at a time when our Department
Captain Kuljis, portant to Sterling than his family. His was not so nice.
love for them and pride in their accom-
Thank you so much for the ex- plishments made its way into every Rest In Peace Chief
pression of condolence on the passing conversation. This is very sad news.
of our father, Emil Oldar, Engineer re- He left this earth way too soon. Rest in Roy Harvey
tired Station 48. He and the family peace my friend. Los Angeles, CA
have great pride in the public service
given through his many years in the Jeff Elder
fire service. We are further honored by Los Angeles, CA LAFRA
the gift of the memorial flag and cer-
emony of his fellow firefighting broth- I am the daughter of retired
ers and sisters in fostering this special LAFRA - LAFD Captain George A. Bauman.
gift. My Dad worked with Larry [Schnei-
Sterling [Johnson] was in my der] at the beginning of his career
Honored, first house as a rookie and one of my and again after he became a Captain
favorites. When I saw him over the towards the end of his career. Dad al-
The Oldar Family years, he always had a smile ready. He ways spoke so highly of the time spent
Ontario, CA was such a proud father, we heard all with Larry on the department. At home
about his sons football games at Boi- we enjoyed many stories that came out
se St. Such a sad day. Thoughts to his of their time together. I have had the
LAFRA - family. pleasure of meeting Larry. My hus-
band, retired Fire Fighter, Rick Reyes,
Alicia Mathis was a great lady; Margaret Stewart worked with Larry Jr. at Station 50s
gone much too early. I had the plea- Fallbrook, CA for a couple of years. Larrys very long
sure of working with Alicia when she career and dedication to the LAFD
ran the Recruitment Unit. She always Family is impressive to say the least.

48 May 2017
I was very touched when he and Larry
Jr. were with Dad and our family at
Moms memorial gathering. He was a
mentor for Dad and a true-blue friend
for many years. He will be missed.

Pam (Bauman) Reyes

Whittier, CA


My Dad, Max Myers, had

worked with Chief Schneider back
in the good ole days as he used to
say. So when my husband, Don Pa- Frank and Laura thought they had plenty of time to get an
one, worked with Chief Schneider at
9s, I always included my Dad for any
Estate Plan. But when Frank passed away unexpectedly, Laura
station holiday meals when Schnei- realized they were not prepared.
der was working. Those two long lost
friends would get together in a corner Five Key Steps:
and reminisce. Always amazed the
stories they could remember like yes- 1. Pick a planner. Word-of-mouth references are a good place to start, but you
terday. Im sure some would raise an should always take time to research credentials, experience, on-going education
eyebrow today but good to see them levels and select the Estate Planning professional that best suits your needs. When
have the opportunity to reconnect. comparing costs make sure you know all the documents included and services
provided so you compare apples to apples. Each planner may break it down
Daran Paone differently.
Lake Elsinore, CA
2. Assemble a team. Your estate planning professional can advise you about
contacting a tax expert, an accountant and someone who can give you advice about
charitable giving.
3. Compile documents. Ask your attorney or other Estate Planning professional
I was one of the fortunate ones what you'll need to bring to the first meeting. Its usually just a few simple
to have worked with Larry [Schneider] documents and could include the deed(s) to your property, insurance policies,
in several assignments. I am sure we retirement accounts and a proper I.D.
will never find anyone more dedicated 4. Ask for guidance. When you meet with members of your team, describe your
to the fire service and firefighting, al- goals and ask about the best way to reach them.
ways willing to share his knowledge
and experience. He was always gener- 5. Cover all the bases. Understand the options when considering a will or trust,
ous and caring with people in need and durable power of attorney, a living will, a health care power of attorney, trusts for
will be missed by all. Rest in peace your children, your charity and even yourself.

John Comerford For your Getting Started Kit contact

Palos Verdes Estates, CA Marlene Casillas, Development & Marketing Director, at
(323) 259-5217 or email
May 2017 49
Los Angeles Retired Fire & Police Association
Annual Barbecue
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
12:00 Noon 3:00 PM
1025 Elysian Park Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90012

The General Membership Meeting begins at 10:00AM

Barbecue will immediately follow the meeting.

Please call the Association office at (888) 288-5073 if you have any questions.
Sorry, no telephone reservations will be accepted.

The deadline for reservations is May 29, 2017

Please return the bottom portion with your

reservation payment to:

Los Angeles Retired Fire & Police Association

9521 Las Tunas Drive Suite 4, Temple City, CA 91780

All Members and their families are welcome to attend!

***Tickets are $5.00 Per Person***

Name_____________________________________________ Phone ( ) ________________________________

Number of Adults:________ Children:_________ Amount Enclosed:________ Check Number:________

Please choose one of the following: Fire_______ Police_______

Payments are not refundable, No exceptions.

Please RSVP by May 29, 2017

50 May 2017
On April 14, 2017 long time CEO Mike The dream of becoming a firefighter never happened-
Mastro worked his last shift at Firefighters First however as we know, that hard working young man
Credit Union. would grow up to be-
Mikey Mastro first come the CEO of what
came to us as a young began as a small col-
shoeshine boy work- lective of firefighters
ing in front of old fire working together above
station 28 in down- that old fire station
town Los Angeles into what is now the
(where the old Los premier exclusive fire-
Angeles Firemens fighter credit union in
Credit Union be- the country-Firefighters
gan) shining boots First Credit Union.
for firefighters and Congratulations on a legendary career Mike!
shoes for business Your dedication and leadership has been exemplary.
people at 5 cents a pair. As a May you have a long, healthy and happy retirement!
young lad in the late 1930s Mikey would wake up
early before school working hard to help his family
make ends meet. The work ethic he developed has
served him and all of our FFCU members well ever L. Scott Gribbons, Board Chair
sincebut Mikeys first dream was to be a firefighter. Firefighters First Credit Union

May 2017 51
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund
March 2017

husband Joseph P. Hall memory of Esther Wilkinson
FIREFIGHTERS ASSN in memory of MIKE BRISTOW in memory of Dennis Mendenhall
David T. Moorman Art Johnson
PAUL SEMERJIAN in memory of
MARVIN D. EDER VF 302 C/O RICH DIPIETRO in Jerome Crandall
memory of Dennis Mendenhall
KIRK P. BINGHAM from the PAUL SEMERJIAN in memory of
Simi Valley Breakfast Club MARZENA GOLAWSKA in memory of Dennis Mendenhall
Marian Wiecek
RICHARD R. RUSH in memory of RODD SOUTER in memory of
Leonard Cobb WILLIAM GRAHAM in memory of Jere Souter
Francis Clinite
my husband Severino Trapletti, TONY HIDALGO in memory of memory of Don Sampson
Joe Malais and John Verdone Dennis Mendenhall
JIM & LYNDA HORAN in memory of
DICK & CHARL SAMPSON in CLAUDIA HUTCHINSON in memory Eleanor Shorty Almond
memory of Donald Sampson of Betty Jo Vrieling
FIRE STATION NO. 14 from the JOHN PAUL JONES in memory of memory of Don Sampson
Fire Extinguisher Fund Denny Mendenhall
FIRE STATION NO. 80 from the JULIE MARADA in memory of Donald Sampson
Fire Extinguisher Fund Betty Vrieling
STUART NG in memory of
GLEN IRWIN in honor of WAYNE NAKAMURA in memory of Don Sampson
Andy Kuljis Hazel Frandsen
GLEN IRWIN in memory of STEVEN SALATA in memory of in memory of Donald Sampson
Dennis Mendenhall Dennis Mendenhall
ALISHA PHILLIPS in memory of
DANIEL J. KEMP in memory of JACK ED SANDELL in memory of Jack Teufel
Everett Moore Mary Burroughs
KEN SCIGULINSKY in memory of
GARY B. KLASSE in memory of JAMES SMITH in memory of Donald Sampson
Charlie Doyle Freeland Smith
KEN SCIGULINSKY in memory of
JACK & BARBARA CHELL in BILL ALVAREZ in memory of Donald Sampson
memory of Charles Doyle Harold L. Scott
KATHY TEUFEL in memory of
PHYLLIS R. STAPEL in memory of CHARLES TENNYSON in memory of Jack Teufel
Earl Masoner & Harold Scott Dennis Mendenhall


memory of David Moorman Dennis Mendenhall

FIRE STATION NO. 81 from the BETTY UNIBE in memory of

Fire Extinguisher Fund Anne Bullard
52 May 2017
Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD History - The LAFD Mountain Patrol 1924 to 1969

he City of Los Angeles contains more tain Patrols tractor company (staffed by fire- dozers and water drops from air tankers helped
than 109 square miles of brush extend- fighters) worked out of Fire Station 109 while control the fire moving north toward Mulhol-
ing from Griffith Park to Topanga Can- the civilian employees worked at Fire Station land Drive. On the following day, dozers wid-
yon. Many more miles of brush sprawl beyond 108. There were nine platoon-duty Firefighter/ ened firebreaks, saved homes by placing lines
the city limits in the adjacent Santa Monica Operators working at Fire Station 109 whose around them and assisted with backfire opera-
Mountains. This natural ground cover is natu- primary duties were to build firebreaks and to tions.
rally impregnated with highly volatile oils and respond to brush fires and overhauls. The civil- At 11:45 p.m., January 14, 1962, Moun-
resins to protect it from the sun. No brush in the ians working out of Fire Station 108 consisted tain Patrol and other units were dispatched by
world burns as fast, especially when preheated of a Foreman, two Dozer Operators, one Mo- the Van Nuys Signal Office to 1720 San Ysidro
by low relative humidity and fanned by sea- tor Grader Operator, and three laborers. Their Drive where a faulty furnace was filling a house
sonal Santa Ana winds. In December of 1924 primary responsibilities included building fire with smoke. Mountain Patrol 2s 1000-gallon
Chief Ralph Scott directed the formation of the roads, maintaining trails, installing drains and tank wagon responded south on Summitridge
Mountain Patrol. It was created to improve fire repairing the fire road gates. Drive to where it intersects with San Ysidro.
safety in the hillside communities of the City. In November 1961, Department dozers Following the wagon was a Mountain Patrol
Two Water Department buildings were were used during the Bel Air fire and were par- pickup truck with a booster tank and hose. Ar-
converted into two Mountain Patrol Stations tially effective during the early stages of this riving on San Ysidro, firefighters discovered
along Mulholland Drive. Patrol 1 was located historic conflagration. As the raging fire burned the pickup truck was missing. After a long
at Franklin Avenue (Coldwater Canyon) and into Mandeville Canyon, it leaped across the search in the darkness, the apparatus was found
Patrol 2 was located further west at Sepul- west wall of the Canyon but was confined at the bottom of a deep gully, 100-feet south of
veda Canyon (16500 Mulholland Drive). Ad- along the West Mandeville Fire Road by en- Oak Pass Road (High Ridge Drive). The rig had
ditionally, the department built three lookout gine companies and dozers. By the next day, failed to make a sharp turn and plunged into the
stations. The civilian employees of the patrol
maintained 115 miles of firebreaks, 75 miles
of trails and 29 miles of roadways. Members
enforced fire coded ordinances, informed the
public about fire safety and assisted with fire
fighting. The Mountain Patrol protected the
Mountain Fire District until the fall of 1968
when four fully staffed fire stations went into One of the LAFD lookout
service along Mulholland Drive. stations on top of the hill.
During these early times, a B/C, fire- How about that uniform!
fighters and civilian employees staffed the Remember they could
Mountain Patrols. Horses and automobiles
were used by both firefighters and civilians to
ride a horse or drive a
patrol the mountains. One Patrolman was as- truck in those days.
signed to each of eight districts and it was his
job to patrol the area and make the initial attack
on any small fire. The civilian workers cut and
maintained fire roads, trails and breaks. Within
the first decade of the Mountain Patrols opera-
tions, its resources grew to 28 pieces of appara-
tus. These included two large trucks and trail-
ers to transport the two Cletrac tractors used to
build fire roads and maintain firebreaks. Also A Mountain Patrolman
available were two 1000-gallon water trailers with his horse next to a
that were pulled by the tractors to get water into
Patrol truck
remote areas.
In the late 1940s, the Department ob-
tained military bulldozers to replace the aging
Cletrac tractors. These dozers lasted until the
late 1960s. During the early 1960s, the Moun-

May 2017 53
gully. Mountain Patrolman Reginald D. Duffin, iad of important projects and emergency duties.
36, was found seriously injured, 250-feet down Their commitment to duty, dependability and
the embankment. Twenty-five feet beneath him personal initiative is truly worthy of praise!
lay the body of Mountain Patrolman Robert L. The LAFD Historical Societys oldest
Gillies, 44. He was the only patrolman to lose volunteer at age 95 is retired Captain II Lee Ke-
his life in the line of duty. bler. Lee came on the Department in 1947 af-
Today the Heavy Equipment Company ter serving in the US Coast Guard during WW
is now the Wildland Fuel Management Unit II. He retired from Boat 2 in 1978. Lee was a
consisting of a small dedicated staff of two fireman in Mountain Patrol from 1952 to 1956.
experienced full time Firefighter/Heavy Equip- The LA County Fire Chief was impressed with
ment Operators and six back up operators with our Mountain Patrol and the abilities to respond
bulldozers, tractor trailer rigs, loaders, dump quickly and control brush fires using tactics
trucks, a grader, water tender and utility ve- that were recognized all over the country. By
A Patrolman with his 1960 Ford F350 patrol rig.
hicles. agreement, the Mountain Patrol would not only
Department dozers have responded to respond to brush fires in the City, but all brush
major brush fires in the City, and throughout fires in LA County. One of Lees bad memories 39-B, was severely burned at the La Tuna Can-
the Southern California area during the last is when Auto Fireman James Catlow, Engine yon brush fire in 1955. Lee transported him to
several years. Department dozers have also the hospital where Catlow later died from his
been used to build sand berms at local beaches, burns. Catlow was posthumously awarded the
open roads that were washed out due to storms, Medal of Valor for remaining at the panel of his
and divert swift moving water during floods. pump to supply his crew with water that saved
Other fairly common emergency activity in- their lives as the fire passed over all of them.
cludes responses to overhaul large structure Lee also remembers great time and comraderie
fires, recycling yard fires, fires in baled goods, working at Mountain Patrol. We thank Lee for
and cargo truck fires. Non-emergency tasks in- his service to our country, to Los Angeles, the
clude delivering vehicles to training sites for LAFD and our Historical Society
extrication drills, hauling large objects, trans-
porting antique fire vehicles, digging trenches MEMORIAL TO LAFD MEMBERS
for Urban Search & Rescue training, demolish- IN WAR
ing buildings, clearing lots, maintaining the 41
miles of fire roads, repairing washed-out fire Memorial Day is a day of remembrance
roads, building and maintaining drains, haul- for those who have died serving our country.
ing broken apparatus, and performing routine This is the Mountain Patrol Bell removed from their The LAFD Firefighters American Legion
maintenance on all 21 pieces of assigned appa- Post 102 had a special plaque made in 1948 to
quarters in 1969. It is on display in the Museum
ratus. Between storms, Operators also skillfully commemorate those LAFD members who lost
and has the names of all those who served on the their life while serving their country during
overhaul structure fires sometimes for days.
Patrol including the late Deputy Chief Junior Parker World War I - Fred Hawtrey, and World War
The personnel assigned to operate the Depart-
ments heavy equipment are tasked with a myr- who donated the bell to the Society. II. - John M. Randall, Jack C. Manahan, James
L. Ashmore, Allen D. Kimmel, Chester F. Ja-
cobs, Harold Jonathan, Donald W. Starbird,
Emmett M. OBrien and Austin F. Casselberry.
The plaque has had several homes through the
years, but today it is on display in the Holly-
The new Cletrac bull- wood Fire Museum in Old Station 27. On Mon-
dozer and tank. Notice day, May 29th, lets take time to remember our
the dozer operator Mt. members of the military who have served and
Patrolman with the gave their lives for our country.
Smokey Hat.

The beautiful
LAFD War Me-
Members of Mountain
morial Plaque
Patrol in front of Pa-
located inside
trol Quarters 1. Can
the Museum.
you identify the make
and model of these ve-
hicles? Let us know.

54 May 2017
EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS Retired LAFD Member Luncheon June tain and brother Tom, a B/C. His great family
heritage lives on with his son Brian, a Captain
The Historical Society has been busy One of our favorite events of the year is at Drill Tower 40, his son Keith an Engineer/
with events and looks forward to two of our big our Annual Retired LAFD member luncheon. Specialist on the LA County Fire Department,
annual events coming up in May and June. What a great time to see old friends and enjoy and his son-in-law Captain Miclette assigned to
the food and fun at Old 27s. This year is the FS 81.
Annual LAFDHS Pancake Breakfast LAFDs 125th Year Anniversary and we would Bill started right out polishing all six
like to see a big crowd on Thursday, June 16th brass polls in Old Fire Station 27, the Holly-
May 13th is Fire Service Day and the to celebrate our history. We have many new wood Museum. A major job. Those poles had
day every year we put on our pancake breakfast displays at the Museum for you to see and new not been polished in a couple of years. Many of
fundraiser at the Hollywood Museum. Retired stories to hear. We have prizes for various cat- you have had the experience of polishing those
Captain Barney Nipp should be there to teach egories and a great raffle to go along with the poles when you were a rookie at 27s. Bob
aspiring cooks how to make great pancakes and food. Call your friends and car pool down to Rebbe being one (another museum volunteer).
sausage. Barney designed and built the mobile Hollywood. Next he took on the north side planter. Another
grill named after him that we use for these big job. He is a definite assest to our small mu-
events and he is the Master Pancake Cook. Rookie Volunteer at the Hollywood Fire seum team of volunteers. Thanks Bill.
We include eggs, juice and coffee to make it a Museum
bargain breakfast and a fun time in the morn-
ing. Fire Chief Terrazas and staff usually make Captain Bill Stires retired from the
the Museum a stop on that day to introduce the LAFD in 2002 from FS 98-,A after 31 years of
Honorary Fire Service Day Chief. Plan to be service and wanted to give back to the LAFD
there and enjoy the food, the people and the through being a volunteer at the Hollywood
Museum and Memorial. Next door Task Force Museum. He comes from the LAFD Stires
27 will put on a great fire and rescue demo for family starting with his Grandfather Harry B.
all to see. Ryan Penrod and Wilshire the Fire Stires who was a Captain on Truck 11 when
Dog will be there to teach everyone some les- in 1934 he died from a toxic exposure at an
sons in fire safety. incident. Bills father Harry was a LAFD Cap-

The Hollywood Museum is

located in Old Fire Station 27 at 1355
No. Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA 90028.
The Harbor Museum is located in San
Pedro City Hall at 638 S. Beacon St., San
Pedro CA 90731.
Anyone interested in joining our
Bill Stires doing the gardening on the north side of great cause by becoming a member, or
Ryan Penrod and Wilshire the Fire Dog in the the Fallen Firefighters Memorial plaza. He really volunteering to work, or make a donation
Hollywood Museum. likes his work! of money or an LAFD item may contact
us by mail:
LAFDHS Museum & Memorial
Calendar for May 2017 1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember we
are currently staffed part time, so leave
a message and we will return your call.
The fax number is 323-464-7401. Our
E-mail is: Web
site at If you want
to look at some great LAFD history check and check the LAFD
web site for information and events at We look forward to
hearing from you and seeing you at the

The Los Angeles Fire Department

Historical Society is a non-profit 501 (C)
(3) organization.

* Fridays from 0800 to 1200 are work days on the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat May 2017 55
March 8, 2017

CALL TO ORDER RATIFICATION OF 5) Bob Steinbacher referred The committee recommends

MINUTES to the LAFRA Pechanga and I so move to invest $2
President Bob Steinbacher Reunion and indicated that million into Southwest Value
called the meeting of the Board Bob Steinbacher entertained a they have sent invites to Partners, $1 million into
of Trustees of the Los Angeles motion to ratify and dispense other organizations for their PIMCO Bravo III and $1
Firemens Relief Association with the reading of the minutes participation. million into Okapi OV3 Fund.
to order at 10:15 a.m. of the Board of Trustees There was no discussion or
meeting held February 8, 6) Dave Wagner reported on objections.
ROLL CALL 2017. Doak Smith so moved. the planning of the Health Fair
Chris Hart seconded. There on April 6th at the FHMTC. Motion carried to invest $2
MEMBERS PRESENT: was no further discussion or million into Southwest Value
Bob Steinbacher, President objections. VICE PRESIDENT Partners, $1 million into
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President REPORT PIMCO Bravo III and $1
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary Motion carried to ratify and million into Okapi OV3 Fund.
Trustee Frank Aguirre dispense with the reading 1) Jeff Cawdrey asked that
Trustee Steve Berkery of the minutes of the Board Trustees to submit any changes EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS
Trustee Tim Freeman of Trustees meeting held or updates on the Policy Book REPORT
Trustee Rick Godinez February 8, 2017. by April 1st. He indicated that
Trustee John Jacobsen we will have a Policy Book 1) Todd Layfer informed that
Trustee David Peters PRESIDENT REPORT review meeting on April 17th. he and Bob Steinbacher had a
Trustee Chris Hart meeting with other Figueroa
Trustee Tyler Tomich 1) Bob Steinbacher provided 2) Jeff Cawdrey referred to St. building owners, LAPD and
Trustee Craig White an update on the Pension the upcoming conferences a field representative from the
Trustee Steve Ruda Department meeting that and asked Trustee to let him City of Los Angeles to discuss
Trustee Chris Stine he attended on March 6th. know which they would like to the urban campers around the
Trustee Joe Vigil He indicated that there was attend. area. He indicated that it was
Trustee David Ortiz discussion about the 48 determined that the building
Trustee Danny Wu LACERS members and their INVESTMENT owners need to act in unison
Trustee Mike Sailhamer medical coverage. COMMITTEE REPORT and file trespass orders with
Trustee Gayle Sonoda the police department and post
Trustee Steven Domanski - 2) Bob Steinbacher reported John Jacobsen introduced No Trespassing signs on the
Pension on the meeting he had with Garth Flint to present the 4th property. They also discussed
Trustee Doak Smith Pension UFLAC regarding the LAFRA Quarter update on the LAFRA the possibility of sharing
Trustee Gene Bednarchik Presidents compensation and portfolio as well as discuss the cost of a private security
Trustee Tim Larson Pension the Letter of Agreement with potential investments in the company.
Todd Layfer - Executive the City. alternative class.
Director 2) Todd Layfer informed that
Liberty Unciano Controller- 3) Bob Steinbacher indicated Garth Flint presented the 4th we will be getting the first
Treasurer that he and the Fire Chief Quarter performance review draft of the revised Employee
visited the MICSC body on the LAFRA investments. Handbook from the attorney.
MEMBERS ABSENT: scan facility and stated that He reported on how well the
None they were impressed with the Small Cap Value sector did in 3) Todd Layfer informed that
service and hospitality. 2016 and how it out performed the new employee dental plan
GUESTS: all the other fund classes. He went into effect on March 1,
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor 4) Bob Steinbacher referred reported that emerging markets 2017.
to the new attorney search did well while other parts of
INVOCATION & and indicated that he and the International Sector didnt ADMINISTRATIVE
Flag Salute Todd Layfer sent out request do so well and indicated that COMMITTEE REPORT
for qualifications to nine law an increase in interest rates
Rick Godinez led the firms. He indicated that they impacted Bonds. Frank Aguirre presented the
invocation. Tyler Tomich led will create a small Ad Hoc following motions.
the flag salute. committee to help with the John Jacobsen presented the
interview process in mid-April. following motion. The committee recommends

56 May 2017
and I so move to pay the Plan. The committee recommends SETTING OF DATES
usual and customary bills in and I so move to approve
the amount of $950,251.83. Open enrollment begins April the financial assistance 1) Hook & Ladder
There was no discussion or 1st through April 30th. applications for surviving March 18th
objections. spouses, active and retired 2) L.A. Marathon
RELIEF COMMITTEE members. There was no March 19th
Motion carried to pay the REPORT discussion or objections. 3) Firefighter of the Year
usual and customary bills in Luncheon March 22nd
the amount of $950,251.83. Rick Godinez presented the Motion carried to approve 4) LAFD Sertoma Club Golf
following motion. the financial assistance Tournament April 28th
The committee recommends applications for surviving 5) Lane Kemper Softball
and I so move to approve The committee recommends spouses, active and retired Tournament May 2nd
contracting with new security and I so move to pay: members. 6) Offsite Strategic Planning
monitoring company ASCI May 18th
Security for two years The Sick & Injury benefits in ADVANCEMENT 7) Pechanga Reunion
at $7,420. There was no the amount of $11,582.87 COMMITTEE REPORT May 22nd May 26th
discussion or objections. The Estate Planning benefit in 8) Hope for Firefighters
the amount of $8,694, The committee recommends June 1st
Motion carried to approve The Relief Death Benefits in and I so move to advance 9) LAFD Golf Tournament
contracting with new security the amount of $22,500 funds for both active and September 25th
monitoring company ASCI retired members. There was no
Security for two years at There was no discussion or discussion or objections. RETIREMENT DINNERS
$7,420. objections.
Motion carried to advance 1) Todd Porter Saturday,
The committee recommends Motion carried to pay the funds for both active and March 25th C @
and I so move to approve $48K above Relief benefits. retired members. Rancho Vista Golf Course
for the Yearbook photography (Steinbacher)
company. There was no Rick Godinez read the names SCHOLARSHIP 2) Joseph Castro Wednesday,
discussion or objections. of members who recently COMMITTEE REPORT April 5th B @ Brookside
passed and asked for a moment Golf Club (White)
Motion carried to approve of silence from the Board. Rick Godinez informed that the 3) Jack Wise Saturday, April
$48K for the Yearbook deadline to submit applications 15th A @ Sagebrush Cantina
photography company. MEMORIALS for the Scholarship Program (Doak)
William T. Stachowiak is March 23rd. He stated that 4) Ernie Ojeda Saturday,
The committee recommends Emil A. Oldar April 8th is the exam day. May 27th C @ Ports OCall
and I so move to approve James A. Rogers Restaurant (Kuljis)
$4,213.57 for the new George L. Taylor MARKETING & 5) Eric Strode Saturday,
Laserfiche upgrade. There was Verdi L. Ventling DEVELOPMENT REPORT July 8th B @ Marina Del
no discussion or objections. Rey Marriott (Vigil)
ASSISTANCE Rick Godinez referred to the
Motion carried to approve COMMITTEE L.A. Marathon and reported ADJOURNMENT
$4,213.57 for the new that they have so far raised over
Laserfiche upgrade. Rick Godinez presented the $20K. He indicated that next Bob Steinbacher entertained
following motions. week they will be promoting a motion to adjourn. David
MEDICAL COMMITTEE on KTLA Channel 5 at Fire Peters so moved. Tim Larson
REPORT The committee recommends Station 2. seconded. There was no
and I so move to accept the discussion and no objections.
David Peters presented the donations in the amount of EXECUTIVE SESSON
following motion. $2,338.12 to the Widows, Motion carried to adjourn.
Orphans & Disabled Firemens The Board entered into The Board of Trustees meeting
The committee recommends Fund. There was no discussion Executive Session at 12:30p.m. adjourned at 1:18 p.m.
and I so move to accept the or objections. The Board Adjourned from
applications to the Medical Executive Session at 1:05p.m. Bob Steinbacher, President
Plan. There was no discussion Motion carried to accept the
and no objections. donations in the amount of The Board discussed a legal
$2,338.12 to the Widows, matter during Executive
Motion carried to accept all Orphans & Disabled Session but no action was
applications to the Medical Firemens Fund. taken.
May 2017 57
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8-89 discount. Owner active Garner email: bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully fur- ON NAPILI BAY - 50 from
LAFD. nished, WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa, water. Studios and 1 bedroom.
walk to shuttle, Old Mammoth Luxury furnishings + full kitchen.
DESERT CONDOS, RANCHO LAKE NACIMIENTO. Oak area. Winter $115, Summer All the amenities! Mauis best
MIRAGE (near Palm Springs). 2 Shores gated community. 3 $90, plus cleaning fee $139 and snorkeling/beach. All island
bed, 2 bath. Fully furnished condo, bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, large loft. 14% city tax. Includes linens. activities & Kapalua within 4
TV, internet, pools and spas. 3minute drive to main marina in No pets, no smoking. Call (310) minutes. 5-day minimum, from
Gated community from $115/night. Oak Shores. Large flat driveway. 540-4648. $150 per night (regularly $310/
3 bed from $125/night. No smok- Fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, night). Call Sherrie or Bill for
ing. Barbara (626) 798-2484. washer/dryer, TV/DVD. No MAMMOTH CONDO AT MAM- info/reservations (805) 530-0007
cable. No pets/smoking. $185/ MOTH ESTATES, 4BR/3BA, or email:
JUNE LAKE CABIN - 2BR/2BA night. 3 night minimum. Call Ben sleeps 10, fully furnished, 2 or visit:
cabin with Carson Peak (805) 444-2264. TVs, DVDs, WiFi, towels/linens,
view. Close to fishing & ski- fireplace. Full kitchen. Walk to
ing. Furnished, wood deck, MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Sum- Gondola Village and shuttle. MAUIS MOST BEAUTIFUL
equipped kitchen, wood burning mit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient Complex has pool, spa, sauna, BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful
stove, tree swing, cable /DVD/ underground garage parking. Ja- laundry. Winter $335/night, Sum- furnished condo that sleeps 4.
phone. Garage/ample parking. cuzzis, gym (pool/tennis in sum- mer $215/night, plus cleaning. Lanai/balcony, full kitchen, king
$100/night plus cleaning fee. mertime), shuttle right outside! Includes city bed tax. No pets, bed, flat screen TVs/DVD, ACs
Email for pictures. Jeff Easton Across from Eagle Lodge, Win- no smoking. Dory Jones (310) free WiFi (internet), complimen-
LAFD retired (805) 217-5602. ter $110 per night, Summer $80 918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran tary maid service, complimen- per night plus $65 cleaning fee (310) 619-5355 tary coffee every morning and
May 2017 59
breakfast on Fridays. Special SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Ro- VACATION May 7, 2017. Winner need not
firefighters discount - Best value mantic Chalet Family getaway. VEHICLES be present, must be 18 years of
in West Maui! Nice pool & BBQ 3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps age or older, and is responsible
area - Close to beach! (800) 810. Cable TV, washer/dryer, MOTORHOMES FOR RENT. for taxes, set-up, freight, CA
336-2185 microwave, woodburning stove. Several Class Cs & Class As for emissions, and documentation 7 minutes to casinos and Heav- rent. Serving family and friends fees. For raffle ticket inquiries
Don Sprenger - retired LAFD enly. Located in Tahoe Paradise. for over 15 years. LAFD, LASD, please visit or
(949) 929-0989 $115 per night plus cleaning. IPD, OXPD, OXFIRE, LACO, call (310) 552-4139
Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at LACITY, LACITY SKI CLUB.
MAUI CONDO 1 AND 2 BED- (661) 250-9907 or (661) 476- Visit us at WHAT: BOB ORTEGA MEMO-
ROOMS. Centrally located on 6288. or call 661-297-2398 as for RIAL SCHOLARSHIP
beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent Jeff. Make money with your Who: For children of fallen
swimming and snorkeling; white SUNSET RANCH PALM DES- motorhomes to offset your pay- firefighters
sandy beach. Minutes from golf, ERT. 163 acre ranch private ski ment. We sub-lease RVs. Why: In honor of fallen LA City
tennis, fishing, shopping, airport lake. Perfect for Family vaca- Firefighter Bob Ortega
and resort areas. Marsha Smith tions. Ranch house accommo- Where: Hume Lake Christian
or Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800) dates large groups. Amenities: OTHER Camps
367-6084. pool, AC, billards, TV, fishing, pet To inquire about a scholar-
friendly. Nearby golf, casinos, FROM NOW UNTIL MAY 7, ship: Tammi Grice - (559) 305-
PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath, ATV riding. Also, Premier lodging 2017, YOUR $100 DONATION 7438 or
one level. New re-model, fully for Coachella music festivals. to the Los Angeles Fire Depart- To donate:, click
furnished w/linens. Cable TV/ *Seasonal duck hunting club. ment Foundation enters you give, then donate, then
DVR, Private Patio, BBQ, Laun- See website for rates and info: for a chance to win a Harley- designation, then Ortega
dry, Garage, Gated Community, Davidson FLHTK Electra Glide Memorial
two (Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis or call Nick Davidson Ultra Limited in Firefighter
Courts). Near College of the (424) 237-4121 Red! Winner will be drawn at
Desert. $175 Dan Cook 310 418 Fahrenheit 2017 on Sunday,

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20 Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra Honda - Sales and Leasing
consecutive years! Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara Large Selection of Used Vehicles
Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / 11041 Sepulveda Blvd 6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Mission Hills CA Hollywood CA
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports Ask for Steve DensonFleet Mgr Ask for Dave Erickson
For special pricing contact 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187
Terry MillerFleet Sales & Leasing 818-365-9621
15505 Roscoe Blvd Specializing in hassle-free car buying
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l

60 May 2017
Firefighter R.J. Abbate Firefighter R. Ward, Firefighter Blackwell
Drilling hole to set charge and Captain Leo Ford

Firefighter R. Ward, Firefighter Blackwell, Engineer 1960 82s C Platoon - Captain Leo C. Ford
Mason, Captain Leo Ford and Firefighter Abbate Mulholland Drive curve being cleared for rig access

Demolition 1, a 1947 Ford demolition truck, ran out of Fire Station 82. The crew used explosives to clear boulders from streets and widen fire
roads. The accompanying photos are of 82-C working to widen the road bed of Mulholland Drive in 1960. Some of the info is from and
the combined research of Walt Pittman and Chuck Madderom.

May 2017 61
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

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