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Querijero, Frances Loren P.


1. What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a written plan of the research project to be undertaken which
involves problem conceptualization and planning of research design, methods, instruments,
sampling techniques, step-by-step procedures and statistical analysis. It also involves setting
up the parameters, the time and place, and the context of the research subject. (Fonollera,

2. What are the importance of a research proposal?
To the student:
 A research proposal sets forth both the exact nature of the matter to be
investigated and a detailed account of the methods to be employed (Locke,
Spirduso, & Silverman, 1993)
 It serves as a plan for conducting the actual research
 It is intended to convince others that the student has a worthwhile research project
and that he/she has the competence and the work-plan to complete it (Oman
Medical Journal, 2008)
 It provides for the sequence of activities that have to be undertaken to arrive at the
desired goals
 It is used for finalization of a research plan after presentation and discussion
before the research committee or board (Fonollera, 1993)

To the professional:

 It establishes to the advisor that there is a niche for the student’s chosen area of
study and that the research design is realistic
 A worthwhile research can result from a well-designed research proposal which
can then be used on ensuing researches by others (Singh, 2009)

3. What are the importance of the following:
Chapter 1 – The Problem and its Background

a researcher faces lot of problems that can be effectively resolved with using correct research methodology (Williams.pdf . 2013. (Fonollera. and the purpose of the impending findings (Curriculum Design and Writing Team. 1993)  It describes how the proposed research is related to prior researches in statistics  It justifies the researcher’s proposed methodology (Montana State University) Chapter 3 – Methods of Research  For finding or exploring research questions.). Retrieved November 9. the method to be used.d. from http://arxiv. 2010)  The research problem provides context for the study and reveals what the researcher is trying to answer (Curtis. Research Methodology.  The research problem is important to the research proposal because it probes what relations exist between two or more variables. (n. 1993)  The statement of the problem is the focal point of the research which states what will be studied. 2011)  Research methods help researchers collect samples. 2011) Chapter 2 – Review of Related Literature  Extensive readings on the problem in mind would let the researcher know his/her entry point to the topic  It shows the originality and relevance of the research problem  The review enables the researcher to narrow down the general problem to a specific and well-defined problem ( data and find a solution to a problem (Cornell University Library) Bibliography Cornell University Library.

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