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Version 12

Plotting tabs:

New tabbed sheet setup allows the user to create multiple plotting layouts on individual tabs within a
single drawing file. The user can use view elements on the plot tabs to display portions of the model
space from the same file or from other files. Multiple view elements can be used on a single plot tab.

Customizable tool bars:

Tool bars are now completely customizable, allowing the user to modify existing tool bars, or create new
ones. The interface allows buttons to simply be dragged on or off of tool bars. This feature includes the
ability to save user tool bar profiles that can be shared or saved for future installations. Multiple tool
bar profiles can be saved for use during different phases of the design process. For example; sprinkler
and pipe layout, hydraulic calculations, stocklisting, annotating, etc.

Improved view tool:

Our View element has been vastly improved with regards to display speed during panning and rotating
within the view, making the view tool much more user friendly. In addition, functionality has been
added for a single-click capture of camera settings from the users current perspective of the model,
and then apply those settings to a view element.

Section view tool:

The new Section View Tool is used to quickly and automatically create live section view elements. In
plan view it looks like a simple section cut indicator, but when selected a 3-d volume is indicated by
dashed lines. The boundaries of the 3-d volume can be pulled and stretched by the user to determine
exactly how much of the drawing is to be shown in the section view. The front and rear faces of the 3-d
shape establish the foreground and background clipping. The left, right, top, and bottom extents of the
shape, determine how much of the drawing to show in the view.

Middle Click Draw Pipe Function:

A middle mouse button click in white space now brings up a new draw pipe function. Middle mouse
click, then pick from list of diameters, and start drawing pipe. A simple change, but all about efficiency.

Color Pipes By:

There are two new additions to the Color Pipes By feature. The piping model can now be color coded
on screen by pipe sizes, and another option to color by trapped water.

New options for elevation tags:

User options have been expanded for the look and function of our pipe elevation tags. Users can choose
different default text orientation and specify several types of leaders.
Part tags:

Our new Part Tag element gives the user the choice of using key notes in bubbles, or actual text for
labeling. When using text, if the user snaps the part tag to an AutoSPRINK element, the text is auto-
filled with the part description. Part tags are automatically anchored at the end of the leader line, text
of bubble can be moved around by a single grip, automatically justifying text or bubble on the correct
side of the leader in real time.

License Levels:

-License levels have been re-branded as follows:

Platinum remains Platinum
Gold is now Professional
Silver has been discontinued
Bronze is now Lite


The Dimension Selected-> Sprinklers and Hangers commands have been added, for the placement of
permanent dimension lines on selected Sprinklers and Hangers.

Non-Graphical Fabrication Report

A non-graphical version of the Fabrication report has been added to the stock listing manifest for
applicable drawings. i.e. Non-Graphical Welded Mains, omitting the reports models for easier printing.

.ITF File Format Export

Stock Listing output for the .ITF file format has been added.