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ABC Community School

March 7, 2016

Taylor Lesko
Dear School Board,
My name is Ms. Lesko and I am a teacher at the ABC Community School. It is my
understanding that the board thinks it is in the districts best interest to stop the use of technology
in the classroom. I, however, think that this decision would affect classrooms and students in a
negative way. I understand that budget cuts are an aspect that we cannot fully control but I think
it would be in our best interest to keep technology at the ABC Community School.
We are privileged at ABC Community School because we are able to give students an
education that incorporates technology. We have a 2:1 ratio for students to computers and
numerous devices that students are able to use. We have a high-speed digital network and each
computer is networked with access to a shared file server. With all these resources provided to
students at school, I truly believe that it is beneficial to incorporate technology into the classroom
and assignments.
Our world is continuously expanding and technology is never going to slow down either.
Students should be able to use technology in the classroom to benefit themselves for the best.
Technology is not just a simple device used to show a presentation or to simply have students
gaze into a screen all day. Technology is a tool that can be used to capture a students attention to
help them research topics, improve communication and can even be used in problem solving.
When I give students an assignment on the computer, it is not because it is the easy way to do
things, but instead it actually gets the students interested and wanting to do more than the bare
minimal. It gives them a challenge that they wouldnt have had if it were a lesson with a textbook
and paper and pencil. states, Learning through projects while equipped with
technology tools allows students to be intellectually challenged while providing them with a
realistic snapshot of what the modern office looks like. I personally think eliminating
technology fully from our school would do more harm than good. Pen and paper can only give a
student so much room to let their mind grow but with technology it can truly let them explore so
many different outlets. Technology can help them interact to gain more knowledge unlike a
normal boring textbook. Also from students being familiar with technology from grade school all
the way through high school they will be able to learn useful skills that will benefit them in the
work place.
Another reason why I think it is so crucial to integrate technology into the classroom is
because it keeps students focused for a longer period of time. From them searching on the web
conducting research and putting together assignments it really helps keeps their minds from
wondering. The National Math and Science Initiative Blog states that bringing technology into a
classroom overall makes a student excited to learn. From personal experience I have seen the
difference of children struggling to read a chapter in a textbook compared to a child conducting
research on the internet to create a PowerPoint. There are so many new and exciting ways for
students to express themselves while using technology.
Technology is a resource that can help both students and teachers in the classroom.
Technology is an expensive resource that we are very grateful to have at out school. I know that
the budget cuts are hard to deal with because we dont want to be cutting anything out of our
schools or curriculum but I think it is important that we keep it here at ABC Community School.
If technology was never a part of school, then I would view it in a completely different way from
a student and an educator viewpoint. Students should be able to explore the world on their own
and find things that would be harder to find in a textbook. I hope that I have made a huge impact
on the decision if ABC Community School will still have the pleasure of having computers other
technology amenities in the classroom.
Technology Standards help teachers get a better idea of how technology should be
incorporated into the classroom effectively. There are many different standards you must look at
when deciding the best way to set up your lesson plans. The district, state, and nation all have an
influence on the way we view technology and how our standards are set up. No matter what
standards you are looking at, Nevada and the nation knows how crucial it is to incorporate
technology in the classroom. Technology is advancing and it is essential that students have the
resources to participate in the digital-age of learning.
Starting to look at CCSD standards Core Standard 2.0 it states Students use appropriate
productivity tools including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheet, data base,
multimedia and telecommunications. Standard 2.0 is the same for every grade level because it is
vital for students to be able to demonstrate proficiency with the computer and be able to open
different applications on the computer. Another CCSD standard that is important for students is
5.0, which says Students will recognize that systems are made up of individual components and
that each component affects the operation of the system and its relationships with other systems.
This standard is important for students because they will be able model relationships among
technology systems. There are so many different components that go into technology that it is
key they know how a system works and the desired outcomes that comes from it.
When looking at Nevada as a whole, the state thinks it is priority to incorporate
technology into curriculum so students can stay engaged. Technology has altered the world into a
global community and it is ideal that students and teachers continue to grow with it as well. The
Nevada Schools Educational Technology Needs Assessment (Hartley, 2008) tells us that 40% of
Nevada classrooms are not equipped with a computer for student use. This is terrible news for
Nevada because we want students to be able to have the technological resources needed so they
can become familiar with these programs so they can use them in the workplace or higher forms
of education when it is needed. Nevada wants students to be able to develop 21st century skills
and incorporating technology into the classroom is the only way for that to happen.
Nationally technology is viewed a tool that students will need to benefit themselves in the
classroom and outside in their lives. In 2008, ISTE research on student learning indicates that
well-implemented classroom technology integration has a positive effect on student achievement
and engagement. ISTE understands that the digital world is increasing and computer science
plays a role in it all. These standards help teachers all over the nation decide how it is best to
incorporate technology into lesson plans. The first standard is #1 Knowledge of content. This is
so educators can demonstrate knowledge of computer science content and model important
principles. You are able to show students a full understanding of digital devices and systems.
This standard is also important because you can give a better understanding to the role of
computer science and how big of an impact it has on the modern world. The next standard we are
going to look at by ISTE is #3 Effective learning environments. It is crucial that educators create
and maintain a safe, ethical, and fair learning environment for all students. There are many
different distractions that can come with the digital world and it is important for students to know
that it is a safe environment meant to promote learning.
All these different standards play a huge role in how teachers and students view
technology in the classroom. When teachers promote technology in a positive light it can benefit
students for the best. Standards are also crucial for teachers so they can stay on top of things to
keep the lesson plans in the best interest of the students.

Lesson Plan
Name of lesson: Your daily nutrition

Grade Level Appropriateness: 8th grade

Technology Content Standard Addressed: CCSD Standard 2.0: Students use appropriate

productivity tools including but not limited to word process, spreadsheet, data base, multimedia

and telecommunications. To exceed standard student must, independently compose, edit and

format a document using a word processing program and create several different charts from a

spreadsheet to visually represent the same data.

Other Content Standard Addressed: Students focus on the mental, physical, social and

emotional and environmental aspects of human wellness.

Objective: The student will understand how to use Excel on the computer to be able to create a

spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will have the nutritional values for fives days out of the week. They

will be able to use different formulas in the program to create to charts. After the end of this

project the students will be able to see how much carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, and proteins

they consume in five days.

Materials needed to facilitate the lesson: For this project you will just need Microsoft excel

and the nutritional facts of the food you ate for five days.

Suggest group size: Individual project

Procedures: Student must open excel from Microsoft windows or another spreadsheet generator.

They will proceed to insert the amounts they have gathered throughout the week into the cells.

Cell A1 will be left blank. Cells B1 through F1 will contain the days of the week while Cells A2

through A6 will contain the nutritional values of the assignment. Students will then enter the

amounts as they correspond to the nutritional value and the day of the week they consumed that

value. Once all the values are entered the student will highlight the amounts and select insert

graph. The student shall select a bar graph. Once the graph is selected the student will select

chart layout and then select chart title. The student will enter the title of the chart. Next, the

student will create a pie graph for the avg. nutrition values consumed throughout the week. The

student will add Average to J1 and the different nutritional values for H2 through H6. In the cells

for each average value, the student will type =Average(B2:F2). This will bring the average for

the 5 days of carbohydrates into the cell. They will replicate this for the remaining nutritional

values. Lastly, the student will create a pie chart and add a title to the pie chart. Once these steps

are completed the student will be completed with the assignment.

Assessment: For the grading of this project, the students must submit a spreadsheet either done

on Microsoft Excel or some other spreadsheet generating software. Students must also have

submitted a spreadsheet with data entered into it for at least 5 days out of the week with values

representing what they consumed. To get full credit student must also have a bar graph showing

the amounts of nutrition consumed for each day as well as a pie graph showing the average

amount consumed for the week. Any work that is not of the students own intellectual property

will receive a 0 for the grade.