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Student Teacher Science Lesson Planning Template - EPR 3903

Student teacher name: MST name: School name:

Shaikha AlZaabi Miss Maryssa The Wellspring
Date: 1-March-2017 Class & grade: KG 2 A No.Ss 21

Unit: Living and non- Lesson: Living things Time from: 1:30 to: 2:30
living things
PURPOSE Why am I teaching this lesson? What do I want the students to know/to
be able to do by the end of the lesson that they could not do before? (LOs and SOs)
I am teaching them about living things, so they can be able to identify and classify objects
as living things and that they should have to stay alive.
GROUPING: What is the group size? How is every student going to be able to
participate? Will you be differentiating and how?
The students are classified as four groups; each group has five students except one group
which has 6 learners. All of the children will participate by interacting with me and by
doing the activity that we will do depending on their level.
teacher books None

student book(s) None

worksheets/ papers Activities worksheets/ pictures
teacher materials Ipad/papers/students worksheet/ white board/ markers
student materials/ Worksheets/ pencils/scissors/glue/coloring pencils
technology Ipad

other None

Key terms with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image
Water -

Tree A living thing that grow

Survive to continue living

Animals organisms that live in earth

Students Prior Knowledge:

I believe that students know some example of living things
Possible Problems :
The time might not be enough to teach the learners as much as I can
Solutions for the Possible Problems:
I will do stations related to my topic, so learners will be working on the same topic
The students might dont know what creatures need to survive
Solutions for Misconceptions:
Ask them what we as humans need to survive

Lesson Schedule
Teacher (activity + exact instructions Purpose /
Student (what they do)
Phase you intend to give) objective of the Time
The teacher will ask the The students will Get students 2 minutes
students about the topic answer the questions familiar with the
and get involved with topic
the teacher
The teacher will prepare The students will do the To discover 10 minutes
Explore an activity for the students activities with the what are the
to do in different stations teacher assistances living things
The teacher will explain The students will listen To explain and 5 minutes
Explain the topic by saying facts and interact with the discuss the topic
about it teacher
The teacher will show the The students will watch To build 5 minutes
Elaborate learners pictures and the pictures and learn knowledge
examples of living things about the topic
The teacher will ask the The children will draw To check the 5 minutes
students to draw a living on their notebooks and understanding
Evaluate thing and the write a write something about
sentence about it it then discuss about
what they draw
Name: ___________________ KG2A

Complete the sentence with the correct answer

Frog Pencil

A _____________ is a living
Reflection on feedback:

This lesson was my second one; I followed my mentor's first feedback and saw the
difference with some student's behavior. The session was so interesting because I got
a bird to explain living things, the children were so motivated. In addition, the bird
was distracting some students because once I finished from using I left it on the table
which was a bad thing. Next time if I got an object I will put it away from children's
eyes, so they will not be messing with something else while I'm talking. Well there
were many things that I did and I was sure it is a good thing and I will continue doing
which is engaging the shy students, however I might ask them to give me the answer
in a different way such as: point on the answer or write it down. Overall, the feedback
that is given to me is important and I will be working on it to have better performance.