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Pranic Healing Protocol For Eczema

1. Invoke and scan before, during and after treatment.

2. Apply General Cleansing two or three times using LWG.

3. Do localized thorough cleansing on the affected parts alternately with LWG and LWO. If the affected part is located on the head or near the heart or
spleen, just use LWG and ordinary LWV for sweeping instead of LWG and LWO. Energize the cleansed affected areas with LWG, LWB then with
ordinary LWV.

4. Do localized thorough cleansing on the front, sides and the back of the lungs. Energize through the back of the lungs with LWG then with LWO then
ordinary LWV. This may take several minutes. Point your fingers away from the patient's head when energizing with Orange.

5. Rescan after 30 every 15 minutes and re apply step 4 if the energy has become diseased. This step may be applied more than once per day for the
first 1 to 3 days or until the condition has substantially improved.

6. Do localized thorough cleansing on the front and back solar plexus chakra and on the liver. Energize the solar plexus with LWG then with LWO.
Apply more localized cleansing.

7. Do localized thorough cleansing on the front and back spleen chakra with LWG.

8. Do localized thorough cleansing on the navel chakra and the lower abdominal area. Energize the navel chakra with W or LWR. For more
experienced proficient advanced pranic healers: energize the spleen chakra directly with W, LWR or ordinary LWV. If the patient feels pain or radical
reaction in any part of the body, immediately apply localized cleansing until there is complete relief.

9. Do localized thorough cleansing on the kidneys. Energize them with W.

10. Do localized thorough cleansing on the basic chakra alternately with LWG and LWO. Energize the basic chakra with LWR or W. If the patient has
fever or venereal disease, do not energize the basic chakra; just apply thorough sweeping on it.

11. Do localized thorough cleansing on the minor chakras of the arms and legs. Energize them with LWR or ordinary LWV.
NOTE: If the patient has fever or venereal disease, do not energize with LWR, just use ordinary LWV.

12. Do localized thorough cleansing on the front and back heart chakra. Energize through the back heart with LWG then with more of ordinary LWV.

13. Do localized thorough cleansing on the crown ajna, forehead, back head and throat chakras. Energize them with LWG then with more of ordinary

14. Stabilize, release projected pranic energy and give thanks.

15. Repeat entire treatment 3 times per week regularly for as long as needed to cleanse the blood, improve the patient's immune system and to
gradually heal the condition.


Pranic Healing is very effective but for healing to be complete and lasting, the patient has to follow the suggestions. The disease causing factors must
be eliminated. The patient's participation and cooperation are important. The following steps are suggested to the patient:

If you are taking some medications, please ask your doctor for a checkup and stop using any chemicals like dye on the skin. Use only natural skin care
or medical prescribed skin care.

1. Proper Diet Eat etherically and physically clean, nutritious, balanced healthy vegetarian foods with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink
proper amounts of fresh water. Avoid white sugar, white flour, foods with artificial additives, colorants, preservatives, overly processed foods and
animal fat like cheese, cream, etc. Do not eat and drink after evening twilight, take your main meals during daytime.

com is not intended to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease. Pranic Breathing for 12 cycles per session upon waking up and again before bedtime and several sessions every day. forgiveness and mercy towards yourself and towards others. The energies of the emotional body and physical body interpenetrate. 5. fettlegenie. Always speak with a qualified medical practitioner before taking any medication or adopting any treatment for a health problem. Daily positive self-affirmations to create a positive self-image. Engage in esoteric or self development studies. alcohol and caffeine and all undesirable habits and excessiveness. 4. Do service for several hours per week regularly for the good of others. the use of the Law of Loving Kindness. Source: phqanda yahoogroups For more information on Pranic healing protocols to heal various disorders and diseases browse through "phqanda" yahoogroups which is a huge repository of pranic healing protocols. Generate good karma through tithing. The patient's room may be cleansed regularly using LEV or EV distant healing technique to reduce stress and diseased energy in the environment. negative activities and environments. Proper Livelihood Avoid all forms of stress. Please read and understand our terms and conditions before using fettlegenie. 3. These will assist in expanding the awareness beyond the singular lower self. Best Pranic Healing Resources Pranic Healing Products All Rights Reserved © 2012-2016. Proper Human Relationships Practice loving kindness. avoid negative thoughts. every day to generate more good karma. The regular practice of the Meditation is very important unless there are other medical or health conditions that do not permit the practice of the Meditation. 7. Blessing may be done several times per day. prevent withdrawal symptoms and to energize and strengthen the body. Please be aware that the information posted here do not necessarily represent everyone's experience. Proper Breathing Get used to deep abdominal breathing. negative thoughts. therefore. This will cleanse the energy of the environment to a certain degree. negative emotions. Proper Lifestyle Avoid smoking. Engage in a productive enjoyable hobby which involves helping others. sunlight and barefoot on the ground to facilitate the cleansing of toxins from the system. After burning sandalwood incense open the window for 5-10 minutes or more to remove the used up energy from the room. Sufficient Proper Exercise Regular (low impact) physical exercise best on fresh air. Proper Emotions and Thoughts (Emotional and Mental Hygiene) Regular proper practice of the Meditation for Peace & Illumination including the physical exercises before and after the Meditation. Forgiveness and Mercy to receive forgiveness and mercy for healing. 8. Proper Etheric Hygiene Play the OM CD softly in your rooms and burn sandalwood incense regularly.2. Information provided at fettlegenie. .com design and reviews are copyrighted. negative activities and environment.