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The Iraqi Stargate Portal (**NOTE ANUNNAKI= ah-noo-na-kay.


Countries all over the World have took an overwhelming interest in middle-eastern
States, in particular Iraq has been the place of constant power struggles, why is that?

Some people may be surprised to learn that Iraq was the centre of the World for
thousands of Years, the City of UR was the very first true City of the World and was
central to Ancient activity much like New York City is today, UR is recorded in written
history dating back 6, 500 years BC and is even in the Torah (Old Testament). They made
many advances including in maths and astronomy to name a few, and they may have
even made Alien contact, we know that sounds crazy guys, but what if it were true?

What if we were to tell you that the power struggles in the region surrounding modern
day Iraq is the direct result of the search for Ancient technology, what if we were to tell
you that a Stargate Portal was discovered there in the 1920s and for almost 100 years
the search has been on for technology that could change the course of Human history.

Just wait till you guys hear this.

In 2003 in direct response to the attacks in New York City, American and British troops
invade Iraq, within weeks the 2 Armys crushed the Iraqi army, mission complete right?,
so why did the United States army stay for over 10 years after liberating the country?

Recently we came across information that strongly suggests that there was a secret
objective to the occupation.

We are of course referring to the oldest known stargate on Planet Earth that we know of.

At the site of the Great Ziggurat, a British explorer discovered something in the 1920s
that is so unbelievable that you could be forgiven for thinking JK Rowling dreamt it up.

During the 1980s Saddam Hussein fortified the Ancient complex in an apparent attempt
to keep out investigators from seeing what was hidden within the complex for thousands
of years.

Strangely, Hussein put an air force base at this location and even developed chemical
weapons here, He was clearly trying to keep this Ancient place heavily guarded,

The 3 huge staircases you see in the images were put here under Saddam Husseins
orders, they were to take huge Ancient objects out of the Great Ziggurat. But did he

The theory that we are suggesting is that Saddam Hussein got his hands on Super
weapons from a forgotten age, which resulted on a pre-emptive strike from the US and
her allies. But why did he not use the technology?

Maybe it was undecipherable, maybe it was alien language, maybe Cunieform is in fact
an Alien language.

Imagine this scenario. The US government obtains intelligence that hidden somewhere in
central Iraq is an actual stargate, placed there by the Anunnaki 'gods' of ancient
Sumeria... AKA The Aliens

In this scenario, when Nibiru (the hidden planet in our solar system) is closest to Earth,
the Anunnaki will take the opportunity to travel to Earth through this stargate and will set
up their base in Iraq and share knowledge with people of the region.
The idea that the Anunnaki were not gods but extraterrestrials that came and bestowed
technology upon the Sumerians is fascinating. This tech is what made their society so
advanced. Could modern Iraq be bracing itself for the same fate? - Hence the
overwhelming agenda.

Essentially more and more people are coming forward saying that they have been
involved in these classified programs where these technologies are used quite regularly
and that they are found all over the planet, Iraq is just one other place that they are

The strongest available evidence for an historical ET presence in Iraq comes from
cuneiform tablets directly recording the beliefs and activities of the ancient Sumerians
whose civilization began almost overnight.

Most of these cuneiform tablets relate to stories of the Sumerians interacting with their

Most archeologists initially accepted that these were merely myths and attached little
importance to them other than giving insight into the mytho-religious beliefs of the
ancient Sumerians.

That viewpoint received a major challenge in 1976 when the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia
Sitchin, published the first of a series of books on his translations of thousands of
Sumerian tablets. Rather than treating the stories of the gods as myths that had little
verifiable relevance, Sitchin interpreted the tablets as literal descriptions of events as
they occurred in the time.

These modern view points are emerging from the ashes of a World that was ruled by
Empires and dictatorships, have we simply misinterpreted history for thousands of
years? Was it repressed deliberately Or could there be something else at work on this
Planet, keeping us from the Truth could after all be the ultimate goal of the hidden
leaders, Do you understand what we mean by that guys?

We told you the truth may be stranger than you would ever even consider believing,
what does that tell you!

What do you think of the Stargate portal at the ziggurat of ur in Iraq?

The signs are everywhere, the writing is on the wall, Thanks for watching.