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The reversibility of phase conjugation makes it possible to make more time from time and more energy from energy provided you have some time, or energy, to make time/energy from. I don't know how to make time or energy from nothing. But if you have some of either, more can be made from those fixed amounts with the judicious use of phase conjugation, wave discontinuity, magnetic hysteresis, inductive kickback and dissonant timing in a closed loop.

Dissonant timing results from time lags imposed by the ultra-low capacitors and the mass of iron in the coil of wire (transformer core). These two influences of electric and magnetic time lag incur an out-of-phase relationship among the parent and their daughter waves. This state of asynchronicity is ideal for boosting surges within the confines of these simulations. Oddly enough, nice neat and clean tidy sine waves resulting from tank circuit methodologies don't work, here. The oscilliscope should look like a wash of color as if someone had brushed a broad paint brush across the scope's window.

The ultra-thin dielectric of the capacitors causes waves transmitted through them to slow down just as light passing through denser material slows down and refracts. By comparison to the reflected portion of the split parent wave, the transmitted portion will lag behind the reflected portion to return to this same position a little late as both traverse around the confines of the closed loop encapsulating their travels.

The magnetic field of the iron cored, coil of wire also maintains a time lag for slowing down the magnetic component of a wave as it passes through its adjoining coil. And the more massive is the core, the more the wave will get slowed down. In the words of the Master - Nikola Tesla, “for every two hundred pounds of iron added to the device, one horsepower is increased” -- William Lyne, from his book:

Pentagon Aliens” in the chapter concerning Tesla's Special Generator, also known as his Tri-Metal Generator for its use of aluminum, copper and iron.

These are my bullet points upon which is based my theory of infinite time, and for that matter - infinite energy, from a finite quantity of both.

Forget E = MC squared. That's a distraction to lull you into submitting to the sole authority of free energy derived from high powered physics, alone. We can do it from electricity; from the voltage difference between my nose and my toe. It doesn't take much - energy or intelligence - to “get it”. It's really quite simple.

We don't have to invoke zero point energy from the vacuum, or the aether, or fraud, or whatever.

If you want to invoke anything, invoke Emmy Noether - not her whole theorem; just a tiny portion of it having to do with the exception to the rule of Conservation of Energy. The exemption that time shifts - time dilation - takes when it comes to balancing out the accountability of time in equals time out; or, energy in equals energy out. Time and energy are exempt from conservation of either whenever either are shifted in time.

That's it.