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Title: School Director

Reports to: Board of Directors

The School Director serves as AISMs educational leader and promotes and implements the Schools
Mission and Vision; advocates an effective education program and creates a school culture conducive to
student learning; make informed and sound decisions for continuous school improvement; sustains a
professional development program for all staff; ensures sound management of the Schools operations and
resources, provides for a safe, efficient and effective learning environment; collaborates with staff and
parents; and acts with integrity, fairness and in an ethical manner.

The School Director is the executive officer of the Board and attends all meetings of the Board and Board
committee meetings with the only exception being an executive session of the Board specifically called to
discuss the contract of the School Director. The School Director does not have a vote at a Board meeting,
but does have a vote in a Board committee meeting.

It is the responsibility of the School Director to study matters referred to the School Director by the Board
for his or her recommendation. The School Director involves the appropriate staff in gathering information
and formulating recommendations with supporting data. The School Director may delegate authority and
responsibility to other appropriate staff at his/her discretion, but in every instance, the School Director is
responsible for the proper conduct of the School and its program.

The School Director recommends school policies to the Board, providing data which will permit the Board to
evaluate the recommendations. The School Director is responsible for executing school policies and Board

Report to Board
The School Director reports regularly to the Board and the Association on student performance and
achievement; the evaluation of the education program; and the general administration of the School, based
on the Boards strategic plan.

The School Director supervises and executes, pursuant to personnel policies and staffing schedules
approved by the Board, all matters relating to the recruitment, appointment, assignment, classification,
evaluation, transfer, promotion or dismissal of staff members.

The School Director recommends to the Board personnel policies and proposed staffing schedules. All
matters pertaining to personnel are referred to the School Director.

Professional Development Program

The School Director ensures professional development opportunities for all staff by creating the supportive
structures that allow time for professional development and by applying professional development funds
effectively and equitably.
The School Director, in collaboration with other administrators and staff, designs and implements a
comprehensive professional development program for teaching staff focused on student learning goals and
supporting student learning needs.
Communicating with Staff
The School Director is responsible for providing staff members with information regarding Board policies
and regulations and administrative procedures which relate to employees.

Staff Evaluation
The School Director is responsible for the evaluation of the professional services of the school staff as
noted in the Academic Personnel section of the Board Policy Manual.

Non Renewal of Staff Contracts

The School Director meets with the appropriate supervisors to discuss any staff member whose
performance is judged to be unsatisfactory or in need of improvement. The staff member will be informed
of performance deficiencies, the steps necessary for improvement and available support, and a reasonable
time frame in which to improve. Discussions shall be documented in writing. In cases where there is
insufficient improvement, the School Director will advise the staff member that his/her employment contract
will be terminated, subject to the requirements of Mozambican Labor Law.

The School Director recommends to the Board of Directors changes in salary scales and related benefits
for professional and classified employees.

The School Director determines the salary rating for each professional employee using an employees
qualification and experience and the approved salary scales applicable to an employees position.

Student Admission
The final decision for student admission rests with the School Director. The School Director acts in
accordance with the Admission Policy approved by the Board of Directors.

Education Program
The School Director assumes overall responsibility and accountability for the education program.

Program Adjustments
The School Director reports to the Board regarding any adjustments in school programs that involve the
addition or deletion of such programs.

The School Director ensures that a quality guidance and counseling program provides appropriate services
to meet the needs of the students.

Reporting and Report Cards

The School Director establishes a system of reports and records to communicate students academic
progress to parents.

Student Activities
The School Director ensures that student co-curricular activities are provided to meet the needs of
Student Transportation
The School Director ensures the supervision of the transportation of students as approved by the Board.

Student Behavior
The School Director is responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct approved by the Board of Directors.
The School Director has the authority to hold students to a strict accountability for any disorderly conduct
on school grounds, on school transport or at any school-organized or sponsored event or trip.

Suspension, Probation, Conditional Enrollment or Expulsion

The School Director has the authority to suspend students, place students on probation or under
conditional enrollment or expel students as defined by the Code of Conduct. The School Director is
responsible for contacting the parents or guardians by written letter identifying the reasons for disciplinary
action and for arranging a meeting with the parents or guardians as soon as possible. The final decision for
suspension, student probation, conditional enrollment or expulsion shall rest with the School Director. The
School Director will inform the Board immediately of such cases that require a students expulsion from

Supervision of Students
The School Director is responsible to ensure proper supervision of students on school grounds during
official school hours, on school transport or at any school-organized or sponsored event or trip

Emergency Drills
The School Director is responsible for establishing emergency procedures. Emergency drills shall be
conducted each semester.

Emergency School Closing

The School Director is authorized to announce the closing of the School if actual or potential hazard
threaten the safety and well-being of students and employees. The decision to close school will be made
by the School Director upon consultation with the Board Chair and/or other members of the Board of
Directors when feasible.

School Calendar
The School Director prepares the School calendar for the ensuing year and submits to the Board of
Directors for approval. The calendar will list both days of instruction and teacher professional development

Finance and Budget

The School Director recommends sound financial planning and directs the preparation and presentation of
the annual budget to the Board of Directors. The School Director analyzes and interprets to the Board long
range needs and proposals. The School Director supervises the activities of the Finance Department
including the system of financial accounting and the purchase of supplies and equipment.

School Plant
The School Director analyzes and submits recommendations to the Board regarding school plant needs
including new construction as well as maintenance and repairs.
Inventory Responsibility
The School Director, in conjunction with the Finance Director, is responsible for establishing a system of
inventory of instructional supplies and equipment of particular value to insure that all items are accounted
for at the beginning and at the end of the school year.

School Property
The School Director is responsible for and establishes regulations to assure proper care and maintenance
of buildings, furniture, instructional equipment, books and supplies.

Damage to Property
The School Director notifies the Board of Directors of significant loss or damage to school property.

Violation of Rules
The School Director reports to the Board of Directors any violation of Board Policy and School Regulations
by any employee, including the application of any verbal or written reprimand.

The instigation of a disciplinary proceeding (as provided for under Mozambican Labor Law) requires Board
approval. The School Director will prepare and submit to the Board a written report of the infraction and
other relevant details. The School Director and/or the Board may request legal assistance in this regard.

Reports to Parents
The School Director will implement/approve a program for keeping parents adequately informed of the
Schools education program, new development and changes, school policies and regulations, school
events and other relevant matters.

Press Releases
The School Director will clear with the Chairperson of the Board any press release and/or official articles
prior to release.

Parent Organizations
The School Director works collaboratively with parent organizations and other groups concerned with the
welfare of the School.

Other Duties
The School Director performs such other duties as set forth elsewhere in these policies or as may be
requested by the Board.

Evaluation of School Director

The Board will establish a mutually agreed upon procedure for the evaluation of the School Directors
performance. The evaluation including a written report will be conducted in an executive session with the
School Director and all Board members in attendance.