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Lecture L3 / E1_ME
Design of glass for acoustic barrier
Martina Eliov

European Erasmus Mundus Master Course

Sustainable Constructions
under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic Events
520121-1-2011-1-CZ-ERA MUNDUS-EMMC
CTU in Prague
Objectives of the lecture
Design of glass pane for acoustic barrier
Design a glass pane for acoustic barrier along the highway with total length
50m. Assume laminated glass compound of two heat strengthened glass panels
with thickness 2x 8mm and thickness of PVB interlayer 1,5 mm. The height of
barrier is c1 3m and the width 2m, glass panes are simple supported along two
edges by a steel profile HEB160. The glass panes are loaded by wind load wk =
c2 1,0 kN/m2.

CTU in Prague
Example of transparent acoustic barrier

CTU in Prague
Design procedure
1. Determination of allowable stress for pre-stressed glass

f b ,k f g ,k f g ,k
f g ,d k mod n
V mkA
where according to the prEN13474-1

f g ,k 45MPa f b , k 70 MPa

k A A0, 04 A. area of the glass pane

n 1,0 national factor

Modification factor kmod

CTU in Prague
Design procedure

Partial factors m and V

CTU in Prague
Design procedure
2. Effective thickness for laminated glass short term load (wind), according
to the prEN13 474-2, Annex

Shear transfer coefficient : = 1,0

hef , hef , w hi

3. Determination of maximum tensile stress for rectangular pane supported on

two opposite edges

eff 0,699 2 f d
f d wk F F 1,5

4. Verification eff f g ,d
CTU in Prague

Thank you
for your kind attention