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Six Student Profiles

1. Nolan
Name Nolan Grade School WSCS Class Goote
Paauw Kindergarten
Diagnosis Educ Label Native Lang
Autism Spectrum/Severe English
Language Delay/Play
Interests in School Interest outside School
Swinging, gym, music, walking Cars, swinging, Berenstein Bears,
outside food
Neurodevelopmental Strengths
Increase in eye contact, gaining confidence in word choice, able to assist in
letter tracing and letter identification, making gains in ABA therapy/item
identification, and is currently working on two word phrases.

Neurodevelopmental Challenges
Nolan is working on social/emotional reciprocity. He has a lack of
spontaneous play at an age-appropriate level and stereotyped, repetitive
motor mannerisms. He has poor relationship development and
delayed/almost absent spoken language. Nolans skills are currently at an 8-
12 month range.
Behavioral Characteristics
Nolan prefers to observe his peers rather than interact, lacking the skills to
participate in activities with his classmates. To indicate that he wants
something, he often waves. However, in recent months, he has come to
realize that he needs to use a mand in order to intidcate that he wants
something. Nolan continues to become more comfortable in school, enjoying
the adults he works with, becoming giggly and silly, and truly enjoying time
learning and playing outside.
Skill Strengths
Nolan is beginning to list more mands throughout the day many
unprompted. He is doing well with gross motor skills throwing balls,
swinging, ring around the rosy, make this motion commands, etc. His gross
motor skills are ranged in the 24-36 month range. Becoming more observant
of his environment and flexibility with activities and people. More engaged
and beginning to show an interest in peers and adults.
Skill Challenges
Fine motor skills are a challenge, coloring and putting blocks together a very
difficult feat. Due to this, using the restroom is a concern of the parents. The
parents are also concerned about playground safety, due to his lack of
environment awareness. Nolans language understanding is at the level of
15-24 months and responds to simple commands. Nolans social skills are at
Veldhuizen 2

the 6-18 month skill levels, watching his peers instead of interacting.

2. Alahni
Name Alahni Grade 3rd School WSCS Class: VanTil
Diagnosis Educ Label Native Lang
Cognitive Impairment
Interests in School Interest outside School
Read to self, calendar, friends Frozen/VeggieTales/Doc McStuffins,
singing, dancing, her dog,
Neurodevelopmental Strengths
She has made significant progress in speech and language skills this year.
She is working at becoming better at pattern completion. Alahni is mastering
handwriting skills and other motor skills such as running, buttoning, eating
food, etc.
Neurodevelopmental Challenges
Alahni is difficult to understand, demonstrating a moderate/severe
articulation impairment which impacts functional communication. She uses
6-7 word sentences in social situations. Alahni has difficulty answering wh
questions, which inhibits classroom discussion.
Behavioral Characteristics
Alahni is friendly, social, and well-liked by peers. She is determined and a
spit-fire, a free spirit. She loves to laugh and have a good time, as well as
show and tell others how much she loves them.

Skill Strengths
She is making huge gains in both writing, reading, and math this year. She
has 100 mastered sight words and is becoming more fluent with reading
sentences and their structure. Her handwriting is now identifiable, and, with
prompting, all words will be written correctly on the line. She is gaining
ground in completing patterns of numbers, shapes, and words. She is
excellent at piecing things together, such as puzzles and memorization
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Skill Challenges
Alahni struggles with handwriting, using bold and dotted lines as guides for
letters. Words larger than 6 letters or with unfamiliar patterns are difficult to
sound out or identify and she often only reads the first part of larger words,
using the schema of words she knows to complete the word (whether correct
or not). She is easily distracted, especially when dealing with a more difficult
or frustrating concept. She can be manipulative, using the cuteness factor
to get what she wants.

Name Tryson Grade 1 School WSCS Class Groenboem
Diagnosis Educ Label Native Lang
ADHD, onset blindness English
Interests in School Interest outside School
Reading (learning Braille), Hockey, family, imagination games,
friendships, recess, PE dogs
Neurodevelopmental Strengths
Picks up subjects of interest with ease, can identify patterns, listens to
sounds to piece together spelling and words as well as navigate life, solid
memory of both long-term and short-term happenings.

Neurodevelopmental Challenges
Focusing for either interests or disinterests.

Behavioral Characteristics
Tryson is full of life, an extremist. He likes and dislikes passionately. He loves
to laugh and be silly, and shows affection by making snide comments. He
has endless energy and runs around and wiggles always. He loves games of
imagination and acting/talking out scenarios with others, making stories on
the fly. He is quick to pick up new concepts, especially when they are made
into a game using quick wit or movement.
Skill Strengths
Tryson can pick up new skills with ease, especially when they are of interest
to him. He has excellent memory of social events/school concepts.
Veldhuizen 4

Skill Challenges
Frustration with happenings that are not fast-paced, dislikes being incorrect
and accepting imperfections, slowing down enough to stay safe, befriending
peers/adults when it is difficult to trust the person or surroundings.

4. Nolan
Name Grade Preschool School WSCS Class Nanninga
Diagnosis Educ Label Native Lang
Down Syndrome English
Interests in School Interest outside School
Singing, dancing, sharing, puzzles Dinosaurs, popsicles, veggie straws,
little sister, puzzles
Neurodevelopmental Strengths
Nolan has a strong ability to see how things should piece together puzzles,
pretend games, matching games. He remembers both people and
songs/ideas well.

Neurodevelopmental Challenges
He has difficulty verbalizing what he wants to say, has difficulty with speech
mechanics. Crafts based on imagination are frustrating to Nolan, and he gets
highly frustrated with them.

Behavioral Characteristics
Helpful, leader in the classroom, determined and perseveres toward personal
goals, aims to please, listens and follows directions, good balance of
emotions. Frustrated when he cannot complete a task based on lack of skills.

Skill Strengths
Knows the sequence of events during structured classroom activities, very
helpful and a leader in the classroom.

Skill Challenges
Struggles with what he wants to say, difficulty with mechanics of speech
production, becomes frustrated when communication breakdowns occur, fine
motor skills are a serious frustration and difficulty.

5. Sam
Veldhuizen 5

Name Grade 8th Grade School WSCS Class 8th Grade

Diagnosis Educ Label Native Lang
ID, moderate English
Interests in School Interest outside School
Socializing with peers and adults, Dogs (animals), junk food,
likes life skills math technology, cars, time with people
Neurodevelopmental Strengths
Graphomotor speed, memory, aware of how to handle social situations, fact
memorization, sounding out larger words, thinking before speaking.

Neurodevelopmental Challenges
Higher order memory, mental energy, processing speed, dependence on
others, academic skills

Behavioral Characteristics
Eager to please, friendly, sense of humor, positive disposition upbeat and
persistent student, polite, laid-back.

Skill Strengths
Working with others, being helpful to adults and peers, wrestling, one-step
projects/problems, organization.

Skill Challenges
Memory of higher order thinking processes, multi-step projects/problems,
standing up for himself, working without support/having an independent
work ethic.

6. Pierce
Name Grade 8th Grade School WSCS Class 8th grade
Diagnosis Educ Label Native Lang
Scoliosis, Autism English
Interests in School Interest outside School
Recycling, psychical labor, custodial Technology, dog
jobs, keyboarding/computer work,
social with adults
Veldhuizen 6

Neurodevelopmental Strengths
Work training loves to complete jobs, technology, social

Neurodevelopmental Challenges
Reading seems to have leveled off, potential dyslexia, speeding to complete
work and becomes frustrated, 2nd/3rd grade math level, dislikes being center
of atttention

Behavioral Characteristics
Motivated to learn/drive to do well, engaged in adult conversations, loves to
be in class with friends, loves school/keyboarding and science.

Skill Strengths
Hands on work, memorizing, working jobs, exploratory classes

Skill Challenges
Academic skills, patience, direction following, eye contact, engagement with
classmates, Bible content, skill changes, mind breaks, controlling frustration,
applying concepts