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Lauren Price


ENG 102-22

5 February 2017

Annotated Bibliography: Open Carry On College Campuses

"'Campus Carry' Goes into Effect as Texas Remembers UT Tower Shootings 50 Years

Later." Fox News. FOX News Network, 2 Aug. 2015. Web. 05 Feb. 2017.

This article by Fox News describes the controversy surrounding the new open

carry law for public universities in Texas. This law allows permitted individuals to

carry their concealed weapon freely throughout campus. This new article focuses

on The University of North Texas and The University of Texas at Arlington in

particular. While these two accredited universities are not the only ones affected

by this law, students are able to voice their opinions toward this controversial

topic. The author of this article quoted numerous students throughout both

campuses and there was a distinct divide. Some supported the new law stating that

they felt safer than ever before on their campus. While the opposing side stated

that they felt extremely unsafe knowing their peers had weapons handy. This news

article provides both viewpoints on this controversial topic. The author did a great

job showing both sides of the argument and seeming somewhat unbiased. This

text could easily be used in future assignments. I appreciate the quality and nature

of his/her writing style.

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Hope, Joan. "Prepare for the Implications on Campus of Concealed Carry Laws. Campus Legal

Advisor 16.1 (2015): 1-5. Web. 5 Feb. 2107.

This scholarly journal focuses on two main topics, guns on campus and the

present problem and advocating for campus safety. When it comes to the present

problems of students carrying guns on campus, a prominent factor that this article

brings to light is the maturity level of the user. There is minimal training that users

in many states have to go through to receive their license to carry. A study done

found that students who are likely to experiment with alcohol and even drugs at

some point will eventually lead to a recipe for disaster. While there are many well

trained and qualified users, the negatives seem to outweigh the positives in this

journal. The journal mentions the support for campus safety and compared

campus security to the student body, and found that the campus security is

significantly outnumbered. Theres a desperate need for an advance in security

detail to ensure a balance in the student to security ratio. While this scholarly

journal was quite biased, it provided information that I found to be helpful. I like

how the author quoted specific viewpoint from people who are actually affected

first hand by the open carry law being passed. I will definitely use this along with

other resources for a future assignment.

Labanc, Brandi Hephner, and Brian O. Hemphill. College in the Crosshairs: An Administrative

Perspective on Prevention of Gun Violence. Sterling, VA: Stylus, LLC, 2015. Print.

This book touches on the harsh reality that officials have to face when passing

laws as controversial as this. The author of this book begins by taking the reader

to previous situations when gun users abused their privilege. The author examines
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gun violence overall, they give numerous examples of everything from rampage

shootings to homicides and suicides. The authors do this because these harsh

scenarios can become a reality to college students who attend a university where

open carry is allowed. The author also includes data about past incidents along

with analysis of trends, within these select tests the author takes into consideration

the mental stability of a student who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This novel is concluded by the author sharing strategies to avoid such tragedies

and offers a variety of models to use if they were to ever occur. I found this

resource to be quite helpful, while it is somewhat biased, I appreciate the visual

models that were provided at the end of the novel.

Lee, Trymaine. "New Texas Law Allows College Students to Carry Guns on

Campus." NBCUniversal News Group, 01 Aug. 2016. Web. 05 Feb. 2017.

This news article focuses mainly on The University of Texass recently passed

open carry law. This law allows students who have obtained a concealed handgun

license and who are above the age of 21 to open carry on campus. With this in

mind, those UT student body members who were able to take advantage of this

law have narrowed down to a measly 1%. In addition, some college facilities,

such as sporting arenas and chemical labs, are off limits. This article also

mentions that the passing of this law was on the 50th anniversary of the clock

tower massacre. This devastating event that involved a UT engineering student

climbing up to the top of the clock tower, he shot 49 students and killed 16 of his

fellow classmates. This massacre was marked one of the deadliest days in US

history. Texas is 1 of 8 states to pass this law allowing student to carry guns on
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campus. After reading this news article, I found the information included to be

informative. I didnt find this news article to be nearly as biased as others I have

come across. I thoroughly enjoyed this article and learned quite a bit from it. I

will definitely be using NBC overall as a news source for future essays.

Rosenwald, Michael S. "Guns Go to College: Everything You Need to Know about Campus

Carry." The Washington Post. WP Company, 31 July 2016. Web. 05 Feb. 2017.

This news article begins by explaining the sequence of events that transpired

involving the Georgia governor Nathan Deal and his veto on a bill that would

have made it legal for open carry on college campuses. His reasoning behind this

was that for decades colleges have run smoothly without guns, why do we need

them now? He angered many after this statement. Texas was the first to pass this

law and states like Idaho, Colorado, and Utah are following. When looking at the

viewpoint of gun rights activists, they believe that it is about self-defense. Their

worst fear is to be in a situation where they are vulnerable. This article also

includes a graph based on the position on legislation when it comes to the student

and faculty which is quite informative. The article was split into five different

categories that are the issue of accidents, the fear and the reality, student and

faculty opinion, crime on campus, and the good guys with guns argument. This

article overall was extremely informative and useful. The Washington Post has

always been a reliable source for me, I plan on using this in the near future on an

upcoming assignment.