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Internet Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Today you will be conducting an Internet scavenger

hunt to find out some interesting facts about matter. There are
several websites, and you will visit each one by going to the URL
that is listed.

Find answers to questions by browsing or searching the


Write the answers to the question in the space provided in

complete sentences.

Website #1 Raders CHEM4KIDS!

1. What is solid and gaseous matter made of?

a) Draw and label the parts of the atom

2. What is matter?
a) What is mass?

3. We have been studying 3 states (phases) of matter, what is needed to

change matter into different states (phases)?

4. Describe and draw the atoms in a solid.

5. Why do liquids have flat surfaces?

Internet Scavenger Hunt

6. Gasses holding huge amounts of?

Website #2 Succeed in Physical Science

1. Each change in the state (phase) of matter has a different name. Fill in
the chart with the name and whether temperatures are rising or falling.
Temperatures are
Start from: Change to: Name:
2. What is Magnetism? rising or falling:

a) Draw an example of a magnetic field.

Solid Liquid

3. What force is created when

Liquid Solid opposite poles are near each other?

4. What force Gas like poles are near each other?

is created when

Gas happen to
5. What would Liquid
a bar magnet if it is cut? (write the answer &
draw the model)
Solid Gas

Gas Solid