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Project Overview Table Project II

Student: Nancy Delgado Name of Project: Andre Ten Year Anniversary

Area of Concern Needs Assessment Projects Action Competencies Evaluation Reflection

Plan Addressed
Andre Elementary is As a founding staff February 2017 February 2017 Pre-Assessment of 1. The Andre
a Met Standard member of Andre Participated and led C001- Articulation of available dedicated Elementary
Cypress Fairbanks Elementary I wanted staff celebration vision of learning. staff members to Celebrating a
ISD campus, with all to take part in the committee meeting take part in a Decade of
2015-2016 STAAR anniversary to discuss ten-year C002- committee. Excellence was a
scores above the celebration. The anniversary theme Communication and Committee members huge success.
state average. The schools theme for and activities collaboration with volunteered to create The committee
area of concern for the year is school community. the following; power decided to make
this project is the Celebrating a Participated and led point picture stories, the celebration an
campus celebration Decade of staff celebration C005- Advocating, 10 Year Quilt, opportunity for
for the founding of Excellence. It is a committee meeting nurturing, and recognition of students to join
the school in 2006. district tradition to and email sustaining founding staff and the festivities by
The purpose of the celebrate on the conversations to instructional program special guests, making them the
project is to campus discuss ten-year and campus culture. refreshments, special central point of
strengthen campus anniversaries by anniversary theme recognition for Ms. the celebration.
culture by creating inviting district and activities C007- Apply decision Woodie Coker Andre We decided to
and highlighting personnel and making skills. (Namesake) dedicate one day
school traditions. previous staff to every year
members to help C008- Management Andre was
commemorate the of campus budgeting *See examples on opened. Everyday
occasion. The and materials use. website during
celebration March 2017- March 2017- announcemnts,
committee met to Researched facts C001- Articulation of Final evaluation - students
discuss possible from campus history. vision of learning. The evaluation of this highlighted
ways to celebrate our Compiled facts for project was on the important events
campus. I was a co- announcements to C002- last day of the of the year to
chair in this make it relevant to Communication and celebration on April make it relevant
committee and was our current students. collaboration with 6, 2017. by inviting the
very involved in the school community. kids to dress with
decision-making Created a schedule a different color
process and to have readers C003- Act with each day and
delegation of during integrity in a legal participate in
resources for the announcements manner. various activities.
event. during the
celebration. C005- Advocating, 2. During the last
Contacted teachers, nurturing, and day of the
assigned tasks. sustaining celebration, we
Designated a central instructional program had several
drive to house and campus culture. special guests
documents using from the school
Google Docs. district. The guest
list included
Collaborated with school board
principal and members,
counselor on secondary
selecting information principals, district
to share with campus directors, former
during teachers and
announcements for assistant
our celebration. principals, and
March 21- April 6- March 21- April 6- the founding
Ten Days C001- Shaping campus principal.
Celebration campus culture by
Created fast fact facilitating vision for *See website for
announcement of learning. photographs
Year 1-10;
highlighted every C002- 3. The event created
years Communication and a stronger
accomplishment by collaboration with campus culture
theme. Various daily school community. by making the
activities throughout students feel part
the campus and in C005- Advocating an of the school
the classrooms. instructional program community.

C009- Ensuring a
safe learning
environment for all

April 6, 2017 April 6, 2017
Participated in Ten C001- Facilitating
Year Ceremony. implementation of
Received a campus vision.
recognition for being
part of the founding C002-
staff for the school. Communication and
collaboration with
Disseminated school community.
campus photographs
in social media using C005- Advocating an
Twitter instructional program