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Name: ELIZABETH ROMERO PERALES__________________________



In this part of the test, you need to write ONE sentence that is based on the given
picture. With each picture, you will be given TWO words or phrases that you must
use in your sentence. You can change the forms of the words and you can use the
words in any order. Your sentences will be scored depending on the following criteria:
the appropriate use of grammar and;
the relevance of the sentence to the picture.

You will have 4 minutes to complete this part of the test.

Question 1 (people/ lots of)

The school library is full of people

today and lots of books are not in
their place because everybody
wants to study for the parcial

Question 2 (kids / while)

The educator is telling a tale for

the kids in the kinder garden while
they are paying attention carefully.

Question 3 (wall / so)

Tina hadnt liked anymore that

white wall, so she contract
someone to pint it with her favorite
Name: ELIZABETH ROMERO PERALES__________________________

Questions 4: Responding to Written Requests

In this part of the test, you will be asked to respond to the given
situation in an e-mail. Your response will be scored depending on
the following criteria:
the quality and variety of your sentences,
vocabulary, and
You will be given 10 minutes to read and answer the e-mail.

Read the e-mail below. Respond to the email as if you were Mr. Kim. In your e-mail, ask
ONE question regarding your booking and make TWO requests.
From: Jay Jackson
To: Mr. Kim
Subject: Confirmation

Dear Mr. Kim,

On behalf of the management of H2O Hotel, I am writing to confirm your reservation for
your upcoming event and to know if there is any special request regarding software or
equipment for this day.

According to our records you will hold your annual conference on the 15th of this month.
Your booking consists of the main banquet hall and our small conference center. There are
various options for technical installations and equipment that are available for rent so,
please, let us know your technical requirements in order to set up everything for your event.

We will be glad to assist you.

Jay Jackson
Name: ELIZABETH ROMERO PERALES__________________________

Mr. Jackson:

Thank you for all the attentions you have. I inform you we need to make a
change for the cede of the magnus event because this year we had more
attendants than we thought. So, we dont need the small conference center
anymore, we need the bigger conference center and sound equipment in order to
have the best sound.
Could please send us the prices for the new request? Well grateful with you.

Mr. Kim

Question 5: Writing an Opinion Essay

In this part of the test, you need to write an essay in response to a question that asks
you to state, explain, and support your opinion regarding an issue. Typically, an
effective essay will contain a minimum of 300 words. Your response will be scored
depending on the following criteria:
Whether your opinion is supported with reasons and/or examples,
vocabulary, and;
You will have 30 minutes to plan, write, and revise your essay

Some job advertisements specify an age limit which can be understood as a

way of discrimination. Do you think age limit should be illegal?
Provide reasons and examples to support your opinion.


In my opinion job advertisements has to be focus on the capacity of the worker in order to
cover all requirements to make a god job. As I see it, companies prefer younger workers
because sometimes, but not always, younger minds has lots of god and fresh ideas, but also
experienced minds can contribute on solving problems.
In my opinion, not all the times establish a limit age is a way of discrimination, rather is for
companies convenience to count with people that can improve in more levels of experience
doing antiquity in the new job and focus completely in that. In the other hand, that doesnt
mean older people are not capable to be responsible or doing a great job, sometimes is about
Name: ELIZABETH ROMERO PERALES__________________________

the order in the company.

Although, there should be a law to support all of this and justify the interest of both parts,
companies requirements and workers to be fair.
To sum it, the most important things to consider are qualify and capacity of the worker who
needs to cover the profile. But, is important for everybody to stay to update our knowledge and
improve ourselves to keep a good worker profile of CCV and that is responsibility of each of us
to cultivate himself and demostrate the great capacity we still have with facts and that would
be a god inversion for companies and older workers to be fair in the occupation of the posision
and maintain the competitively.

Some of the questions used in this test were adapted from the TOEIC Writing Test. Oh My English
(2011). The TOEIC Writing Test. Retrived from: