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Loretta Alvarez

Professor Collins

ENGL 1301

23 March 17

Gun Control

Gun Control are laws regarding the use, carry, or ban of firearms around America. Part of

America believes that laws for firearms should be lifted with restrictions, other believe firearms

should be banned all together. Laws for firearms began in 1791, when the second amendment of

the constitution was created stating that Americans have the right to bear arms. In 1968, an act

was passed to control the use and sale of firearms. The Gun Control Act Of 1968, by

Encyclopedia of Gun Control & Gun Rights, goes on to state the act was created in 1963 when

the Senate Judiciary Committee considered a bill prohibiting mail-order sales of handguns to

minors. Law makers are at a constant battle with taking away firearms, but still giving

Americans their right stated in the Constitution. Federal Gun Legislation Timeline, from, states the different laws firearms have been given throughout

the years, such as the Supreme Court declaring in 2008 that Americans are protected by the

second amendment and have the right to have firearms within their home for protection of their

families. Obamas proposals to tighten up gun control laws in 2012 was caused after the after

the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and the shooting in Aroura, Colorado which took the lives

of innocent people (Federal Gun Legislation Timeline). There has also been controversy over

citizens being able to carry in public for protection. The fight continues to go back and forth for

several reasons. Gun Control has become prominent because people have their rights, while

others want to feel safe.

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The second amendment of the United States Constitution declares Americans have the

right to bear arms. This right protects firearm owners and users from having their firearms taken

away from them. The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), by Encyclopedia of Gun Control

and Gun Rights in 2011 says, Since its founding, the organization has focused on ways to

defend the right to keep and bear arms People use their guns for hunting, shooting at a gun

range, and other recreational activities. If owners were not allowed to have guns, many would

not be able to do their hobbies. Hunters buy guns to use during different hunting seasons. They

invest great amounts of money and do not want it to go to waste by not being able to use their

firearms. Also, citizens want the right to carry so they are able to protect themselves or a loved

one from harm. Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and

the Law published the article More Guns Less Crime Thesis, explains how guns can be used to

protect citizens and even prevent crimes from happening. If criminals see or suspect that a victim

is carrying a gun, they will not attack. This can prevent various crimes and help citizens to feel

safe wherever they go. Many young women, and mothers want to feel protected since they are

usually the target. Many people want to carry their guns in a car or purse in case of confrontation

with a stranger. The article helps to understand how gun carry is beneficial in terms of

protection and reduction of crime rate.

Other citizens believe that only taking guns away from mentally ill patients does not help

prevent crimes such as mass shootings. James Holmes went on a shooting rampage at a movie

theater in Aroura, Colorado in 2012 after purchasing firearms despite his mental health record.

Though it is unclear what he discussed with the mental health professionals... Still, he was able

to purchase his weapons legally from licensed firearms dealers. said Putting A Band-aid On A

Bullet Wound: Why Gun Legislation Targeting Individuals With Mental Illness Isnt Working by
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Lindsay Bramble. This shows how easy it is for anyone to get their hands-on firearms, which

makes people feel uncomfortable and worry about their safety. Even though he was visiting

doctors to discuss his mental issues, he still obtained firearms with no problems. Another

shooting that shocked the nation was the Sand Hook Elementary Shooting. On December 14,

2012 in Connecticut, Adam Lanza used firearms to kill students and teachers (Bramble). Lindsay

Bramble continues to state, Lanza reportedly suffered from Aspergers Syndrome, though this

likely did not cause him to become violent. The shooting at Sandy Hook was one of the deadliest

mass murders in history. Without gun control, anyone and everyone can buy firearms, therefore

citizens feel the need for gun control laws to prevent deadly event like this. With the laws only

regarding mentally ill patients, it does not help to stop crimes. Gun control laws would take guns

out of everyones hands making it harder to buy or own firearms. Firearms are too easy to access

which makes others uncomfortable and scared to go about their normal day.

Gun Control laws have been under debate for many years. While some want their rights,

others want to feel safe. Artilleries can end up in the wrong hands, which makes citizens fear for

their lives. At the same time, others do not want their rights taken away because others do not

know how to properly use and handle a gun. This topic will never come to agreement with these

two sides having strong points.

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