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Archipelago Arms Dealer to show they can no longer be Colonial Trader market.

The corresponding f goes

All, 1 f harvested. All, 2 f to or comes from the bank.
Evolution Cards All your opponents must move +2 rebellion Place 4 different resources you 7-6-5
Cost to use another players card their iron to the front of their own on the export market and
2-4-6 False Prophet
(if playable by all) = cost to screen. You may purchase each of receive 25 f from the bank.
activate as noted on card (f to these resources for 4 f apiece. Bishop
card owner, resources to bank, Non-purchased resources return All, 1 f You can migrate a citizen for each
action discs placed on card), +1 f behind their owners screens.
-1 rebellion
Corrupt Governor temple you control.
to card owner. To use own card, f 5-4-3 All, ? f 3-2-1
and resources to bank, action 2-4-5
Artist All players participate in a closed-
discs on card. Expansion in blue. Financial Advisor
Butcher fist bid with f. The player with the
Card title All, 1 f
All, 2 f highest bid gives it to the player
Playable by all or by owner, cost You may not engage the Artist if controlling the Governor. He For every 5 f you own that you
to activate. f = florin. the difference between the colony If you sell one or more cattle on then takes control of the engaged reveal to your opponents, you
population marker and the either market, double the revenue Governor card. Losing bids go to earn 1 f from the bank.
Effects you receive from the bank.
rebellion marker is < 10 the bank. In case of a tie, all bids
go to the bank and nothing 2-3-4
Cost to purchase 2-4-5
+3 f
happens. If the controller of the General
-1 rebellion Cartographer
Characters VP All, 3 f
Governor has the highest bid, he All, 2 f, 1 iron
pays the money to the bank.
Admiral 12-12-6 Declare war on an opponent.
Target a player. That player must VP
All Target a region where you control
Assassin give you an explorer token. If he
4-5-6 more active non-engaged citizens
You may migrate each of your All, action disc, ? f has none, he must prove it by
than he control citizens, engaged
ships by up to 3 regions. lifting his screen. Diplomat or not, active or rebels. Remove
Eliminate a character controlled
3-4-4 6-4-5 All, 3 f one of the opponents citizens
by one of the players. Pay the
from that region and place it in
Archbishop minimal cost of the eliminated Chief Kalinago You may engage the Diplomat
his reserve.
All, 1 f character and remove its card All, 1 iron, 2 f only during crisis resolution.
from the game. The Assassin +1 rebellion
0-2 temples: -1 rebellion Target a region. If the number of -2 rebellion
cannot eliminate himself.
3-4 temples: -2 rebellion huts in that region is higher than 6-5-4
> 4 temples: -3 rebellion +1 rebellion the number of citizens in that
Explorer Head-Hunter
6-7-8 region, eliminate all citizens there
3-4-5 All, ? f
and return them to each players All, 1 f
Archivist (do not use if Barbarian reserve. Move the colony Reveal the first 5 cards from the
During exploration, take the first
combining base game cards with Owner, 1 f per resource population marker down evolution deck. You may
3 hexagons from the deck and
expansion cards) accordingly. purchase a character card among
Target a region you occupy with choose one. Discard the others.
All, 2 f these cards for its minimal cost.
at least one non-engaged, non- 6-7-9
3-5-6 Discard the other cards. Ignore
Choose an evolution card not in rebel citizen. You may take a land
any red-colored zones on the 5
the game and place it in front of resource for each unoccupied Exporter revealed cards. If a red-colored
you. Pay its minimal cost to the resource icon on the region. Place All, 3 f zone appears on the 6th card now
bank. 1 f from behind your screen on
You may buy or sell an unlimited on top of the evolution deck,
each of the pillaged resources.
7-5-3 number of cubes of the same resolve it immediately.
The coin stays on the pillaged
resources for the rest of the game resource type on the export 8-6-4
Informant Merchant screen. You take all of them. Recruiter Rum Dealer
All, 2 f All, 2 f Each player may pay you 3 f per All, ? f All, 2 exotic fruit
cube he wishes to keep.
Target a player. That player must You may buy or sell any number You may recruit a surplus worker +8 f
lift his screen for 10 seconds. The of cubes of the same resource 8-7-6 without spending an action disc, -1 rebellion
other players are free to count type on the domestic market. The by just paying its current cost.
Mountaineer 4-5-3
and examine the players hidden corresponding f goes to or comes
All, 3 f 5-5-4
game elements, his objective card from the bank. Scout
If the first visible region on top Researcher All, 3 f
of the region deck contains All, action disc, ? f
8-4-2 During exploration, you may do a
Minister of Agriculture mountains, you may explore that
King region without spending any Reveal the 1st 5 cards from the 2nd exploration after the 1st one.
action points. The region placed evolution deck. You may
When determining the order of 6-4-3
Add up to two cattle and/or must be the one that was visible purchase a progress card among
play, the King adds 3 f to its
controllers bid.
exotic fruit to the domestic on top of the deck. these cards for its minimal cost. Spy
market, from the bank. Discard the other cards. All, 5 f
VP 5-5-3
3-2-3 8-6-4 Look at the objective card of a
15-12-10 Pirate player of your choice, including
Minister of Commerce Owner, action disc Rich Investor
Lumberjack the player who controls the Spy if
All All, 2 f
Destroy an enemy ship in the you so wish. You may not reveal
All, 1 f
You may transfer up to two same region as one of your ships Target a town controlled by an the information on the card.
+1 wood resource cubes from the domestic (it goes back to that players opponent. Pay him 8 f. Move his
market to the export market or reserve). The owner of the citizen out of the town to the
vice-versa. destroyed ship must give you a nearby ground in the same region. Stonemason
Marechal Vauban 3-4-5 resource of his choice. If he has Move one of your active, non- All, 1 f
All, 1 f none, he must prove it by lifting engaged citizens in that same
Minister of Labor region to the town. If you sell one or more stone on
Protects all towns and ports you his screen up. either marker, double the revenue
All 6-4-7
control, including the units in +1 rebellion you receive from the bank.
them, form any negative effect -1 surplus worker Robinson Crusoe
15-10-5 5-3-2
caused by an evolution card, until
3-3-2 All, 2 f
the end of the turn, as long as Pope Thief
they remain under your control Missionary All, 1 f If you control an active, non- All, 2 f
All, 2 f engaged citizen alone on an
-1 rebellion -1 rebellion per temple Target a player. The targeted
island, with no other citizen of
VP During exploration, one of the VP player must take two resources
any color on the same island, you
13-10-8 huts on the region can produce may harvest up to 3 available from behind his screen, putting
an active citizen of your color 9-10-12 one in each hand with his fists
resources from that island. Place
Master Fisherman instead of a surplus worker. Queen your citizen on one of the closed. The player who activated
All, 3 f When determining the order of harvested resources available on the thief chooses one of the two
play, the Queen adds 2 f to its the island. hands and takes the resource. The
+2 fish
Monopolist controllers bid. other resource returns to its
6-5-4 All, 8 f 5-3-2 owner. If the targeted player has
9-7-5 only one resource, he places it in
Name a resource type. All players one hand and leaves the other
must move all resources they own
of this type to the front of their

hand empty. If he has none, he Catapults Conveyors Emigration engaged Illuminati card to a
must lift up his screen to prove it. All, 2 f, 1 stone, 1 wood Permanent effect as long as the All player of his choice.
+1 rebellion card is in play. 5-8-12
Destroy a construction in the -1 surplus worker per port
same region as one of your active, All, 2 f
5-4-2 2-3-3 Immigration
non-engaged citizens.
During his migration action, any All
Progress +2 rebellion player can pay 2 f to the owner of Expansionism
All, 1 f +2 surplus workers
Conveyors and use all non-
Amphitheater 5-4-4
engaged ships belonging to any 3-4-4
You can do one migration action
Owner Clerical Construction player as part of a sea convoy. He without spending an action disc.
may not move opponent ships to Iron Mine
+2 f All, 1 stone, 1 f
another region. The owner of 7-6-4 All, 1 f
-1 rebellion
Build a temple in a region where Conveyors can use the card by
4-6-8 you have an active, non-engaged Export Double iron harvest
paying 2 f to the bank. All
citizen, without spending any 3-4-6
Architecture action points. 5-3-6 Add or remove a resource cube
All, 1 f Irrigation Canals
2-3-4 Corruption of your choice on the export
All, 1 f
You can do one construction At the end of phase 2 (Order of market, from or to the bank.
action without spending an action Colonial Lottery Play), the last player in the order Double exotic fruit harvest
disc. All of play may activate Corruption. 3-4-6
3-7-5 Shuffle the unused trend cards He can switch positions with the Farm
into a deck. Reveal the first trend player before him by paying 1 f to All, 1 f Jail
Artisanal Distillery card from that deck. If a player the bank. He can pay multiple Owner, 1 stone, 1 iron
Double cattle harvest
All ranks in first place per the trend times to repeat this process. If he
Remove up to 3 rebel citizens
criteria, with no tie, he receives 10 reaches first in the order of play, 3-4-6
Remove an exotic fruit from the from the archipelago and place
f from the bank. Remove this the player now last in the order of
domestic market. Earn 3 f from
play may activate Corruption if he
Gifts from the Clergy them on this card as active
the bank. trend card from the game. If the 1 exotic fruit and 1 cattle, or 1 citizens. Move the rebellion
revealed trend card concerns so wishes. Repeat at will
exotic fruit marker down by the number of
-1 rebellion game elements hidden behind 2-4-1 jailed citizens. You are free to
2-1-1 player screens, each player places 1 exotic fruit and 1 cattle paid = negotiate the release of prisoners
what he is willing to reveal in a Dictatorship -2 rebellion with each owner whenever you
Bank closed fist. All players reveal the All 1 exotic fruit paid = -1 rebellion wish. Jailed citizens do not rebel
All contents of their hands during a crisis. The owners of the
Put all rebels under your control. 5-4-3
simultaneously, as during a released prisoners place them in
You may borrow up to 5 f from They become active citizens
the bank. You must reimburse closed-fist bid. If the Benefactor
Illuminati one or more regions of their
double this amount to the bank trend card is revealed, the player All, 12 f choice where they control at least
by the end of your round. If not, controlling the most temples wins +2 rebellion one unit in their color. Any that
the lottery. Remove the current trend from
you must lift your screen and 7-5-4 the game. Choose a new trend cannot be placed remain in jail.
return all your resources, f and 2-2-3 among the unused trend cards 5-3-2
explorer tokens to the bank. Education that have not been removed from
Commercial Fishing All the game. Put this new trend in
3-2-3 All, 1 f
-2 surplus workers play, visible to all players. The
Double fish harvest Illuminati owner gives the

Local Commerce places it on Port Blockade. Shipbuilding Trojan Seahorse Colossus
All, 1 f Players controlling fewer ships All, 1 wood Owner, 2 wood action disc, 3 iron
than him can no longer do
You can do a transaction of your transactions on the export Build a ship in a region where you Remove an opponents citizen -2 surplus workers
choice on the domestic market market. The ship on the card have a non-engaged non-rebel from a town and return it to its VP
without spending an action disc. remains controlled. When Port citizen without spending an owners reserve. Place a citizen of
Blockade is disengaged, the player action disc. your color from your reserve on
gets his ship back and places it on 4-5-6
that town. Remove Trojan Great Lighthouse
Militia the archipelago as he wishes. Seahorse from the game. 1 iron, 2 stone, must have port
All, 1 iron Siege +1 rebellion
3-2-5 Every player adds a ship in each
All, 1 f
Remove a rebel citizen from the 4-3-2 region where he controls a port.
archipelago and return it to its Quarry Target a region controlled by an VP
owner. Move the citizen All, 1 f opponents town in which the Wartime
population marker down by one. Double stone harvest number of active, non-engaged All, ? iron
citizens you control is higher than
All players participate in a closed- Hospital
3-4-6 the number of active citizens All, action disc, 1 stone, 1 wood,
fist duel with iron. All bids return
National Holiday Racketeering controlled by that opponent. The
to their owners. The player who 1 exotic fruit
All, 1 f citizen controlling the town
Owner, 2 f bid the most (no ties) eliminates a -1 rebellion for every 3 f paid to
becomes a rebel.
Remove a cattle and exotic fruit citizen of his choice belonging to the bank (not a one-time effect)
You may activate Racketeering
from the domestic market and +1 rebellion one of the players who bid the VP
when an opponent harvests more
return them to the bank. You least. The citizen returns to its
than one resource of the same 7-4-2 6-8-9
earn 2 f from the bank owners reserve. Move the citizen
type in a single action. This player
must give you one of the Slavery population marker down by 1. Moai Statue
-2 rebellion
resources of the type harvested. All, 1 f +1 rebellion Action disc, 1 stone, 2 wood
+1 rebellion Disengage all citizens under your 3-5-3 -2 rebellion
Navigation Act control. They may do another VP
8-4-2 action immediately.
All, 4 f Wonders 4-3-6
You may do as many transactions Roads +2 rebellion Except for the Hospital, Wonders
on the export market as the All have one-time effects once built. Pyramid
2-4-6 When built, remove one of your 2 action discs, 5 stone
number of non-engaged ships During migration, all your citizens
you control. Triangular Trade active, non-engaged citizens from +2 rebellion
may move by one additional anywhere on the archipelago and
region. All, 6 f 2 VP
3-3-2 place it on the wonder just built.
3-2-1 Move the surplus worker marker Move the population marker 15-10-5
Peace & Prosperity up by the number of non-
All, 3 f down 1. VPs granted only for
Sawmill engaged ships you control. Move built wonders.
-2 rebellion All, 1 f the rebellion marker up by the
same amount. Take that same Cathedral
2-5-7 Double wood harvest 2 action discs, 3 stone, must have
number of any resources, or
Port Blockade 3-4-6 fewer, from the domestic market. temple,
All Sell that same number of any -1 rebellion per temple
resources, or fewer, to the export 2 VP
The player who activates this card market. Compiled by R Monk,
removes one of his non-engaged 10-8-6
ships from the archipelago and 6-7-9 Corrections welcome.

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