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Listening & Reading Grammar Writing Language Arts
1.2 By the end of the 2.3 By the end of the 6- 5.1 By the end of the 6- 3.2 By the end of the 6- 4.3. By the end of the
6-year primary year primary schooling, year primary schooling, year primary schooling, 6-year primary
schooling, pupils will pupils will be able to read pupils will be able to use pupils will be able to schooling, pupils will be
Content be able to listen and independently for different word classes write using appropriate able to plan, organize
Standard respond appropriately information and correctly and language, form and and produce creative
in formal and informal enjoyment. appropriately. style for a range of works for enjoyment.
situations for a variety purposes.
of purposes.
1.2.1 Able to 2.3.1 Able to read for 5.1.2 Able to use 3.2.2 Able to write with 4.3.1 Able to produce
participate in daily information and pronouns correctly and guidance : simple creative works
Learning conversations : enjoyment with appropriately : (a) simple sentences with guidance based
Standard (f) introduce family guidance : (b) linear (a) personal on : (a) jazz chant
members and friends.

1. Teacher shows a 1. Teacher shows the 1. Teacher introduces a 1. Teacher shows an 1. Teacher plays a
picture of a big pictures of vacation song to the pupils. envelope to the jazz chant.
family. to the pupils. 2. Teacher pupils. 2. Teacher distributes
2. Pupils respond to 2. Teacher asks what demonstrates on how 2. Teacher asks what the lyrics to the
the picture. pupils can see from to sing the song. the function of the pupils.
Set Induction 3. Teacher tells them the pictures. 3. Teacher sings envelope is. 3. Teacher gets the
about the family 3. Teacher asks pupils together with the 3. Pupils respond. pupils to chant the
and the relatives. experience about pupils. 4. Teacher ask what jazz chant by
their vacation. other medium can following the
4. Teacher introduce the be used for recordings.
topic of the lesson. communication. 4. Teacher asks pupils
5. Pupils give whether they know
response. what jazz chant is.
6. Teacher shows the 5. Pupils respond.
example of an 6. Teacher introduces
email. the topic of the day.
1. Teacher shows a 1. Teacher pastes a 1. Teacher pastes 1. Teacher asks pupils 1. Teacher pastes
family tree pasted short story written on pictures on the what the email is another jazz chant
on the whiteboard. the mahjong paper whiteboard. about. with blank space
Pre // 2. Teacher teaches on the whiteboard. 2. Teacher pastes 2. Teacher gets the written on a
Presentation the relationship 2. The short story has sentence strips pupils to read the mahjong paper, on
based on the blank space with randomly on the email. the whiteboard.
family tree. pictures on it. whiteboard. 3. Teacher tells about 2. Teacher pastes the
3. Teacher pastes a 3. Teacher reads the 3. Teacher asks pupils the functions of the pictures of uncle
several of short short story followed about the pictures format. Eg : sender, Chong, Uncle Abu
texts related to the by the pupils for the and describe it recipient, signature, and Uncle Mutu.
family tree. first time. generally. etc. 3. Teacher
4. Teacher gets the 4. Teacher asks 4. Teacher teaches 4. Teacher pastes demonstrates on
pupils to read the randomly the answer which pictures are to another template of how to chant the
text after her. to fill in the blanks. use which pronoun. an email. jazz chant.
5. Teacher calls pupil 5. Then, teacher asks 5. Using the sentence 5. Teacher shows 4. Teacher points out
randomly to lead for the volunteers to strips, teacher shows step by step on to the picture and
the class. choose the answer on how to choose the how to fill in the substitute the name
written on the word correct one to be templates. to the blank space
card. pasted to the correct 6. Teacher elicits in the jazz chant.
6. The word card then pictures. response from 5. Teacher gets the
will be pasted on the 6. After several pupils. pupils to practice
correct blank space. example, teacher reading the jazz
7. Teacher asks pupils calls pupils randomly chant while she
whether their friends to complete the pointing out to the
answers are correct activity. pictures.
or not.
8. Pupils give feedback.
1. Teacher distributes 1. Pupils are divided 1. Pupils sit in groups. 1. Teacher gives task 1. Teacher breaks the
task sheets to the into groups. 2. Teacher pastes sheet to each glass into two
While // pupils. 2. Teacher gives an balloons which pupils. groups.
Practice 2. Pupils listen to the envelope to each contains pictures on 2. Teacher explains 2. Group A will be
teachers groups which the whiteboard. the instruction on reading the line
instruction. contains sentence 3. Leader in each how to do the task. assigned to them.
3. Teacher plays a strips. groups will choose 3. Pupils are going to 3. Group B will be
recording. 3. Pupils need to the balloon of their write an email to reading the line
4. Pupils tick the rearrange the favourite color and their friends. assigned to them.
correct answer. sentence strips in pop it. 4. Pupils may refer to 4. Teacher points out
5. Pupils check the their group based on 4. Based on the picture the example given to the pictures and
answers with the the text pasted on the that they got, pupils on the whiteboard. the pupils start
teacher. whiteboard. need to write 5. Teacher walks reading.
4. Teacher walks sentences. around to see the 5. Teacher changes
around and check 5. They may refer to the progression. the line for Group A
pupils answers. example on the and vice versa.
whiteboard. Feedback 6. Teacher repeats
6. Teacher calls the 1. Teacher calls pupils the round for
group randomly to randomly to the several time.
read the answers. front. 7. Teacher asks pupils
7. Teacher gives 2. Pupils read their if there any
feedback. answers which is possible gestures
the email written on for the jazz chant.
the task sheet. 8. Pupils respond.
3. Teacher ask the 9. Pupils practice the
pupils about their jazz chant with
friends work. actions.
4. Teacher gives
1. Teacher calls the 1. Teacher distributes 1. Teacher distributes b 1. Teacher asks pupils
pupils randomly to another task sheet. the task sheet to the fa to make lines in
Post // do a role play. 2. Teacher explains pupils. mi front of the class.
Production // 2. Pupils need to act about the task sheet. 2. Pupils complete the ly 2. Group A will be on
Feedback out the role play 3. Pupils need to task sheet nb the left.
based on the answer the WH- individually. gn3. Group B will be on
dialogue given by questions based on 3. Teacher calls pupils m the right.
the teacher. the text pasted on the randomly to read 4. Pupils present their
3. Teacher checks on whiteboard. their answers. performance in
the pupils 4. Pupils may refer to 4. Teacher gives front of the class.
pronunciation. the text pasted on the feedback on pupils 5. Teacher gives
whiteboard. answer. feedback.
5. Teacher guides
pupils to answer the
6. Pupils are given the 1
time to complete the
7. Teacher discusses
the answer with

1. Teacher recaps 2. Teacher asks pupils 1. Pupils sing the song 6. Teacher recaps the 8. Teacher recaps the
Closure the lesson. what they have learnt introduced earlier. use of an email to lesson.
from the text. 2. Teacher recaps the the pupils.
3. Teacher inculcates lesson. 7. Teacher recaps the
the moral value. lesson.