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Current as at December 2006

3 : D R A I N A G E (Below Ground Sewerage)

Junctions in drains

 Background Drains installed at grade

Over the past twenty years PVC-U sweep junctions Drains of equal size
have been permitted for drainage in plumbing should be joined at grade
regulation. The design of these fittings has undergone by means of a 45°
change in this time resulting in a shorter fitting with a junction. Fig. 3.
reduced throat radius. Sweep junctions may contribute branch
to blockages when installed on grade. The problem is drain
compounded when several junction fittings are laid in
close proximity and connecting to soil fixtures.

 Aim 45° Junction 45° bend
The aim of this technical solution is to clarify the
use of junction fittings (both sweep and 45°) in order
to minimise the problems of blockages currently being
experienced the field. Graded drain
Junctions in drains
Fig 3.
– 45° junction Fig. 1. Drains installed at grade
– Sweep junction Fig. 2.
Junctions in drains installed other than at
grade or vertical
45° or sweep junction is permitted
(a) Other than at grade
Where a sweep junction is used the invert of the
branch drain must be at least 10mm higher than the
soffit of the main drain. Fig. 4.
Graded branch drain invert

45° junction
Graded main drain soffit

Graded branch

Graded main

Fig. 4
Fig. 2
Plan and elevation
Sweep junction
view of sweep junction

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unsupported Fig. 5 Connection of a single discharge pipe or a drain to a sweep or 45° junction below ground Plumbing Industry Commission Page 2 of 2 . provided: bend to a 45° junction must be used. 5. Fig. 45° or sweep junction Concrete support Fig. concrete support is required under the junctions. 6. 45° or sweep junction Concrete support 2m max. • The vertical riser does not exceed 2m in height • Branch drains connected off the vertical riser must be independently supported • The maximum unsupported length is 500mm 90° bend • Where a vertical riser extends to ground level or where the invert of the main drain and the invert of the branch drains exceed 1m.Technical Solutions…Technical Solutions…Technical Solutions… Current as at December 2006 3 : D R A I N A G E (Below Ground Sewerage) Junctions in drains continued (b) Junctions installed in a vertical plane (c) Vertical stack connection Sweep or 45° junctions installed on their back Junctions installed on their back below ground can below ground may be used for connection of a single not be used for the connection of a vertical stack. 45° Junction on Concrete support grade 500mm max. A 90° discharge pipe or a drain. Fig. 6 Connection of a stack 2m max.