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Subject : English Language
Topic : Writing an article
Theme : Environment
Class : 1 Ibnu Khaldun
Enrolment : 28
Level : Intermediate proficiency
Time : 8.00 9.00am
Focused skill : Reading
Integrated skill : Listening & Speaking, Writing
Learning outcomes/
Curriculum Specifications :

1.0 Language for interpersonal use

1.1 d. Taking part in conversations and discussions

2.0 Language For Informational Use

2.1 Obtain information for different purposes

c. reading materials in print such as reports and articles and using other
electronic media such as the internet.

Level 1, 2, 3
ii. Reading silently and aloud with understanding a variety of text.

2.2 Process information by

a. skimming and scanning for specific information of ideas

2.3 Present information to different audiences by:

d. Presenting information in non-linear forms including tables, graphs, diagrams,
charts and vice versa.

Language content : Negative verb : Dont, Cant etc

General objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to

demonstrate an understanding on the format of an composition
and how to write a composition by applying it in the activities
Behavioral objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to
1. Read and note important details in an article on a Change to Green.(The cause and
2. Answer at least 5 out of 7 questions correctly based on the text given.
3. Construct at least 5 simple sentences of protecting the environment
(recreational park, etc)
Teaching aids : Whiteboard, marker pens, mahjong paper, laptop, projector,
,worksheet, pictures on the clean and polluted area,
Thinking skills : Making associations and connections (based on the pictures)
Moral values : Teamwork (co-operation, tolerance)

Stages/Time Teaching Learning Activities Materials & aids/

Induction 1. Teacher plays a video clip on Malaysia This is just a warm-up, to
(5 mins) Truly Asia that show the beautiful catch students attention
environment. and interest, to activate
their prior knowledge on
2. Teacher asks few questions based on the what they have already
video clip: learnt and understanding
Who can you see from the video?

Is it nice?

Where can you find it?

3. Teacher explains what the lesson will be

Tr states what the lesson is going to be
about. Tr tells Ss that they will talk about
how to keep green and after that, write
simple rules on how to protect our

Development 1. Tr gives pictures about the polluted area Pictures about clean
(Pre reading) and clean area for Ss to study. environment.
(10 minutes)
2. Tr asks Ss to construct 5 words on what
they wish to know about the pictures
While reading
(15 minutes)

3. Teacher gives article (handout 1) to Ss. Article about Change to

Green and Question.
4. Teacher asks ss to read the article silently.

5. Teacher selects few students to read

aloud and teacher intervenes when
necessary especially in pronunciation.
6. Tr asks Ss to find the answers for Wh LCD projector
questions from the article.
This is to maintain their
7.Teacher assists ss to scan and note interest in the lesson and
important details from the article by asking also to provide more ideas
on what they can write
few questions:

What is the process to keep green

the environment that has been
mentioned in the article?

What will you do if this dirty

environment is around you?

8. Tr distributes the worksheet that contains

7 questions about the article.

9. Ss to answer the questions in pairs and

present their finding for further discussion.

Practice Tr briefly touches on negative verbs. Mahjong paper.
(10 mins) Video about green
Activity 2: environment.
Negative words Tr explains the next activity.
Eg : Dont, Cant Teacher shows mind map on how to keep
etc our area green. Ss are divided into groups of

Group 1 : Housing area

Group 2 : School area
Group 3 : Recreational park etc.

Each group has to discuss about how to safe

the earth.

Tr shows a video about green environment.

Ss are to write 5 sentences that can get from

the video on how to safe the nature or earth.

Ss will be given mahjong paper and marker

Ss are to present out the mind map in front
of the class.
Closure 1. Teacher sums up the lesson by .
(5 mins) encouraging Ss to take care of their To reinforce students
environment. understanding on the topic
and love for nature.
2. Tr discusses the moral values of the
lesson with the Ss.