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Blue Forest

A holistic fusion of forest & cosmopolitan life experience

What is Blue Forest

Nestled in lush green valley, yet closely connected to big cities, Blue Forest is an oasis where world-class
state-of-the-art architecture technology thrives. Blue Forest’s resort centers are influenced by Goan and
Mediterranean architecture, which gives home a very distinctive feel. Luxurious penthouses offer a
breathtaking view of the tranquil waterfront for its residents.

Blue Forest's resorts are planned not only to capture its own special charm, but also to blend in holistic
fusion of forest & cosmopolitan life experience.

Life in full
Cosmopolitan architecture, imaginative planning and environmental ideals make Blue Forest an idyllic
self-contained world. Life at Blue Forest can best be described as, Life in full. An eclectic Hill Station
community, Blue Forest is a visionary world where you can live, work, learn and play.

Where is Blue Forest

Located in the western mountain ranges of India, Blue forest is very near to the two major historical cities,
Jaipur and Delhi. Blue Forest is narrated on around 25 Beegha on green fertile land, There are five
access routes to Blue Forest, one of which is enhanced and developed. This is the Jaipur-Ramgarh Dam
road to Blue Forest which offers a similar quality drive as one experience on any Expressway. This road
makes Blue Forest approximately half an hour's (around 34 kms) drive from the heart of Jaipur and
almost 4 hours away from Delhi (around 230 kms).

Blue Forest is situated at one of the prominent places in Rajasthan at “Ramgarh”, Jaipur fascinating
'emerald paradise', which promises a variety of wildlife, ayurveda, plantation resorts and spas with a
distinct culture and a tradition of its own, is a perfect get away place for you and your family for an
unforgettable perfect holiday. The distinctive ecological and geographical features of Blue Forest provide
a unique charm and an enchanting challenge for hikers, trekkers and nature lovers. Blue Forest's unique
geographical features lend a peculiar charm and a delightful challenge to it’s residents. Its fascinating
scenery and wonderful climate creates an unforgettable experience.
Blue Forest is an idyllic destination for the vacation and business tourist, with distinctive topographic
features of Blue Forest is one of the most sought in tourist destinations in Rajasthan.

“Ramgarh” the terrain of immense natural beauty is pertinently known as the "ecstasy of travelers". From
the imposing heights of the mountains the area swells westward presenting a panorama of silent valleys
clothed in the richest green.

Come, live the experience that goes beyond any other. We assure you that you will return home
recharged and revitalized, with greater love, respect and concern for nature, simply because you will
observe how we protect and preserve our environment in small ways.

Introduction & Welcome

In the lap of mother nature a dream holiday at Blue Forest resort with all modern amenities for those who
love life and nature - a holiday centre where service becomes worship and guests become God. It’s a
place where you are in a complete harmony with nature. Untouched, unexplored and raw. Where, the
ambience is exclusive, comfortable and refreshing!

You can have everything here languorous, lazy days, basking in the soothing gentleness of nature, under
the shade of swaying palm trees...comfortable rooms, and exquisitely delicious food that is every
gourmet's delight, perhaps a spot of wind surfing.

Blue Forest Resorts is the perfect get-away for friends and family longing to experience the serenity of
long walks-ways, lush greens and lazy evenings. Visiting this home-away-from-home will reveal an old
age fortress, sitting aloft a hillock surrounded by simple nature.

Set amidst natural landscapes of babbling brooks and beckoning hills, this resort is an oasis of peace with
an enchanting atmosphere. Blue Forest’s first-class living penthouses are well furnished, are made of
eco-friendly material and offer simple luxury & privacy. Clean and superior facilities, package deals and
excellent cuisine.

Let a rainbow of butterflies and dragonflies play hide-and-seek with you. Blue Forest for the incurably
romantic, the terribly adventurous or the complete workaholic who needs to recharge themselves with
ayurvedic rejuvenation. Welcome, enjoy the glory of paradise. By yourselves, to make it easier for you to
take a break from urban living.
Tuning in with nature

Environmental sensitivity is one of the driving factors in the development of Blue Forest. Modern
technologies merged with time tested ideas have been deployed to maintain the ecological balance &
natural settings of the environment. The Environment Management Plan (EMP) addresses several
initiatives to protect and enhance the green cover.

• Ecological mapping done during master planning stage is being extensively used in the
development of Blue forest.
• Superior technology for large- scale greenification has been utilized
• Check dams are being laid out to retain surface runoff of rainwater and maintain the ground
water level.
• Lots of indigenous shrubs and plants have been planted to preserve the green cover and
enhance the biodiversity of the hilly terrain.
• Eco friendly methods are being applied to build homes and community infrastructure with the
help of locally available materials like wood.
• Advanced Sewage Treatment ensures that waste water is recycled for gardens and
• Utmost care has been taken to adhere to stringent soil, water and waste management
standards at Blue Forest.

Enriching lives with world class facilities

At Blue Forest, utmost care is taken to provide world-class amenities for its Penthouses. A well laid out
area with facilities on par with the world, Blue Forest uses the best of technology to preserve the
ecosystem, yet having all the modern amenities. State-of-the-art roads, Convention Center, health and
wellness center, international standard in landscaping of gardens and parks are just some of the
amenities which you will enjoy at Blue Forest.

Lakeside promenade with open air sitting arrangements, town hall for cultural activities, world-class pool
facilities which will cater to all deeds of joy are well planned out according to its plan.
Pent Houses at Blue Forest

The canvas is huge; the picture is detailed to perfection. Nestled comfortably penthouses are being built.
the Blue Forest’s penthouses is tucked away literally far from the maddening crowd, deep in the
deciduous forests about thirty km from Jaipur, on the banks of the human created lake.

Penthouses will have spacious rooms embracing the resort are influenced by the Goan and
Mediterranean architecture. Where residents of Blue Forest can enjoy urban lifestyle close to nature. All
modern amenities and luxury which suits the modern lifestyle.

The residents of Blue Forest can choose from an array of penthouses almost all of which have a poolside
view. Only aprox 6% of total land area is being used to built penthouses.

The philosophy behind penthouses at Blue forest is to create comfortable homes for people using the
best of technology, for an elegant lifestyle.

Get a true taste of wild and wonderful

• Every pent house is elevated at the height of 10-15 feet above ground level
supported by solid iron pillar frame, enhancing the feel of jungle.

• Grandeur with wooden floors and walls to get you breath in the untamed essence of
the wild.

• Each penthouse has a fully furnished bedroom

• Air conditioning

• Flat screen TV

• Wooden wardrobe

• Wall to wall transparent glass window to give you exquisite view of entire resort,
covered with heavy curtains.
• Attached bath place with bedroom will have all modular fittings with a glass door for
shower tray.

• A luxurious living room, would give a distinctive feeling of comfort with an open
modular kitchen

• Sofa and wooden center table.

Out-of-this-world romantic get-away

One attached balcony in every penthouse with bamboo chairs and table, every evening with
your favorite coffee is one thing that evaporates all your worries and work tensions. You’ll
find everything in your own penthouse which you can dream of to make your grand style of

To experience the complete tranquility, have a feeling of ownership of your own

penthouse at Blue Forest.

Refresh and rejuvenate

Blue Forest, encapsulated inside the mystic mountain ranges provides a perfect setting for a getaway for
many a travelers and tourists. The maddening pace of city life, the endless traffic jams, and the stifling
work cubicle…is all conveniently forgotten at Blue Forest wherein different kinds of leisure and recreation
activities provide a refreshing escape from the metropolis. Blue Forest offers exciting diversions such as
outdoor sports. Pool restaurants, sauna / zaccuzi bath, yoga and meditation centers will also be there.

Adventure sports

In between hills & rose gardens, you cannot find any other better playground. Cradled in the valley,
the setting is quite apt for every conceivable sport from yoga to any other outdoor game. With
playground that starts right at your doorstep, there never is a dearth for adventure at Blue Forest.
A plethora of activities awaits the residents as well as the visitors at Blue Forest. Nature trails are
some of leisurely activities you get to explore apart from sports like trekking, swimming for the
untamed explorer in you.

Corporate Meeting Hall

We at Blue Forest believe in providing a splendid venue for formal meetings as well as occasions, our
conference hall is specially designed for these purposes to well suit your requirement.

Our services as corporate event planning in Blue Forest, deciding theme for the same and the arrangements
made by our resort crew are all delivered as per our guest’s unique requirements. We can efficient fine tune
ourselves , in accordance to your special needs and occasions. Perfectly meeting the guest specific demands ,
proper arrangements are made from deciding the event, seminar or corporate function, making the guest list,
based upon which complete decor is altered to utmost perfection.

Located at a comfortable distance from the big cities, Blue forest is well connected with all the modern
technology and connectivity which ensures that you are never far away from the global events.

Health and wellness centers

The pristine green valley overlooking the placid lake is a perfect setting to rejuvenate and refresh
your mind, body and spirit. The world-class health spas & fully equipped gym at Blue Forest, gives
you plenty of excuses to energies your senses with an exotic ayurvedic massages.

Various relaxing activities like morning yoga classes, therapeutic massage with exotic oils,
aromatherapy, ayurvedic treatments will be offered at Blue Forest.


An adventure awaits for your taste buds at Blue Forest. Experience the food from around the world in exclusive
restaurant on an evening out with your family. Relax and enjoy your coffee at the elegant outdoor cafés that look
straight into the lakeside.

Events & Convention Center

A welcome getaway for weekend tourists and corporates, Blue forest will provide well-equipped
Convention & Event Center. The Convention Center with its technologically advanced facilities will play
host to business meetings, exhibitions and various other events for the visitors at Blue Forest.

One of the best Spa resort Blue Forest invites you to A Journey Of Wellness in the natural, pollution free
atmosphere. Enjoy the serenity of Spa Suites and Spa Pavilions surrounded by soothing views of forests
and majestic peaks as you are revitalized with therapies drawn from Ayurvedic, Asian and Western

Blue Forest’s Spa provides a serene and truly unforgettable experience of pure pampering and relaxation
in exquisitely beautiful surroundings, using holistic therapies and massages which combine the very best
of Eastern and Western practices. The extraordinary levels of comfort and service that guests expect
from Blue Forest reach a peak in the Spas, You’ll surely acclaimed fantastic spa experience.

Ayurvedic Massage

Blue forest is jeweled even an absolutely relaxing, rejuvenating ayurvedic massage, using natural herbal
oils distilled out of the secrets of India's ancient healing arts.... reach out to a never before, total holiday
experience that will make you fully ALIVE again.


Lazing by the waters' edge and watching the world go by is perhaps the best way to spend your time at Blue Forest
However, for the more mercurial, Blue forest is an adventure lover's base resort. You have an unlimited choice of fun
'n' adventure activities that will blow off your senses.

Natural Lake
The unique topography of the Blue Forest with its serene lake is one of the most influencing factors in the design of
entire resort.
Club & Games
Indoor and Out door games available at Blue Forest are :Snooker, TT, Cricket, Basket Ball, Tug of war, Musical
Chairs, volleyball, pool, cricket ensures there is no chance of boredom.

Blue Forest Resorts is just close enough from the heart of Jaipur to be easily accessible and yet far enough to offer a perfect
holiday. In the calmness and coolness of this resort you will find modern amenities, courteous service and a feeling of being

Swimming Pool & Zaccuzi

Or unwind in the indoor swimming pool or spectacular outdoor zacuzzi while you take in the spectacle of the
unwrapped surrounding forests.

Medical Treatment & Safety

An Ayurvedic doctor is available for consultation on treatments based on Ayurveda. We take utmost care to ensure
the safety of all our guests - all our activities are guided with safety gear and first-aid kits.

Blue Forest offers mildly spicy various delectable dishes in typical Rajasthani style cooking. Over and above to this we have almost
all dishes from Panjabi Menu as well as all south Indian dishes.

Experience the food from around the world in our exclusive restaurant. Let your taste buds feel the adventure!!!

Honeymoon Trips
Blue Forest presents an exclusive offer for honeymooners to celebrate the magic of a new relationship.
Experience our hospitality at our property which offers tranquil surroundings, soothing ambiance, and
unmatched luxury and create everlasting memories of your honeymoon.
Where technology meets utility
An exhaustive GIS architecture has been designed which would integrate into other systems such as Document
Management Systems (DMS) and Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

GPS Mapping:

We are trying to map nature trails with GPS and points of interest would be described. A significant contribution has
to be made towards trail guides highlighting the rich diversity of flora and fauna at Blue forest.

Raising the bar

Setting new benchmarks in construction, planning and service delivery at Blue Forest offers its residents a level of

The high quality roads to Blue Forest would provide total connectivity to its residents and visitors. Blue Forest is
approached by various routes. World-class road from the Jaipur Delhi Highway to Blue Forest makes traveling
speedy and comfortable.

Water Supply System

At Blue Forest, water is supplied from ground water to a Water Treatment Plant which is designed to meet all the
current international health standards. This ultra modern Water Treatment Plant is built to cater the need of potable
water. The water supply system that provides world-class quality and purity of water.

Waste Water Treatment

An advanced Sewage Treatment System has been setup at Blue Forest.

Telecommunication & Network

Building on the network of fiber optic cables, EPBX in every penthouse to built a solid communication and Wi-Fi
connectivity across.

Solid Waste Management

Ensuring continued harmony with nature, best technology for solid waste management
Location Map

Cost & Payment mode

Experience all the fun and beauty at Blue Forest, with immense feeling of ownership of this big property and then leave it to us, at
Blue Forest to organize one of the most memorable moments of your life with your near and dear ones.

One Pent house is pricing INR 31, 00,000.00 Rupees includes all club facilities at Blue Forest. Payment can be made in four easy
installments. As given below in tabular format.

Payment Intervals Payments

Total Payment 31,00,000.00
At the Time of Booking 7,75,000.00
At the Time of Allotment 7,75,000.00
At the time of Pent House Construction 7,75,000.00
At the Time of Possession 7,75,000.00
Earn & Save from your ownership

Since we are also planning to promote Blue Forest, as a destination for corporate events & meetings and want to create an image of
one the hottest tourist location in Rajasthan. If you are interested to earn something from your investment, which you did to
purchase a penthouse, a fantastic offer awaits you. You can give your penthouse for rent to the people coming for accommodation
in Blue Forest. We’ll take care for maintenance and promotion of your penthouse & we are ensuring two different options for leasing

1. 6% or actual annual returns, whichever is higher, on your investments.

2. 13% fixed returns on your total investments.

So your own penthouse, other than a comfortable living experience, will become a potential earning member of your family….!!!

Hurry Up…!!! Limited Offer for selected profiles

To maintain your privacy and to develop world class patronage we restricted penthouse ownership to selected profiles. A penthouse
ownership profiles are strictly restricted to Govt. officials, Jewelers, HNI business owners, Exporters, Doctors, manufacturers
(supporting docs would be required at the time form filling).

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