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Spell Points Magic System For FH

There are several different ideas out there for a Eldar purchases Hailstone twice, and Ice Armor
magic system in FH. Spell Skill, purchasing the spell, once. This would still leave him 12 SP to spend on
power frameworks and so on. other spells as well.
Are you looking for a different spell system for your He would be able to cast Hailstone 4 times (2 x 2
FH campaign? Well, how about using Spell Points? Charges) and use the Ice Armor up to 12 hours (2 x 2
Spell Points are a variation on Resource Points Charges of 6 Hours each) before he needed to rest.
(APG I). The basic concept is the same with only a few In this case the spells are based on recovering after
twists. resting instead of X times per day. So the after
A Character will pay 1 CP for every 5 Spell Points resting would be when the character could use the
(SP) that they wish to have. This is the pool a character Spell Point Pool again. Although a GM could remove
uses to buy their spells. the Recoverable Charges and simply make it per day,
So the Elven mage Eldar spends 10 CP; that means this would also cheapen the spell cost a bit.
he has 50 SP to spend on the spells he chooses. Eldar The example spells were fairly routine and not
will still need to purchase the type of magic known and overly complex. Depending on exactly what a spell
any other skill or talent the GM requires for spell use. allows they could be far more expensive.
The difference between this and just buying the There are other limitations that could be added and
spell is that the character can change the spells they some of the limitations could be changed, such as
have access to on a daily basis. changing the IIF component to OAF wand, crystal or
Before a character starts their day, they decide what something similar.
spells they will purchase that day. The next day, they Depending on the powers, advantages and
can buy the same spells or new ones their choice. limitations allowed, the cost of spells can be quite high.
GMs will need to work with the characters to find a It may be necessary to adjust the ratio to 1 CP to 10
good balance on the cost of the spells they choose and SP.
the Spell Point Pool. This will be something else the GM and player will
The following example of two spells is given with a need to work together to find the best fit for the
AD&D type spell functionality. campaign and the characters.
This is just an example of another system designed
Cost Power to help make the game more fun and flexible for the
15 Hailstones: Blast 6d6; Area Of Effect (10m Radius; characters. This system could be used for psionics in
+), Indirect (Source Point is always from above FH as well as magic spells if a GM wishes.
target; +); 2 Recoverable Charges (Two Hours Rest; It is important for GMs to decide how they want their
-1), Costs END To Activate (-), IIF (Ice Fragment campaign to be designed and how spells, or psionics,
From Elemental Plane of Ice; -), Gestures (-),
Incantations (-), RAR (Magic Skill roll; -). AP/RC:
work with in that design. The exact magic system will
60/15. END Cost: 6 depend on this vision.
8 Ice Armor Ring Mail: Resistant Protection (5 PD/5 The spell point system may or may not work within
ED); 2 Recoverable Continuing Charges lasting 6 the GMs vision for their campaign. It is simply given as
Hours each (Two Hours Rest; +), Costs END To another option available to GMs.
Activate (-), IIF (Piece of Ice From Elemental Plane
of Ice; -), Gestures (-), Incantations (-), RAR
(Magic Skill roll; -). AP/RC: 19/8. END Cost: 2