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Mackenzie Tecco


English Honors 4

February 23, 2017

Essential Question: How are people effecting the Loggerhead sea turtle population?

Refined Thesis Statement: Humans are harming Loggerhead sea turtle population by poaching

the endangered turtles, stealing eggs, and increasing pollution.

Dickson, Terry. "Brunswick Man Pleads Guilty to Poaching Sea Turtle Eggs Second

Time in 3 Years." Florida Times-Union, the (Jacksonville, FL), 28 Aug. 2015.


Terry Dicksons article on the man from Florida that was found to be poaching

Loggerhead sea turtle eggs talked about how this 72 year old man was found guilty to stealing

turtle eggs, for the second time in three years. The article talks about the penalties for taking the

endangered reptile eggs. This article talks about how people transport the stolen eggs. I choose

to use this article for my research because it gives good first hand information on how serious it

is to poach these turtles and their eggs and how it is a harsh punishment for it.

Fears, Darryl. "Scientists created zombie 'Frankenturtles' to discover why loggerheads

are dying." Washington Post, 28 June 2016. Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

The article Scientists created zombie Frankenturtles to discover why loggerheads are

dying talks about how scientists found two dead Loggerhead turtles in Chesapeake Bay and
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how they used the turtles bodies to find out where other turtles were dying. They talk about how

Chesapeake Bay is a popular spot for Loggerheads to come and nest but how more and more

turtles are turning up dead. Darryl also talks about other ways marine biologists are researching

dying loggerhead turtles. I am using this source because it gives good information on how

people are conducting research on Loggerhead sea turtles.

Nyikos, Stacy. "Sea Turtles: Endangered Species Or Delicious Delicacy?." Skipping

Stones 28.1 (2016): 30. Middle Search Plus. Web. 21 Feb. 2017.

Stacy Nyikos article talks about how humans are endangering the lives of sea turtles.

Stacy describes how some cultures hunt the turtles and how that has been a huge source of

argument and has increased poaching of the turtles. She describes the different ways people are

trying to help conserve the different types of endangered sea turtles. Nyikos also talks about her

personal experience with a sea turtle in Hawaii on the North Shore and the beaches effort to help

protect their local turtle population. The author also wrote about how aquariums and

rehabilitation centers are becoming a large part of turtle conservation. This article will help me

in my research because it talks about how people can help protect the sea turtle population.

Salmon, Michael. "Artificial Night Lighting And Sea Turtles." Biologist 50.4 (2003):

163-168. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Feb. 2017.

In the article Artificial Night Lighting And Sea Turtles the author, Michael Salmon,

talks about how different types of pollution affects sea turtles. Salmon then goes on and talks

about how harmful artificial lighting is to the sea turtle population. The text also describes how
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the extra lighting effects the turtles behavior, breeding patterns, and migration. The article then

proceeds to explain how people can help decrease their effects on sea turtles. I choose to use this

article because it goes in depth about the effects of artificial lighting on sea turtles.

Swaminathan, Nikhil. "Guarding the Nest." Atlanta, vol. 54, no. 1, May 2014, p. 72.


In the article Guarding the Nest author Nikhil Swaminathan talks about a group of

people from Georgia and their efforts to help protect the local Loggerhead population. She

includes the different ways the group helps the turtles and their nests and about how the local

Georgia aquarium helps them in their efforts. Swaminathan goes on to talk about the efforts of

Georgia's DNR in the fight to protect nests and their fight against poachers. I decided to use this

article for my research because the author goes into great depth on how different organizations

are helping the Loggerhead sea turtles and she talks about how poaching is affecting the turtles.

Tennesen, Michael. "Mexico's Turtle Wars." International Wildlife, vol. 29, no. 6,

Nov/Dec99, p. 44. EBSCOhost.

In Mexicos Turtle Wars Michael Tennesen talks about his first hand account of the

illegal trade of turtle eggs and Loggerhead poaching in Mexico. This article emphasizes the sale

of Loggerhead sea turtle eggs on the black market. Tennesen also refers to the local law

enforcement and what actions they are taking to prevent the poaching of sea turtles. This article

continues to go into detail on how and why people are stealing the endangered reptiles eggs. I
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decided to use this article for my research because of the information regarding to the poaching

of Loggerheads and the actions they are taking to protect them.