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Cynthia J.

10702 SW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78211
Phone: 210-215-2881~ Email:

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with considerable interest that I endorse my resume for a Life Skills Teaching position with
the Southwest Independent School District. I am confident you will find that my commitment for
education and hands-on experience will be a positive asset to your school district.

As a well-rounded educator, I have had the chance to teach a diverse group of students with
different abilities. During my time in Texas A&Ms Special Education Program I worked with
students with autism, learning disabilities, noncompliant behavior, speech impairments and
English language learners. As a result, I have gained an abundance of knowledge on
accommodating and modifying curriculum to meet students individual needs.

I encourage student learning by establishing a safe classroom environment and incorporating

various forms of technology, hands-on activities and real-life examples in my lessons. These
methods helped stimulate students social, emotional, and academic growth. In addition, I utilize
these strategies to introduce new concepts and foster an exciting engaging classroom

During student teaching I was able to identify my strengths. One of my strengths is creating
strong student-teacher relationships. This was done by talking to the students about their likes
and dislikes and incorporating them in their lessons. Another strength I have is accommodating
my lesson to the students individual needs. Furthermore, these strengths helped me establish a
safe and productive classroom climate during my student teaching experience.

I would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss my qualification and
credentials in further detail. Thank you for your time and please contact me at you earliest


Cynthia J. Trejo
Cynthia Jasmine Trejo
10702 SW Loop 410 San Antonio, Texas 78211

Educational Experience:
May 2017 Texas A&M University
College of Education and Human Development
B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies with a Specialty in Special Education
GPA: 3.59 (Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2017)

Teacher Certification:
May 2017 Special Education EC-12
Generalist EC-6
English as a Second Language
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility

Professional Preparation:

Special Education
Spring 2017 Clinical Teaching: NEISD, 15 weeks
Ronald Reagan High School, Life Skills
Designed and delivered TEKS based lessons with modifications
Designed and implemented a behavioral intervention plan
Designed and implemented a instructional intervention plan

Fall 2016 Senior Methods I: College Station ISD, 15 hours
Bryan High School, Transition Planning Class
Administered and analyzed assessments
Gathered information from assessments and parent/teacher forms
Designed and implemented a transition plan

Fall 2016 Senior Methods I: Texas A&M University, 30 hours
PATHS Program, Center on Disability and Development
Designed lessons plans based on students personal goals
Created mentorship with five PATHS students
Co-taught with another pre-service special education teacher

Spring 2016 Junior Methods II: College Station ISD, 91 hours
College Station Middle School, Life Skills
Designed and delivered TEKS based lesson
Incorporated modifications and accommodations in all lessons
Co-taught with mentor teacher
Created, implemented, and analyzed a curriculum-based measure

Spring 2016 Junior Methods II: Bryan ISD, 96 hours
Milam Elementary, 2nd-5th Grade Resource Mathematics
Designed and delivered TEKS based lesson with modification and
Co-taught with mentor teacher
Created, implemented, and analyzed a curriculum-based measure

General Education
Fall 2015 Junior Methods I: College Station ISD, 175 hours
Pebble Creek Elementary: Kindergarten, All Subjects
Designed and delivered TEKS-based lessons
Co-taught with mentor teacher
Collected, analyzed, and implemented data

Related Professional Experience

November 2015 Texas A&M CAMP LIFE
Volunteer as a counselor
Helped with recreational activities and social events

Summer 2015 Youth Adventure Program

Counselor for middle and high school students
Helped with recreational activities and social events
Professional development for Gifted and Talented students
Summer 2016 Study Abroad in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Designed and delivered lessons to second grade English Language
Learners (16 hours)
Co-taught with Texas A&M pre-service teachers

Awards and Honors
2013-2017 Presidential Achievement Scholarship
4-year scholarship to Texas A&M University based on merit

2015-2017 Deans Honor Roll Student

3.5 grade point average or above

Professional Organizations

2014-2017 Council for Exceptional Children


Available Upon Request