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Paraeducator: Mrs.


Supervisor: Mrs. McCullar

Date: 2/3/17 Subject: Social Studies Lesson Length: 30 minutes

Objective: After reading the story Landforms, the students will cut out different landforms and
man-made structures and will paste them on their designated spots getting 7/8 correctly.

Materials Needed: Scissors, Landform worksheet, glue stick,

Presentation by Paraeducator: Student Response:

(Verbal instructions)
Now that Ms. Faz has taught over different At the beginning the student had a hard time
landforms and man-made things, together we comprehending that she was expected to cut
are going to cut out these landforms and man- out the paper. However, once Mrs. Ramirez
made things, and will paste them onto their started saying 1, 2, 3 cut the student seemed
designated place. to be following this pattern and started cutting
at a faster pace.
Mrs. Ramirez will use hand-over-hand method
to help student cut out the different types of
landforms and man-made structures.

Scissor Instruction:

First, Mrs. Ramirez will choose plastic

scissors that are sized to fit comfortably in the
students hand. They will have dull, rounded
Next, Mrs. Ramirez will hold the scissors so
that the student can see where their fingers go:
thumb in the front hole, index and middle
fingers in the back hole, ring finger and pinky
on the outside for support. Then Mrs. Ramirez
will help them put their fingers in the right
After this, Mrs. Ramirez will demonstrate the
cutting motion. She will explain that when they
bring their fingers apart, the scissors open, and
when they bring them back together, the
scissors close.
Once the student is handling scissors with ease,
they can move on to cutting their paper.

Once the paper has been cut, the paraeducator

will help the student paste her cut out paper
onto the Landforms worksheet.

Lesson Closure: (review)

Today you have learned about different landforms and about different man-made structures. You
have worked very hard when we were cutting and did a great job at identifying the difference
between the landforms such as deserts, oceans, canyons and man-made structures such as, dams,
cities, and buildings.

Evaluation of Student Progress:

At first the student seemed to be having a hard time trying to grab the scissors correctly (this was
not the first time that we have worked with her on cutting). Once Mrs. Ramirez modeled and
explained how to hold the scissors, the student seemed to be having an easier time with this task.
Additionally, it was noted that the student seemed to respond to 1,2,3, cut. This short phrase
was not part of the verbal instruction but she seemed to really work with this short phrase.

Having verbal instruction for the paraeducator really seemed to make a difference on the
students process because like mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that we have worked
with this student on cutting. However, after this paraeducator explained step by step and
modeled, the student really seemed to understand how to properly cut.