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There are many beautiful places to hike in the Wasatch Front Canyons. At times, you may find yourself wondering the
types of rocks that surround you during you hike. Here are instructions on how to identify rocks found in the Wasatch
Front Canyons.

Igneous Rocks: Have solidified from lave or magma

Step One: Step Two: Step Three: Step Four: Rock Name
Where it formed Grain Size Color (Determines Mineral Content
mineral conent)
Intrusive (within the Course Pinkish, Black, and Quartz, Mica,
earth) White grains Feldspar Granite

Sedimentary Rocks: Formed through the deposition and solidification of sediments

Step One: Step Two: Step Three: Step Four: Rock Name
Determine makeup Determine Grain Size Rock Tests Rock Description
Chemical: Minerals Fizzes when in Cemented shell, coral,
that have been contact with & skeletal fragments Limestone
crystallized together Fine-Medium hydrochloric acid with calcite mineral.
from fragments of (HCl) Grey, Blue, Brown,
shells or plants Yellow, Red
Clastic: composed of Sandy/Sugary feel, Brown, Reddish color,
pieces of rocks and Fine-Medium grains can rub off sand size grains Sandstone
minerals. usually visible
Clastic: composed of Very noticeable
pieces of rocks and Course N/A pieces of rocks and Conglomerate
minerals. minerals cemented
Clastic: composed of Splits easily Smooth rock, dull
pieces of rocks and Very Fine luster, compact Shale

Metamorphic: Rocks that have been changed by extreme heat and pressure
Step One: Step Two: Step Three:
Texture Grain Size Descriptions, Test Parent Rock Rock Name

Foliated: Minerals form Very noticeable bands, usually grey Schist, Granite,
layered or banded Course and white bands. Volcanic rocks Gneiss
Non-Foliated: No Medium- Sandy or Sugary. Texture Scratches Quartz Sandstone
layered or banded Course glass Quartzite
Non-Foliated: No Medium- Fizzes when in contact with Limestone, Dolostone
layered or banded Course hydrochloric acid (HCl) Marble
Non-Foliated: No Clanky sound when struck. Dull Shale, Mudstone,
layered or banded Very Fine luster. Siltstone Slate
appearance. Smooth